The FBI is asking for “TIPS” on people they already have on the books. It’s giving us a feeling of mockery. We are able to identify them but they are not? With the extensive biometrics they have on their staff, especially the military HOW ARE THEY unable to find them? As mentioned in “Insurrection” FIBBING FBI, FAKE NEWS AND TRUTH it’s obvious why.

Imagine serving your country and conspiring with domestic terror groups against the very people you swore to defend. It’s not a shocker. Anyone who has served under specific Generals/Admirals that are guilty of sedition and treason are bred to believe that is their duty right? They know best. Suspect #255 may possibly be tried under Conspiracy – UCMJ art. 81.

The majority of these “wanted” people are federal employees or military. This is extremely upsetting and concerning considering the FBI has access to all the recorded zoom calls and chats they have been sent by us, including videos and chats of those that conspire for news… #mockingbirdmedia isn’t one sided you know. Controlling the opposition is important.

Meet SUSPECT #255

It is so strange that the FBI cannot find all these federal employees and military personnel. Tribunals anyone?

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)


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  1. Thank you Tore for everything thing you do! I love the work that you Bergy, and Millie are doing sunlight is the best disinfectant for these fuckers so I can’t wait until you guys bring them down!

  2. Great work! More and more, this event seems to have been a planned multi-purpose pivot point [hmmm, 9/11, COVID, hmmm] against multiple objectives, including blocking Trump, getting Trump supporters on legal defense, taking out the Oathkeepers (primary impediment to gun confiscation), etc., etc.

    FBI drop of Pelosi father files with interesting hints of corruption and Soviet contacts (but basically “clean” due to redactions) on the same day looks like they were arranging mutual leverage as well.
    My take:

    Note that I found a “QAnon expert” who taunted about the “buffalo jump” analogy (see end of piece) on November 27, 2020, so this plan was in the works for a while and must have been shared with contracted “experts”. FBI had to know what Pelosi was up to, and piggy-backed on it, IMO, on their Oathkeeper strategy.

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