It almost feels as if the FBI doesn’t want to find their most wanted because people like Natalie Boland pop-up. She reports “across the river” and is a known asset to the Agency and lead Domestic Terrorist groups like ANTIFA/Sunrise Movement/BLM and others.

Natalie Boland – IMDb

Natalie has a mole that she covers up with make-up always BUT we were able to find FILMS she has been in SANS makeup. All this without multi-trillion dollar facial recognition and FIVE EYES access we are able to prove this without a shadow of a doubt. It’s almost as if all sides of the political isle want this swept under the closest rug. We have her ON VIDEO discussing violent actions with Domestic Terrorist affinity groups funded and operated by Democrats, Democrat Socialists and FOREIGN governments using UN YOUTH bullet points and CIA tactics. #ArabSpring

In fact, sources say that she has interned at the DISGUISE department of the CIA during her time in high school. That would make sense since she associated with the FEDERAL EMPLOYEES we caught on ZOOM CALLS discussing the coup and drawing inspiration from the Arab Spring.

Is that a mole with no make up?

This actress even has an Natalie Boland – IMDb page that is very easy to find.

How is the FBI or all these self proclaimed or postured investigative journalists not finding all these people? The videos were made public on our sites in the summer. In fact they were sent to ALL MEDIA and Investigative Journalists- left, right and center. The FBI, DHS, DOD, Contractors etc. also had them. It’s getting increasingly strange how the FBI who is able to identify terrorists via grainy photos across the planet but can’t find someone LITERALLY on the books.

All the suspects and “unknown” actors were on ZOOM CALLS we were monitoring and sharing with the FBI, DHS, DOD and MEDIA and yet no one can find them? Weird. ( Uttered in a John Burk Voice: How to Paint like a Protestor)

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)


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  1. Good day Tore.
    Truth, few inner stand the importance of truth. Truth is the bedrock that one must build the foundation of his home on,
    I would like to share a most compelling story with you on the subject of Truth. Linked below.

    Redemption. I can’t even imagine the turmoil that one must feel when one real eyes the cost of following orders, when those orders are found to be in another’s pursuit of self enrichment. That resulted in debt, death and destruction of other fellow beings, many just innocent and unaware of the reasons for their suffrage. I can only equate this to how a soldier must feel returning from these wars of aggression to find their cause unjust, Perhaps thats why PTSD is so common amongst them. Although I’ve never been in that position, I do carry a similar burden. As a young man I was given a BB gun, with that weapon, I shot a baby blue Jay, picking up his mortally wounded body, as he died in my hands, he looked into my eyes as if asking why. Even now decades later that memory haunts me. I will never be able to fix that mistake, yet the lesson it taught me was priceless. I cannot bring myself to even kill a fly now, however I’ve become very adept at catch and release. I feel your heart, it hurts. Enough for now, see you at noon.

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