Former President Barack Hussein Obama was a speaker at a GALA raising funds for the Baker Institute. He took every opportunity to criticize the Trump Administration. Obama seemed to be emotionally driven to respond to President Donald J. Trump’s tweets earlier that day.

Obama spoke about his President in a very disrespectful tone many times throughout the Q & A session last night. He even made various false and misleading statements in a very prideful and underhanded tone about President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

Not only did I not get indicted, nobody in my administration got indicted.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama

His comment implies that President Trump has been indicted and reinforced how no one in his administration was ever indicted.  

Firstly,  the Obama administration was riddled with scandals from sanction violations, to agreements that did not serve American interests, Benghazi, ISIS attacks on American soil, National Security Letter Abuse, disregard for FBI Director Term Limits, Spying on American citizens, the creation of the FBI FACE SERVICES program (similar to the social credit scoring system in China), intercepting Intelligence Whistleblower complaints, unexplained suicides, murders, Clinton emails … the list is endless. 

By the way, it was the only administration in modern history that that can be said about. In fact, nobody came close to being indicted, probably because the people who joined us were there for the right reasons.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama 

The list aforementioned illustrates just a few alleged crimes his administration was responsible for but nevertheless, no one was indicted… YET.  It’s funny how prosecuting someone in your own administration never happens in any universe ever.  It’s not like anyone lobbied for a special counsel within his administration to look at even ONE of the long list of alleged criminal violations and civil rights violations during his tenure. A scathing IG report about “impartial” Mueller never saw the inside of a courtroom. It was filed and forgotten and he was “awarded” with extended tenure for his ability to evade the “law of the land” that doesn’t apply to THEM.  

Obama was obviously fired up with President Trump’s tweet in where the President implied that Mueller is trying to coerce people to lie in order to get “relief”. There is much merit in this statement if people look into Mueller’s “Dirty Harry” track record from his time as US Attorney in Boston and his controversial time as FBI Director.

Soon we will see the new Congress take spying to another level. We are 7 months ahead so when they come out with full force after the Mueller report comes out as a dud, they’ll revamp “RUSSIA”.

Mueller & Obama Colluded Against the People of the United States

How would anyone be indicted for crimes committed that was part of the Obama Administration when the FBI Director during the Obama Administration committed crimes themselves?   

Obama literally submitted a request to the Senate that wasn’t even contested in the least to IGNORE the TERM LIMITS of an FBI Director’s tenure and succeeded in doing so. There was a Senate hearing to discuss this Presidential request and almost all the “questions” were praising Mueller and soft like “Do you like your coffee?” Surprisingly, the ONLY Senator that made Mueller uncomfortable and questioned the real motives behind the Presidential request was Al Franken!

Franken stated:

Your department has been heavily criticized over the last ten years for significant misuse of the department’s surveillance powers and for other major civil liberties violations


This topic of domestic surveillance abuse is something I reported on in June of 2018 through Big League Politics HERE.  #SpyGate – which is the driver of this Russia narrative – was created by the exiting Obama Administration and specifically Mueller!  So Basically, the creator of domestic surveillance is “investigating” the information derived from his own system which is the foundation of this #RussiaCollusion narrative? Sounds as legit and impartial as a mom applauding her child’s out of tune singing. 

It’s important to point out that Mueller was indeed under investigation by the Justice Department’s IG and a report finalized in 2005 revisited in 2007. As FBI Director, Mueller again engaged in SERIOUS abuse of office by liberally using National Security Letters (NSL). NSLs are subpoenas that the FBI can issue that are exempt from any Judicial review.

Specifically the Inspector General said

The Justice Department’s inspector general told a committee of angry House members yesterday that the FBI may have violated the law or government policies as many as 3,000 times since 2003 as agents secretly collected the telephone, bank and credit card records of U.S. citizens and foreign nationals residing here.

The FBI was found to have ” a gross overreach,” according to the scathing IG report on the FBI under the FBI Director Mueller’s command as reported by the Washington Post.

Not only did Obama’s FBI Director Mueller violate civil liberties of its’ own citizens that they are sworn to protect,  but they committed crimes against them. This is who Obama lobbied to violate term limit laws for the sake of “continuity.”  Keep in mind NO FBI DIRECTOR in history since J. Edgar Hoover has served more than ten years!  How is it that someone who was corrupt and working against the interests of the people allowed to?

 The reason Congress chose to limit the tenure of the FBI director was borne from this experience, when an unelected government official with access to the most powerful investigative tools a domestic intelligence agency could muster became so powerful presidents and members of Congress feared to cross him. It was only after Hoover’s death in 1972 that the extent of his abuse of these authorities was publicly revealed, to America’s shame and horror.

Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU

Deep State Bullies : Comey and Mueller

Did you know that Comey was Acting Attorney General when Ashcroft was getting sick with pancreatitis?  Did you also know that when Ashcroft was in the hospital then FBI Director Mueller was being investigated for conducting illegal surveillance/wiretapping US citizens? Yes. This happened.  

The Justice Department under Ashcroft began an OIG Investigation into Mueller’s FBI but he coincidently fell ill thus, his newly appointed Deputy Attorney General Comey was appointed as Acting Attorney General.  Very little documentation is available without appropriate clearance but White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Jr., and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales had scheduled an emergency visit to Ashcroft’s hospital bedside to try to gain approval for a specific secret domestic wiretapping program run by the National Security Agency  that they needed him to deem lawful which Comey refused to do as Acting Attorney General. Basically, the White House and OIG wished to use information accidentally captured by this domestic surveillance system of elected officials, law enforcement and intelligence community members such as then-FBI Director, Mueller.  

Comey then Acting Attorney General and the then-FBI Director Mueller were tipped off about this meeting to be conducted by Ashcroft’s bedside and both went to the hospital to convince him to resist the White House’s pressure. They provided Ashcroft an ultimatum:

Accept the legal conclusions reached by the Office of Legal Counsel under Comey’s direction as Acting Attorney General or he and Mueller would resign. Evidently, he didn’t resign and the Bush administration was bullied into approving the changes in the surveillance program.

You have to remember, at the end of the day, the recommendations reflected the views of the deputy attorney general.

White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales 

After the events of 9/11 the Bush Administration approved the first domestic surveillance program. The pre-DAG Comey Justice Department had substantial reason to believe that people from within our own government and in different intelligence, legislation and law enforcement agencies had participated in or aided the terrorists involved in 9/11. According to our exclusive sources, the Bush administration had evidence but could not prosecute appointed or elected officials unless the AG made it legal to spy on such persons, according to the non-published portion of the OIG investigation into Mueller’s FBI. 

As the second-highest ranked Justice Department official under John Ashcroft, Comey approved some of the worst abuses committed by the Bush administration. Specifically, the publicly available evidence indicates Comey signed off on enhanced interrogation techniques that constitute torture, including waterboarding. He also oversaw the indefinite detention without charge or trial of an American citizen picked up in the United States and then held for years in a military brig.

ACLU statement on then Deputy AG Comey


The Obama Administration cordially contested term limits for his FBI Director Mueller, in the name of continuity. With an overstay of two years in a 10 year term limited position Mueller, passed the torch of FBI Director to Comey.  Comey, who a few years ago advocated and contested alongside Mueller that intelligence, law enforcement, and elected members of the Senate and House should not have non-official communications captured  to avoid any conflict with potential grievances and whistleblowing reporting. 

Most recently it has come to light that the FBI knew that the disgraced former DNI Clapper lied to Congress saying this did not occur, but in fact it did. This is a crime, yet bullishly when he was lying caught about capturing such data he said it was to ensure their own people “aren’t committing treason and for national security interests.” When pressed to elaborate on what procedures are in place if whistleblower communications are intercepted and hearing concerns about the potential compromise to whistleblower confidentiality he stated that they were never revealed to management or immediate supervisors. 

Comey and Mueller claimed breach of whistleblower confidentiality making it illegal to capture such communications, but once Comey became FBI Director they were done so anyway?

Déjà vu – Comey ❤ Mueller 

Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel overseeing an ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and related matters. This made the Comey – Mueller pairing manifest. 

How did Rod Rosenstein decide to pick Mueller? Was it a set up? 

Remember, Comey was tipped off about the Bush Administration going behind Comey’s back to Ashcroft, to legalize captured communications of elected officials, intelligence and law enforcement.  Who tipped him off?  Rod Rosenstein was appointed US States Attorney in Maryland that following year. 


* Predicted Possibility

  • July 2001 Mueller was appointed FBI Director by Bush
  • August 2002 OIG lead by Fine began the investigation in mid-2002
  • November 2003 OIG met with Ashcroft and Whitehouse preliminary findings (Investigation on Mueller and FBI begins due to findings)
  • December 2003 Comey appointed DAG
  • March 2004 OIG discovers IA issue and 9/11
  • March 2004 Ashcroft Hospitalized
  • March 2004 Rosenstein (it wasn’t the wife) Tipped off Comey 
  • March 2004 Hospital Showdown
  • April 2005 Rod Rosenstein appointed US States Attorney for the next 12 years
  • May 2011 Obama requests Mueller extended term 
  • May 2013 Mueller passes the torch to Comey as FBI Director 
  • February 2017 Comey recommends Rosenstein for DAG
  • May 2017 Rosenstein appoints Mueller as Special Counsel.
  • May 2017 Mueller starts two investigations
  • October 2018 Ukraine enters the scene
  • November 2018 Investigations in Ukraine
  • December 2018 Biden Being Pushed To Run Cover
  • Jan-Feb 2019* Democrats Formulate| Russia 2.0
  • Summer 2019* Russia 2.0
  • Christmas 2019* Panic

Not so impartial is it? in my opinion, collusion, if not an attempt to overthrow a sitting President under our noses. We need to ensure the NSA isn’t on board even though it seems that this position will soon be compromised for the new Russia Hoax! What neighboring country will it be?

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