If you showed Tim Cook’s recent speech to Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey or even Tim Cook 10 years ago they would refuse it, condemn it and say that this is not what being American is about.  This is another example of just how blatant their attempt to regulate speech and regulate our access to information is.  Over the past decade, they have slowly monitored, observed and collected information on our habits and trends by allowing us full riegn and access to cyberspace.  In my recent article “Jack Dorsey lied to Congress Under Oath, Here is Why“,  I outlined for you how DARPA poured funds into learning to manipulate the reactions and emotions of users  by way intervening with “sock puppets” aka bots. 

The Intelligence Community sourced, analyzed and submitted proposals to Big Tech based on the information they received in order to manipulate our responses and access. It wasn’t until the Trump Administration was 6 months into office when we saw a big shift.  Big Tech, on their “own” began a full-fledged attack on the people.  They “OWN” the internet. They decide what we are allowed to access, distribute and say. 

Don’t take my word for it try it yourself.

Some argue that Silicon Valley and anyone in Big Tech are a bunch of granola-munching, open border hippies – THEY ARE NOT.  

Actually, statistics show that they hire fewer women, are predominantly white males who work for them (in their actual offices) and don’t like “ethnic minorities” and tolerate them if they serve a purpose.  They sponsor thousands of migrant visas and bring in young bright-eyed tech-savvy people from all over the world to work for them and when they are done, they are dismissed.  None of them speak out – because they know just how powerful they are and who really runs the show. 

Recently making the news is Luckie, who was a bright eyed tech savvy young black man who was excited about working for Facebook. 

Although incremental changes are being made, the fact remains that the population of Facebook employees doesn’t reflect its most engaged user base. In some buildings, there are more ‘Black Lives Matter’ posters than there are actual black people.

‘Facebook has a black people problem,’ ex-employee says in public memo

Virtue Signalling at it’s finest.  Twitter also has a marginal 4% black employment 3% Hispanic/Mix employment.  So much for their inclusion and diversity. 

Google’s workforce is, by its own accounting, 69% male and just 2% African American. Just 20% of technical jobs are held by women. 

Segregated Valley: the ugly truth about Google and diversity in tech
I interviewed a young man who worked for Google and now works for Apple.  He wished to remain anonymous.  I asked him about diversity in the workplace. Here is what he had to say:

Working for Apple is great, but you quickly learn your place. It’s the same at Google. Asians run everything in tech, manufacturing but think tanks are predominantly white. Blacks and Latinos all work as janitors, coffee tenders, pod cleaners, security or other low-level jobs.  If you saw a Black man or a Latino in any other division they are a unicorn and possibly very rich or come from a political family or referral.  They don’t exist and they don’t hire them.  

What about women? 

Women? Unless you are gay,  a loner with a lot of talent or a slide in recommendation from someone way up there you won’t get a spot except for HR, Marketing, Food and Beverage/Housekeeping, Administration (non-tech) and legal.  That is about it.  They are so fake.  As an Asian American, I feel that even though we make up the majority of the workforce, we are still second class because we are never asked to “think”- just code.  It’s racist, it’s horrific but the benefits and pay are great so I tolerate it. 

So racist, sexist, virtue signalling Silicon Valley is telling us that they MUST ban certain people from OPEN – PUBLIC PLATFORMS ? 

Thought Police 

Evidently, Silicon Valley has taken the task to continue the work the previous administrations funded …. or are they simply the visible part of the government within the government?   They cannot hide anymore, shielded under politicians’ virtue signaling words and  Presidents justifying their attacks on Free Speech.  They own the internet, they are making it known to us…and it is about time we let them know we are LISTENING and READY

While the FCC has broad power to regulate communications networks, the FTC focuses on abusive business practices that harm competition and consumers in all sectors.

Forget the FCC — Should the FTC Enforce Net Neutrality?

Companies like Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook are protected and offered immunity by anything their platform houses by the Communications Decency Act section 230.  That means if an app, social media post, vlog or blog is posted on any of their sites or servers that is hateful, criminal or offensive the companies are NOT liable as they are NOT publishers and do not MONITOR or exclude content selectively. 

In the past 6 months, we have seen a rapid uptick in censorship and “rules” applied across all platforms, banning, regulating and selectively PUBLISHING CONTENT.  This in the eyes of the law demonstrates their actions as PUBLISHERS and not platforms.  This is something that we need to all get on board and push communicating concerns with every single court in every single state,  for abuse, misrepresenting their service offerings and discriminatory practices.  

What makes them think they can get away with it?  The same reason Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, Clapper, and Brennan et al  do… they are part of a very established network that we’ve just begun to pick apart.  Do not be mistaken, these Big Tech Companies are not private companies – they are a Intelligence Community Elements.

Until you realize that this is indeed a power struggle to OWN the internet, to control what information you can share, access and disseminate- the war on Free Speech will never make sense to you. They are trying to normalize information control and speech regulation.  This is how every democratic civilization since the beginning of time turns into a monarchy. By slowly socializing and controlling all aspects of our being from thought, speech, knowledge access and expression.  Remember, if you change the way you speak it will ultimatley change the way your process information and in turn how you think.  

All citizens in the USA must unite and be that one unified strong loud voice making it known that silencing free speech, biased actions, discrimination, and censorship are not what we stand for no matter what party you subscribe to.  The First Amendment is FIRST for a reason.  

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