DNC Rehearsal Convention| Funeral Edition

A first in American History and probably any nation’s history, Barack Hussein Obama turned the funeral of John Lewis into a rally. The Democrat Party is dead, therefore a funeral setting as a rally was very fitting. Will this be how they have their DNC Convention, via funerals?

The Representative from Georgia, John Lewis died from PANCREATIC CANCER, but the MSM have been pushing his death as another notch for the INFODEMIC of COVID-19. According to rumors within the BIDEN CAMPAIGN and on their slack channels this morning, Joe Biden – who is named in a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION in Ukraine is sick.

Apparently, during funerals the Democrats demonstrated that social distancing is not a priority. In fact, all your mothers, fathers, children, siblings, and friends that died during this INFODEMIC were not important enough to have funerals except for those funerals that are converted into rallies like the MULTIPLE funerals for George Floyd and that of Representative Lewis. All of which were mini rallies for the platform of division, hate, and that of transcommunism. Apparently, COVID-19 is contagious in every other setting except for Democrat Party-approved activities like funeral-rallies and protesting.

In fact, slack channels are asking if Joe Biden’s funeral will be held in Delaware and Washington D.C. Funeral?

Joe Biden, a named party in a criminal investigation in Ukraine has evident mental decline and has not been appearing in the public for debates and or discussions. In fact, it’s August and he has not yet nominated a running mate that the deceased John Lewis told him HAD to be a woman, regardless if there were better choices.

Will we see a full blown DNC rally via a Joe Biden funeral? Only time will tell, but according to the Sunrise Movement – who have made it clear that OPEN SOCIETY funds their actions in the millions – they believe that this in fact happening.


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