During the Presidential Elections of 2016 I had posted an piece titled “Our Civilized Revolution” dated October 11, 2016 on my blog column with a failed propaganda outlet that I maintained for years. It was scrubbed but this article was one of very few that I had saved on Medium UNEDITED.

It’s a good read (UNEDITED – IT WAS THE DRAFT) and demonstrates where we are – timewise – in this war. The peak began in the first half of 2020 and the climax will be on November 3, 2020.


During the presidential elections of 2016 we have seen a wave of information unearthing in regards to the inner working of the government. The government is composed of individuals We The People appoint. We decide by vote, whom is able to project and represent our wants, needs and objections as a nation. With the beginning of the 2016 electoral campaigns and since 2010 after President Obama was appointed a lot of questions in concern to the welfare of the people in a fiscal, physical and collective sense has come into question.

Are the people that are appointed to represent us do so effectively? There have been mass waves of movements calling for impeachment, treason and non-serving policies expressed by many citizens mostly ignored even though they have been substantiated but dismissed from the public eye by way of Main Stream Media (MSM). In this age of information, it is extremely difficult to silence such information as access to it is unlimited and widely available. As the people of this nation founded on principles that give the people the voice to control their government it is not the case. Our Constitution “We The People” is simply a paper that is not respected exercised or acknowledged. In the constitution, it is written that the people of our nation shall have the right to remove, add or overthrow any government official that is not serving their purpose OR is in breach of their obligation to us. Though, laws have been implemented since our constitution has been in place denouncing such rights which in themselves are unconstitutional.

Aside from where I personally stand during this election let’s talk about things subjectively. In front of our own eyes even with the attempt of the MSM in collusion with the government we have been able to be witness to indisputable facts that our government is working against our needs and not holding these persons we appoint to the same standard as every citizen. We must keep in mind, that one in office either that be president, senate or other government positions is under Federal law are disallowed to utilize their government position for intimidation and thus abuse their power to enjoy or benefit a situation. In turn, they are actually informally considered to be held at a higher standard because that government servant is an elected person by the collection of citizens giving them right of appointment.

We have seen collusion, deteriorating transparency, efficacy and adherence to our foundations as a nation and it has been inching into the light for over 25 years. Though from 2001 and onwards, the dismay of citizens in the United States has grown by way of disruption, increase infringement of privacy and security, increase in crime and retaliation to small battles as the war is being depicted as one that the people cannot win. I remind you the phrase that is in fact pertinent to our current nation’s state. We are many They are Few. I would like to visit an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776 by our founding fathers.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. … Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. 

Declaration of Independence (1776).

In the above text we realize that we — each and every one of us has the right to throw off such Government. Have we been victim to a long Train of Abuses and Usurpation? The answer without a doubt is yes. We The People of The United States have been victims to a LONG TRAIN of Abuses and USURPATION. What can we do about it? A lot of people consider the act of the overthrowing of the government is a recipe for chaos. Indeed this can be the case but doesn’t necessarily have to. If we observe our laws US Code Title 18 — Advocating Overthrow of Government is the first instance of usurpation by our appointed representatives. How can a law be created that refutes the very foundations of our country? Simply put — this law cannot be upheld but is in place to intimidate. Realize that intimidation is the first step to disarming a populous.

If we remember correctly the Boston Tea Party was in part and in more simplified terms done to oppose imposition of a small 3% tax on TEA that was already paid for. Though, today we find ourselves as the heaviest taxed nation — to the point that the taxation be considered malicious to the citizen. A private citizen can be taxed up to 50% of their income, assets and is castrated in ways and avenues to dispute, refute such taxation. We all know that the reason our founding fathers came to the United States was because of taxation and monarchic rule. As far back as history allows — the one despotic government would take from its citizens money, goods and even human labor at its discretion for the greater good, dismissing any rights to the individual to dispute or contest as the response was death or imprisonment.

It is now 2016, and soldiers or tax men of the Queen, King, Pharaoh or Chief no longer exist as illustrated by historians, or do they? The tax mercenaries have come under different forms masked as obligations that are unlawful but imposed by fear or common consent. Before we are even allowed to receive our pay for work we have done we are taxed, they don’t knock on your door demanding it. After yearlong of taxation we have been told and convinced that we must file tax returns which are filed via our Internal Revenue Service but the taxes collected or refunds dispersed are done by the Federal Reserve. A simple notation here — and point to be made. NO WHERE in our laws does it state that we MUST file an annual return UNLESS we are a government servant or employee in any way. In addition, the monies of the Federal Reserve are NOT public funds. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that provides the illusion that it is government owned and operated even though it’s not. It is owned by INDIVIDUALS. You can shout that this is untrue but I urge you to utilize the access to information while you still can and fact check me.

Furthermore, aside from fiscal violations our nation imposes on us citizens, it goes further as to impose esoteric and physical impositions by way of conditioning the citizens to abide. As stated in Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric to those interests our government serves that are not ours.

“…To Produce an Unaware and Compliant Citizenry”

This statement should send shivers down your spine. We have been fortunate enough to be allowed to see exactly what those in power are doing, intend to do and how they are doing it due to the fact that we have access to information accessible by means purported as illegal , but in essence transparency is essential to a democracy , so is it really illegal?— secrecy is determined on a basis of national security. This is why the email scandal Mrs. Clinton is facing is so important. They weren’t just emails. Those emails were government property, those emails by law should be made available to the government in order to maintain transparency of ALL ELECTED AND APPOINTED individuals. She was enacting (because she has been unemployed for years now) as a government servant and transparency of communications, gains and actions of our appointed officials is KEY to ensure that their authority we have invested in them are for OUR interests not others. Though, fortunately the communications were salvaged by persons whom for years have discerned that indeed our government has a long train of abuses and usurpation they exercised their right set forth by the Declaration of Independence to collect evidence, distribute evidence to prove such a situation in order to be lawfully questioning, probing and attempting discern if these collective actions call on the people to replace the government.

Evidently, during the campaigns for the presidential Elections of 2016 a lot of collusion, corruption and usurpations have been unearthed. Many citizens have voiced their opinion by way of social media as the MSM disallows such questioning which leads to the final point. The federal government has a long train of abuse, usurpations and in addition, has taken hold of our journalists, entertainment and local government which by definition depicts a despotic government. We have seen this in our history books describing the governments of empires of the then … which sound exactly like the one of the now but this one has computers, social media and other modes of intimidation.

Is this article calling out for a revolution? No it is not. If it were it would be CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGAL but illegal at the same time? By which if I was arrested and locked away — a constitutional hearing would render the charges null and void. It is known — a newer law cannot contradict a foundation law- such as our constitution.

Having made that statement that this article is not calling for a Revolution — I am pointing out that we ARE in the midst of a revolution and like it or not Donald Trump is the one leading it now. When you hear people screaming and shouting this is our last chance — they are not wrong. This long train of abuse and usurpations that have been entrenched in our everyday lifestyle for decades. There is a turning point for everything. One extra cookie is the simple threshold to gain that one extra pound. This is the cookie. Our elections. We cannot allow this to continue. We are citizens of the United States we are not subjects. We have a choice regardless of what the MSM, government and other influential lobbies have to say. We are those that appoint, anoint and allow those in office to act. When we see that they have taken away the RIGHT of voting from us — disregard for the populous voice we must sit back and think. They are bullying us with unlawful “laws”, restrictions, MSM, advertising and mass propaganda on all fronts to destroy our very foundations. Democratic voters were denied the right to appoint their representative Bernie Sanders. They were outraged but pacified by their media and their “leader” of the revolution was castrated by bowing down to a woman who demands to “bring people to heel.” (actual statement by HRC)

It is important that we realize that the revolution has been brewing for the past four decades and 2001 was the turn point with the questionable terrorist attack that evidently in 2016 exhumed more of this corrupt collusion in our government and those that were deemed “tin foil hat armies” were right. The simple action of our President to disallow legal avenues to the victims to request fiscal damages and responsibility by the alleged terrorist funding country in this action by way of VETO was the last straw. Those appointed in Congress and House override the VETO within 24 hours (which is unheard of) in a silent but loud voice to the people- telling us we have the power to stop this corruption, lack of transparency and subjection. It was there subtle way of saying HELP US — HELP YOU.

Donald J. Trump is leading the revolution without calling it a revolution. He is exactly what our founding fathers envisioned to be . A man of the people BY the people. Yes, he is wealthy and has anything his heart desires at his disposal but that does not mean he cannot relate? Remember this is a man who employs people, supports our economy. Thus, even though he is not effected by the harsh economy because in essence the middle class takes on the suffrage — he can relate because the suffrage is reflected in his sales and profits. He is rough around the edges, arrogant- sometimes which is a bad trait some persons depict who are affluent. Mark Cuban is affluent is he not arrogant when he speaks? An average Joe would say yes. Steve Jobs was affluent- he was arrogant to the average Joe too. But it isn’t arrogance or content to the working or less affluent people those with riches have its the inability to convey their thoughts in non-abrupt manners. Time is money.

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On the other hand Hillary Clinton confidants in an email dated April 19,2015 clearly state her distaste for “everyday American” aka Average Joe whereas her opponent, Donald Trump constantly says how much he loves people like cab drivers, builders, barristas etc. This is why the American Nation loves him.

Donald J. Trump is NOT part of the establishment that for decades has abused its power for a common goal they share that we the people are not aware of. Some say it’s globalization and to become one huge country globally- others say it’s to depopulate and conquer. So many theories that have been dubbed with tin foil hats but let’s talk facts.

Facts our government:

-creating hostile situations in countries without consent of the populous;

– They are taxing us far beyond what is considered collective contribution — fair share tax paying we are actually paying what would be described as mandatory subject fee.

-They have taken our right to vote away from us;

-They have created laws that create the illusion that our constitution is no longer valid;

-They are telling us they are funding social security but in essence they owe money to the social security fund

  • social security was by way to establish a budget when you are over 65 but health costs increase which make the point of social security null and void.
Bernie Sanders saying something that is FACTUAL

Bernie Sanders said “Today’s citizens are part of the Revolution”.

Revolutions don’t come in red coats and arms blazing — because technology has taught us more civil ways of banter and war. WW II was a war with tanks — WW III is the war on banks. They own us… they drive our policies, our actions and our geopolitical stance. You are part of this revolution even in a passive manner. The point is can you see it?


We have the chance to take back our country by a man who is a citizen not groomed and entrenched in the interests that have abused and usurped us for decades.

This is our moment to say enough is enough without war and without bloodshed. If we do not take advantage of this last point before pivot — the next revolution will find us bearing arms and carnage when people finally feel the oppression they have been enduring for decades peak. Look at what is important for our country’s future. Do you envision a country that spans the America’s with open borders, mandated security checks, erasing of any privacy left of us and possibly destruction due to nuclear war? Or do you envision a country that has a new industrial revolution, peaking its economy and growing parallel and surpassing those nations around us flying our star spangled flag without destroying our very foundations and avoiding UNNECESSARY wars due to IMF and WTO conflicts?

It is your choice America.

I am sure that many leaders of revolutions were not boy scouts, were not pleasing to the eye. But think, if a person like me or you attempted to run for president who was an average Joe with no pockets lined would they become president? The answer is NO. Thus, this is the only non-interest driven candidate we have seen. Donald J Trump is the last drop before the cup overflows… then the only way to win back our country in the future will be with a rebellion — and as we know history repeats itself and teaches us that this is indeed a turning point.

During the second Presidential debate Donald Trump asked Hillary Clinton:

With the millions of dollars you make — why not contribute your own money into your campaign so that way that is one more interest you don’t have to do something for?”

I don’t take money so that way I do what the people want not what the money that paid me wants.

Donald J. Trump (candidate) to Hillary Clinton (candidate) 2016

Imagine if Clinton is elected. Over thirty years she says things that she never brings to fruition. Why appoint someone who has disregard for your needs and wants for 30 years — what makes you think they will take charge now? She has utilized her positions held in government to amass a fortune. Keep in mind she is NOT employed and yet amasses $250,000,000.00 in income yearly by way of “donations” to her by interests both foreign and domestic. This means that she has everything to lose during these elections. She has no job- she needs one. This money she received was in order to secure her the job as President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is just empty promises to people she despises and calls peasants to get the job as President by way of manipulating mass media, FBI, DOJ and even voter fraud to secure her position.

Still funding – still meddling – still trying to maintain power for THEM.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump has the populous vote. Hillary Clinton will become president it has been decided

George Soros September 2016

Here are what her plans are based on her speeches, leaked emails and slip ups.

She opens our borders — Mexico, Canada and USA become one country called the North American Union as Obama presented a few months ago in a scramble response due to Brexit. Don’t take my word for it. Do your homework. This isn’t conspiracy — it’s fact. Like we all have seen the Main Stream Media has a strong filter on news. Further actions in Hillary’s plan is mandating RFID chipping to monitor all citizens and mandates for mass vaccinations of unknown content.

Declaring war on Russia — which she inched in the debate even confirming funding and arming the rebels of Syria a.k.a ISIS— nuclear war, monitoring, tagged like animals, abiding by her rules? I thought we were free? I thought We The People are in charge? We will see outbursts like those of Ferguson and worse popping up in the near future revolting against a (our) despotic government. We will revolt when enough is enough BUT why wait for it to get to that.

We have an opportunity to invest our voice in a man that the establishment clearly does not want. Their entrenched interests are being threatened and it’s no holds. They are smearing a man with falsehoods, embarrassing truths, private choices and hardships every one of us endures at some level to divert the attention of the populous that the notions, policies and complaints about our government are valid. The other candidate gambled with OUR voice, OUR security, OUR livelihood that she was appointed to uphold and never did. Moral and personal values are reflected in their careers. One candidate a working man who has created an empire. A family man that works with his family and employs tens of thousands. On the other hand, a candidate that has been in office — paid to serve us and has done nothing to show for except wealth accumulated by utilizing her positions in office. A woman that privately is NOT what we agree with just like the man who is running may not sit well on private choices either but only ONE of them has GAMBLED with our national security, our livelihood, our soldiers, our integrity and most of all utilized the power we entrusted in her to gain financial wealth equal to that of a global business. This is what we need to look at — this is what is important in these elections. Do we fight for our civil revolution and end this path or do we sit back and allow the despotic government to control so much to which bloodshed and chaos manifest in revolt.

Remember WE THE PEOPLE are in control. WE are many THEY are FEW. We gave them control but we have the choice to take it back. Ball is in our court America. Let’s Make America Great Again as it was in 1776 when our Founding Fathers created it as a land of opportunity. Let’s ensure that the foundations that created our country are upheld and enforced. Let’s make sure we are back in the driver’s seat with people we want speaking for us. We are in charge no matter what the MSM, “famous actors” ß we made famous , advertisements or the corrupt politicians tell you — remember our CONSTITUTION still stands today and WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES will speak. Our voices will be heard and we will take back our country with a civilian that is not entrenched in the government to do it. Pay attention. Look into the laws, the constitution. Get angry! We are being blinded — listen. Listen to the other nations pleading with us. Listen to your intuition. Forget the names of the candidates. Forget their sex and religion and simply make a list of their accomplishments neutrally and ask yourself.

Who is more honest and ensures to put America First? Who is more committed to our nation for We The People not Wall Street or Big Businesses like Pharma? Who is in it with nothing to lose and everything to lose? Who is speaking things you are thinking? Do you place your vote on the person who has been paid to serve you for 30 years and has done nothing or do you place your vote with the person who is just as angry as you and tells it like it is?

Your VOTE counts. Remember we are voting against dead people, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and fictional people. Our vote counts and if you don’t fall behind the candidate who speaks your thoughts because of not liking personality and toss it to a third party …. you are allowing the establishment to put the person as aforementioned “THEY ALREADY DECIDED” . Time to be proactive. We The People are in charge don’t let anyone tell you different.

Evidently, all things happening today were predictable. This why even today this article is still relevant four years later. There was always a PLAN. There is a playbook and history ALWAYS proves the FUTURE but to understand it you must UNDERSTAND your PRESENT.

100% People Funded

Thank you!


  1. Thanks from the UK.Keep me informed ill do what i can to help just ask .I tell everyone about you so brave and smart xx

  2. I became aware of our collective condition in 1983. now all these years later, I finally see a chance to overcome this gloomy forced servitude. we have an opportunity now. We must not loose our freedom.

  3. Although I disagree with the interpretations of the founding of America, specifically the premise behind sending ships to America with belligerent Christians aboard. Everything else was spot on.

  4. Don’t give up, we need you and you intelligence Tore. I’ve only seen a bit of your work and your interview with the gun girl, MillieW.
    I know you have a lot to offer to the sheep that are slowly waking up.

  5. Good morning Tore.
    Yesterday’s show, what a cliffhanger, at least for me! The Voynich manuscript, Antarctica, and how it all ties in to now, truly has me on the edge of my seat. 10 years ago I delved into these topics. Of course, I remember John Kerry, and other notables going to Antarctica on the eve of the 2016 election. There was much speculation at the time, yet like so many other things, events even if noticed,, fade from peoples memories so quickly. What was found there. Why is Antarctica a forbidden land? What’s next? Richard Byrd? Emerald Tablets? Hollow earth? Olaf Jansen? WWII Nazi Bases? I can hardy wait. See you at Noon.

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