We have all seen this movie before. The one where the same thing keeps happening no matter what is done in between – the outcome is still the same. The Democrats and their strategies are like broken records stuck on the same verse “IMPEACH”. If what I am saying is true you will see the MSM stop broadcasting the President’s daily updates because they don’t want you to know what the details are maintain the state of panic. If what I am saying is wrong – that will not happen.

The middle class is in full free fall and the Democrats are busy trying to reinforce a back up plan to their back up plan and the Senate Republicans are letting them do it. In the meantime, the things in this article will DISTURB you. Medical professionals and Johns Hopkins University are supposed to be providing you data, instead they are providing you FALSE information and the only purpose it would serve is FEAR!

Funny how we are living out this EXERCISE right now — to the T.

Is this a Pandemic or a Plandemic? Their “exercise” above seems to reinforce the latter notion. Is Coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic real or a live simulation with all of us part of this “Candid Camera” exercise? Regardless of if it’s real, planned, or the wrath of God, we are feeling REAL whiplash. CoronaVirus, KungFlu, COVID-19 is real but the “pandemic” status is VERY questionable.

Let’s park the theories and realize when it comes to Coronavirus we have NO HARD FACTS. You will never have them because you are not privy to them. No nation will provide real DATA because it’s a national security issue and all nations across the planet are taking advantage of the crisis.

MSM deserve their own category

Make No Mistake This is A Crisis

This is a CRISIS and the media is amplifying it ten fold to keep you resonating on panic, despair, and fear. Leaders never create panic, they bring hope. Leaders never promote turmoil, they curtail it. Our leader, now empowered with war powers, has been leading and combating the INFODEMIC at hand.

Every day data changes. Every day conversations ensue surrounding the origin, how to stop, and who and what is being affected by the Coronavirus, but details are overlooked. The markets are so confused they are in freefall with bursts of recovery to cover their flux. The markets and the confidence any investor has in them says it all.

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For example, tech giants tell you Climate Change is melting polar caps and the coastal lines will be underwater yet they are investing millions – if not billions – in properties on the coasts that they KNOW will be underwater. After all, a reincarnation of Suzuki that is on the Autism spectrum, a child with a cool name like Thunberg said so, therefore it’s true. Money talks.

Coronavirus is causing deaths left and right in Italy but I have yet to see a funeral, a weeping widow or child, or the traditional laments for Northern Italy but Coronavirus so maybe that is why?

Many are dying from Coronavirus but can we trust the NIH- specifically those in the PEPFAR circles for accurate data? The people running the show today were the same people that were taking HEALTHY AMERICANS back in the early 2000s that had NO reason to believe they were HIV positive as lab rats. Yes, Ambassador Birx and Fauci have questionable actions in the realm of HIV, but we should trust their data and facts. We should all rush and get our genetic assays done so that when you next order medication or get a vaccine, they have better “PERSONALIZED” medicine to put on your digital profile.

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Harper’s Magazine article from 2006 shed’s light on questionable situations.

Out of Control by Tore Says

What facts and events do we know?

First and foremost, Comey’s alter ego is the author of the serenity prayer. This is something we should all practice when we sit there with conflicting information and unsure of what is REALLY happening.

Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr

The only thing we can do is inform ourselves. Facts and events are important.

We know the impeachment failed and that almost instantly Coronavirus came into the scene. Could this be a plandemic? No one knows, but the DEVIL is in the details and TIME.

If this wasn’t a real threat then why are all nations in pure panic mode?

Let’s remember it was the concerted effort of many nations, including our “allies”, that helped orchestrate the “Russia Hoax” that was amplified and paraded around as fact my the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Then why are all the nations of the world on lockdown?

Simple. Infodemic. They don’t know what is going on. They are all sure that this is a bioweapon. They are terrified that their enemies and the globalist cabal, with their infinite source of cash, may have indeed unleashed what they have been guiding through the Georgian state now. They don’t know. Turkey isn’t providing numbers because they are not testing. Russia isn’t either. Besides, why would they tell other nations they are at a disadvantage, hurting, or in turmoil? That would make them weak and easy prey.

In essence, we should STOP looking at the data and “facts” on Coronavirus because they are causing more doubt and turmoil. What we need is a clear perspective to help pacify our concerns.

This is where timing and actions come into play.

  • Impeachment fails – Coronavirus soars. Maybe this is a coincidence, maybe it’s not.
  • The President locks down the borders to prevent spread of said Coronavirus, the MSM call him racist and that he is overreacting.

Talk about credibility…there were no 3am drops . That’s @washingtonpost excuse. pic.twitter.com/C1GkLCsOrM— I am ToRe 🎙�? (@Tore_says) March 23, 2020

He puts together a task force and gives lead to Pence who is a PEPFAR aficionado with all his old “co-workers”. Could this be a parade to let them OWN it? If so, it’s genius – if not, good call – after all HIV is a CORONAVIRUS.

The cure – Antimalarial drugs, coupled with broad spectrum antibiotics (z-pack). He instructs for swift determination of proof of concept – the Medical Overlords want testing to make sure it’s safe. The scientist that TIPPED off the right people to look into antimalarial drugs — unknown but I am sure some blue checkmark will take credit. Everyone cautioned on a CURE and speaking of it, so NBC and the rest of the MSM worldwide jumped on a FALSE story claiming that antimalarial drugs killed someone.

Arizona man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus. https://t.co/BG4xyZnKFv

There are no drugs approved to try to prevent or treat the new coronavirus. Self-medicating to prevent the coronavirus can be dangerous and possibly deadly.— NBC News (@NBCNews) March 23, 2020

The picture depicts an antimalarial drug but the FACTS are the ingested fish tank cleaner that had the active component of the antimalarial drug.

👉Her husband is dead & she’s in the ICU after ingesting chloroquine:

“We saw Trump on TV — every channel — & all of his buddies and that this was safe,” she said.
“Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

She implored @VaughnHillyard: “Educate the people” https://t.co/Vl94tIZcdw— Heidi Przybyla (@HeidiNBC) March 23, 2020

HONEST MEDIA” is obviously showing their priorities:

  • Terrify the public
  • Make everything President’s Trump fault
  • Condemn The President if he’s not dancing to their rhythm.

To make the “FACTS” around COVID-19 even more bizarre, as a scientist my interest is looking at CODON shifts and mutation rates. I am doing my own homework and putting my student debt to work. While the mutation rate is high and VERY specific … some more confusing things arise. Hosts. Human vs human (and no lowercase doesn’t mean young human) What are the scientific sites suggesting? Why are there no human hosts found but only Human?

Obviously after I submitted a request for elaboration, their HOSTS were fixed but, nonetheless confirm the theory I found based on Divergence soaring to 17 which indicates it targets only SPECIFIC hosts. What hosts? It seems that victims (aside from elderly and people with underlying conditions) are of a specific group. Genetics is key and the codon shifts tell scientists everything we need to know. Again, not the facts to focus on.Advertisements


Johns Hopkins University is reporting 212 death in South Wales Australia but the whole CONTINENT of Australia are only reporting 14? Why are the tallies so off?


It’s almost as if the incidences of diagnosis are now considered deaths?

What purpose does such false information serve? FEAR and SENSATIONALISM BY THE MSM.

In the UK, Council Housing is posting notices of a man’s death that was seen only minutes ago by tenants alive, well, and NOT sick.

OneHousingCouncil tells his neighbor’s he had DIED from #coronavirus in #London
BUT HE HAD been seen alive 5-10 minutes earlier perfectly HEALTHY


Here is the deduction method: If the whole world is in panic and the whole world is not sharing accurate data, then how do we know what is going on? We don’t. What we do know is that President Trump can tango and he’s flowing with it, but puts the breaks on the details.

Economic Collapse

Economy is basically operating with no drivers. How do you continue to collect debts, open up the markets, and push forward when those that are paying the debts, have stocks in the market, and on hold in containment? That is a disaster recipe. Do you know how many millions of Americans are trying to figure out how to pay their bills come April 1? Rent? Cell Phone? Internet? Credit cards? Car payments? Insurance on a car they aren’t allowed to drive?

The President had no choice. If he didn’t allow states to take control. If he didn’t treat it like the threat the MSM is making you believe it is THEN he is not doing it right. The enemy of the people have no morals – remember Joyce Ann Hafford? MSM cover up, and of course Harvard had to chime in.

President Trump is addressing that, but as president he allowed the Senate – who is “Republican” controlled – to take lead. This is how you tee up to have someone pull their pants down.

The day after Millenial Millie put out a report on REAL ID2020 and how this Plandemic is putting it on a fast track the President pushes deadline for REALID – until further notice.

The rest of the world kicked off their mass – vaccination by mandate protocols in place. While the Brits look to the U.S. for news, they stalled the roll out by the NHS … for now. Other countries are undergoing mass vaccinations. How are they all vaccinating when it’s got 17 points of divergence within 8 weeks? What are they vaccinating them with?

In a time of #FAKENEWS and purposeful disinformation, we must remember to remain calm, focus on common sense, and continue to pray. Turn off the news, focus on your family, and watch the Presidential updates.

The results of the Coronavirus victims are being “skewed” and changed – maybe to save face? Could it be that the Coronavirus “pandemic” wasn’t such a big deal, but the MSM around the world made it so to achieve other goals? I would hope not, but the evidence and the reporting from AVERAGE people, doctors, and nurses around the world are telling a different story.

Money is one heck of an incentive. Are clinics and hospitals that have patients that succumb to COVID-19 eligible for certain funds? Inquiring minds want to know.

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