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Journalist And Avid Pedophilia Researcher Liz Crokin Suspended From Twitter

Just four days after conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer was permanently suspended from social media giant Twitter, it seems Liz Crokin has suffered the same fate.


A man by the name of Darrell Lucas posted an article on Crokin via RDTDaily.com, just a few hours before Twitter suspended her account. Since Crokin’s suspension, Lucas has taken to Twitter to pat himself on the back and take responsibility, at least in part, for the decision to suspend the journalist from the social media platform.

“Here’s the story, written by yours truly, that may have gotten Crokin booted from Twitter. And please, Liz–let the door hit you on the way out. You’ve slandered innocent people long enough, and the bill has come due.”

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In an article titled “Pizzagate Peddler Falsely Smears ‘Harry Potter’ Creator As A Perv,” on RDTDaily.com, written by Lucas, he refers to Crokin as a “far-right blogger and pseudo-journalist” and “one of the loudest promoters of an inane conspiracy theory that claims Democrats and celebrities are involved in sex trafficking.”

Easy there Mr. Lucas, although I know you want to take full credit for this, I’m afraid that cheesy hit piece (mainly name calling and finger pointing) you wrote on Crokin wasn’t even good enough to get 10 retweets on Twitter, let alone get her permanently suspended from the site. Nice try though. Your Twitter account will get more traffic today than it’s ever seen since you were mentioned here, in this article. You’re welcome.


The last tweet from Crokin’s Twitter account, @LizCrokin read: “If most of your pals are pedophiles & child sex traffickers, the odds that you aren’t are 0! Hillary Clinton is a pedophile who ran a global child sex trafficking network through the Clinton Foundation. Another one of her pals was arrested for pedophilia. Any questions? #QAnon”

The last video to be uploaded on Crokin’s YouTube channel is from 2 weeks ago titled “LizPostElectionVideo”:

Liz Crokin will now join Twitter’s growing list of perma-banned conservatives:

  • Julian Assange
  • Alex Jones
  • Roger Stone
  • Laura Loomer
  • Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Thomas Wictor
  • Tommy Robinson
  • Chuck Johnson

Who will be silenced next from @jack’s precious Twitter? 

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Laura Loomer posted about Crokin’s suspension from Twitter via Gab, one of the few platforms Loomer is able to access today. Loomer was just permanently suspended from Twitter and put on a 30-day suspension from Facebook – clearly a strategic move, much like her 7-day suspension from Twitter exactly one week before the midterm election. For Loomer, only a few social media sites remain that haven’t tried to censor or suspend her in some way: Gab, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) and Loomer’s personal website.

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Tore and Haley Kennington can also be followed on Twitter, at least for now. 

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David Harrell May 30, 2019 at 4:01 pm

Hey if you wanna go ahead and approve the comment I posted here about two months ago … that’d be great.

David Harrell July 10, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Ok. Here’s the comment I’ve attempted to post twice over the last several months:

1) I don’t know the exact reasons Twitter banned Crokin. I’ve only ever seen one or two of her tweets, as presented in her YouTube videos. I have however been keeping up with her on YouTube for a year and a half.

2) conservatives and libertarians are of course persecuted on Twitter. (I seem to be among them — not only on Twitter but Youtube as well.)

3) however, that doesn’t mean that Crokin is automatically innocent and correct in everything she says.

Nobody wants more than me to get the bad guys. I really really wanted Crokin to be right. Not really – but you know what I mean: if the things she claimed was happening were happening, then I wanted her to be nailing the evildoers and bringing the evidence. However, she has a habit of just blurting out accusations without any evidence and misreading statements in documents to support her predetermined story.

Whatever her credentials, whatever her past career achievements, with the advent of “Pizzagate” Crokin has been sensationalistic, sloppy and, in my opinion, unethical.

I watch her videos and I questioned her statements and conclusions because I want her to show 100% of the evidence so that she and the rest of the community can stand solidly behind what she says. She doesn’t answer the questions. She doesn’t show the evidence for some of her most incendiary statements.

You can’t convict people — even very bad people — of pedophilia, running massive sex trafficking operations, murdering children, cutting off their faces, eating them, etc, worldwide all over the internet, without evidence that they actually are doing that. Trafficking in fake facts is unethical. It’s misleading. It provides a false sense of accomplishment that can’t stand up under real due process of law. It (and allied hoaxes, such as “Qanon”) provides a false assurance that justice is being mysteriously done for us without need for our involvement. It exposes you and the entire movement to ridicule as well as just the sort of blanket persecution we’re
experiencing. All of us who are careful about facts, get lumped in with who those who are not, like Crokin.

Yes, it’s unfair. But it’s how the system treats us.

Finally, peddling falsehoods may even expose you to legal action, if a case can be made that you willfully stated reputation-harming untruths with malicious intent.

Again, I wanted Crokin to be right. However, I can say that many of her claims wouldn’t have even gotten past the “Desk” at City News (a onetime wire service in Chicago, her first professional reporting job — mine too), and she knows that perfectly well. She would have been yelled at, possibly cussed at, and then unceremoniously fired, not because her claims are “too hot to handle,” but simply because she doesn’t back them up.

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