CNN filed a lawsuit against the White House for revoking WH Press Credentials of their long time WH correspondent Jim Acosta.

Jim Acosta for some reason seems to be the “beacon” of journalism for the those that claim to be a part of “acceptance” and “tolerance”.  

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He’s not.  Jim Acosta and CNN have just degraded journalism and changed the face of the WH Press FOREVER through the courts.   They claim the President attacks them so they have every right to attack him.  You know what this does?  It creates a PC culture of grown man babies like Acosta getting their way. 

For the record, no one comes for asylum armed and with 25,000 of their friends.  This is an invasion and Acosta is downplaying what is to come.  Listen to my radio show where I broke it down HERE

But how can you talk about Jim Acosta or anyone without first manning up and saying, look, the President’s got to change the way he speaks. I’m going to challenge you is a triggering phrase when the President of the United States says you’re a nasty person. You’re a bad person, you’re the enemy of the people. Come on, Corey, it’s not even a close call. You know it.

CNN Chris Cuomo
This tells you everything you need to know

Acosta has TEMPORARILY received his WH Pass.  Acosta will be known as the man who destroyed the WH Press Pool.  No more accusatory questions and no more HEART FELT responses from the WH and the President. 

This is what CNN and Acosta succeeded.  They didn’t “win” because his rights were not violated BUT – the judge said WH has to provide the following to avoid being brought to court again:

Due Process for them “like employees” and deserve proper procedure of dismissal

While many believe it’s not OK to remove Acosta for being constantly rude and his latest demonstration of behavior seems like past presidents did not fall under the same scrutiny.  SNOPES owned by the left and riddled with BIASED “fact checking”  could NOT deny the validity of the video below when former President Obama did the same.  Evidently, since it wasn’t a CNN journalist the incident was not reported widely nor did it end up in court. This gives it a sense of being “business as usual” and rightfully done so, thus Snopes called it a case of being “miscaptioned”.  I don’t understand how it was miscaptioned when that person was never allowed to attend a presser again and forcibly removed in front of the Press Pool that also cheered during the incident.

This lawsuit has successfully forced the White House to “RE-CLASSIFY” all journalists with passes as “contractors” of the White House. That means they must adhere to “employee rules and regulations”. 

This change will make it harder for alternative journalists like myself to get hard passes but it will make it VERY easy for the WH to be selective of who is able to attend them. Acosta and CNN will go down in history for DESTROYING the Free Press. 

There need to be rules and regulations 

Re-classifying WH Press Pass holders as “contractors” means will be rules and regulations.  The WH Press Room will never be the same.  Personally if I were President Trump I would post a sign like they do in Pre-school and Kindergarten reminding children to practice decorum. 


This is not the first time Jim Acosta is out of turn and demands to be heard talking over other journalists.  The Press Secretary was courteous and advised him he is out of turn, had his turn and was taking someone else’s question almost a year ago.  Jim Acosta INSISTED but the Press Secratary held her ground in a very composed manner. 

On a personal note, having attended a presser at a rally with Jim Acosta, he is pretentious, a bully and demands that all make way because he is “CNN”.  

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