On Thursday, InfoWars host Alex Jones posted two videos to his @real_alexjones Instagram account where he explained he was being set up by Business Insider, Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram.

In the first video, Jones explains that Business Insider published a story on Wednesday in which they made claims that Jones is being investigated over anti-semitic posts in comments on one of Jones’s random posts on Instagram that shows a monopoly board, but nothing that is anti-Israel in any way.

What’s odd is that the comments are being made by the actual anti-semites, calling Jones a Zionist shill.


How can the original poster be held accountable for what someone else comments under their posts? How do you preemptively combat that?

Jones realizes what the bigger picture truly is. This is a set up, calling for leftist trolls who are actually anti-semites, or as Jones puts it, the “Jussie Smolletts”of the internet, posing as both the left and the right (racist and anti-racist) and posting comments under Jones’s posts on Instagram in hopes it will be enough to have his account permanently banned on Instagram.

“This is my line in the sand.”

-Alex Jones

Instagram is one of the few places that Jones hasn’t been banned from (YET) and where he is (FOR NOW) still allowed to post photos, videos and other information to followers, having been banned from almost all other social media platforms. You can still catch Jones on his own site Infowars.com, which is under constant attack.

WATCH Robert Barnes with BarnesLawLLP.com discuss Jones’s options here: https://www.infowars.com/watch/?video=5c9e6b94c88e710017070271

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