SPC Joseph Michael Bushling could tell us, but no one could get ahold of him. After he may have LEAKED something to Congress, he got "lost" in the Utah desert that got the General of the BIOWEAPONS BASE FIRED 4 years later. #WhatHappenedToSPCBushling

Mueller: BUSH FUNDED THE 9/11 Attack

During the course of our investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s financials we stumbled upon information that revealed to us that Prescott Bush, former President George...

Mueller’s Russia Hoax Investigation Was More Detailed And Desperate For An Outcome Than 9/11

The reason 9/11 is still an open wound for many is because we DON’T have answers even today, 18 years later. Mueller obstructed, destroyed, manufactured and obfuscated evidence in the 9/11 investigation what makes you think he didn’t do the same for the Russia Hoax investigation?

Clinton FIX: Uranium One to RussiaGate

As reported many times the law firms, that represent the corrupt clowns of at the "foggy bottom" and the White House are the real...

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