As reported many times the law firms, that represent the corrupt clowns of at the “foggy bottom” and the White House are the real thugs that obstruct justice.  As a polyglot, identifying patterns and finding connections is second nature.  Priya Aiyar is a key player.

Why would Peter Strzok provide information to Ms. Aiyar about the Clinton Investigation?


In his LHM (Letterhead Memorandum) Strzok reminded Ms. Aiyar not to comply with any FOIA and also noted that know any information received cannot be used and or cited due to  “potential compromise” that was identified from a FOIA request. (??)

US  Treasury FOIA

In October of 2010,  the Obama administration officially responded to Rep. Grassley FOIA :

CFIUS certified to Congress that “there [were] no unresolved national security concerns with the transaction” and that the transaction had been approved. Further, the U.S. Treasury’s response noted that [n]o CFIUS agency proposed mitigation or prohibition of the transaction.

Obama Administration Response 2010

CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States)  an interagency committee authorized to review specific transactions that involve foreign investment in the United States (“covered transactions”), in order to determine the effect of such transactions on the national security of the United States.  At the moment I will not DELVE into who was part of the committee at the time as this is not the focus of my report today, but I will point out that Brennan gave the all clear and that his company Global Security was involved. Please refer to article RussiaGate: Part 3 Unmasking Methods & POC for more information on that.

Priya Aiyar was courted for Deputy General Counsel at the US Department of Energy and coincidentally the Environment and Nuclear Division after her very short “Training Stint” in the Oil Spill debacle. 

Slotted into the US Department of Energy specifically the division that overseas Nuclear Programs, ergo Uranium One when the Uranium One deal was settling.  She happened to come in when there was growing pressure on the White House to answer questions about Uranium One especially why DNI cleared it -claiming no National Security concerns.   After that Ms. Aiyar  went on to the US Treasury when the US tredasury was under heat for Uranium One involvement.

Committee on the Judiciary put forward a question which KEY to this topic:

In order to assess the decisions concerning the sale of Uranium One, please answer the following questions:

According to the Treasury Department, CFIUS gathers on a weekly basis to discuss pending transactions. Please list the date of each meeting that involved a discussion of the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction, the list of attendees by agency, and provide all records related to each meeting to include all transcripts, memoranda, and other communications regarding the transaction.

Letter Dated 10/12/2017 To Acting Director Ted Wackler
Top phrase indicates concern of destruction of evidence. Duff’s Letter. 

What are the odds that she sat on every single meeting that discussed Uranium One / Rosatom Transactions? Probably stellar odds, considering that at the time the Uranium ONE deal was settling she was Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Energy and specifically the one that oversees nuclear energy. Priya was also SUPER CLOSE (and is) with Elizabeth Randall who seems to have a peculiar interest in General Flynn.

On May 10,2016, Peter Strzok provided information to Priya Airya in regards to the Clinton Server investigation . Peter Strzok who I exposed was the son of the man who overthrew Iranian Regime in the 70’s (along with William Barr,Brennan etc.)and was raised in Iran.  If you do your homework on Strzok,  you will see that his daddy worked with charities in Haiti and has ties to Tenex who is involved in the Uranium One Scandal.

Remember when Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) showed us just this flowchart in a congressional hearing?

It’s not a conspiracy if the same names keep coming up when shady stuff goes down and the DOJ has no answers or takes forever (or not) to clear them of any wrong doing with no actual evidence produced or findings presented. In science, this frequency and apparent relationships between them all is called a PATTERN or SIGNIFICANT FINDING or TREND.

Why is the General Counsel of the US Treasury being provided information Mid Year Exam aka Clinton Server Investigation

Peter Strzok shared highly classified email about MYE (Clinton Server probe) with Ms. Aiyar who was General Counsel at the US Dept. of Energy Nuke division when Uranium One was in closing (tw oyear process). She then rolled into her position as General Counsel at the US Department of Treasury and has since left her position.  We have reached out to US Department of Treasury to advise us of the date of her departure and circumstances. Upon the publication of this article they have no responded.

Ms. Aiyar is now a Partner at Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, who has made very interesting hires after Ms. Aiyar was hired.  Most of them have worked within the Clinton Foundation/Obama Admin/Foundation  or it’s affiliates attorneys, consultants and or interns.

New Hires

It seems that  for over a decade the problem with the US Department of Treasury is transparency.  Judging from the ongoing demands, unanswered subpoenas, inharmonious balances with “foggy bottom”  agencies that bleed tax dollars, the saying FOLLOW THE MONEY rings true.

Your failure to comply with the Committee’s requests constitutes the improper withholding of information the Committee is entitled to review to aid the Committee’s examination of Treasury’s operations, including its administration of laws or programs within the Committee’s jurisdiction.

Chairman of Subcommittee of Oversight and Investigations

Day by day it is becoming apparent that we are not dealing with one or two corrupt and dishonest people masking themselves as “public servants”, but an organized criminal network with the same names popping up for decades. This is why Comey is represented by the best organized crime attorney!

Clearly, the US Department of Treasury has some explaining to do and Peter Strzok must show WHY he sent Ms. Aiyar all that information.  After all, look who else is on staff at Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP:

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP has an interesting roster.

Obama sanctions adviser David Mortlock joins Willkie Farr & Gallagher
Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP LOVES HRC

Looks Like we have HUGE resignations already.  Notable:

  • Greg Craig an Obama attorney had to resign from Skadden Arps because he supervised a liar, Alex Van Der Zwann who Mueller indicted for lying to protect him.
  • May 15, 2018 | Bob Bauer resigns from Perkins Coie May 16, 2018 | New Yorker: “Missing Files Motivated the leak of Michael Cohen’s Financial Records”


These law firms are facilitating obstruction of justice. Look at how Former US attorney JUSTIFIED Perkins Coie providing a letter to FBI saying NO HRC SERVER FOR YOU (8:25). Listen to why he justifies why Obama counsel (bob Bauer) BLOCKED HRC server hand over.

Bottom line, we have another person we need to look into -Priya Aiyar- and find out why Strzok gave her HRC email investigation emails. I believe we need to start pressing the US Department of Treasury to hand over what they have. #FollowTheMoney

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  1. Rough day, yea me as well. Uranium One, did you travel back in time to the Bundy Ranch episode? Back then Google plus was an alternative to Fedbook that many patriots used in the information war. We sorta reached a stalemate in that BLM operation, far as I know it’s yet to be closed permanently. Then the movement continued on to the Malhuer refuge protest where Aamon Bundy made a stand. RIP LaVoy Finicum, such a shame how the government wormed out of any repercussions and his wife Janet still waits to have her wrongful death case heard. We had so much information on HRC, Harry Reid, Kate Brown and so on. We were making big waves back then shortly thereafter they shut down G+ claiming it was a failed attempt.
    Lost about 8 years of work a huge community and may friends. The PTB saw how fast we moved information and that put a lot of pressure on MSM to cover the issues. So much they needed to shut us down. Jade Helm was also mixed in with that.
    There’s been many let downs along this long road of corruption.
    You said above “Day by day it is becoming apparent that we are not dealing with one or two corrupt and dishonest people but an organized crime syndicate” of course it is a Mafia boss doesn’t hire hit men or people that he doesn’t trust. The thing with our federalles, they get to investigate your whole circle, everything you know. Being corrupt, having that ability and power.
    Then I find you. Strange you didn’t cross my path before. Anyway I listen and try to put things together. It’s almost like reading a suspense novel. I guess that’s why I read through your work. I want to believe you were groomed for this part in the show, maybe a hidden daughter of DJT. A mystery you are, and very intriguing as well. Have a good night.

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