On March 16, 2021 we published an article identifying SUSPECT 256 FIBBING FBI OR PURPOSELY OVERLOOKING LEFTISTS AT THE CAPITOL| PHOTO #256B. We provided the FBI with the mans name and PHONE NUMBER months ago alerting them to the attacks and the organization of infiltration. We wanted to keep what we put out to be minimal but … we changed our mind.

Apparently, the FBI got the memo on our March 17th expose of SUSPECT #239 who is also an Agency asset and actress as her status today changed to ARRESTED. FIBBING FBI | WANTED ACTOR #239 IDENTIFIED – Tore Says


Our first published article ““Insurrection” FIBBING FBI, FAKE NEWS AND TRUTH – Tore Says” was the starting point of what will be a barrage of exposes. It begins with trying to explain the whole radio silence from MSM and Alt-Media. If you haven’t figured it out yet – both left and right media outlets are controlled by the same masters. Controlling your opposition is how you win. If you are a lefty, the left media is controlled, appealing to you and reacting to what the right says, and if you are a conservative, conservative media is appealing to you and reacting to what the left says. That’s how you control the masses.

Here is MORE HELP for the FBI, aside from having received his phone number, name, and hours of zoom calls and texts from us. We think a more concise video will help them figure out ” Where in the world is Romain?” … he could be out of the country by now.

ANTIFA/BLM/Sunrise Movement and Anti-Trump FED Employees have been arrested, but NO ONE is talking about it. Crickets on all isles of the media.

Does this guy count and FOREIGN – FVEY interference?

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)

FBI: Please forward the REWARD to SAVE AMERICA PAC

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