Coincidentally, on Monday July 13, 2020 I did an entire segment on the dangers and horrific practices of Whole Blood/PLASMA harvesting and how urban areas with severe poverty rates are targeted. Blood and plasma harvesting are called donations but they are anything but donations. What is most dangerous is that our legislators have SLIPPED blood harvesting into the Cares Act. Amy Klobuchar and Roger Wicker got greedy and they just proposed to amend the act by adding in the word PLASMA –and we caught it. (Start calling your representatives).

The Cares Act indicates the importance of human blood in a pandemic which allows local State Health Directors to interpret that as critical component to public health. This is dangerous and they slipped it in under the guise of “marketing”. The globalists shipped our jobs and blood overseas. Now they can use YOUR MONEY to advertise to harvest more of our blood.

To be clear- There are about 7 BILLION people on the planet and 75% of all human whole blood harvested GLOBALLY is coming from Americans fueling and maintaining a for profit $50 BIL industry as if we are cattle shipping over 70% of it overseas! Our blood is a commodity, what’s next organs?

A gift is considered free but the plasma harvesting business is big money. In fact, lower income persons rely on the income of providing their blood and plasma to have a “steady” income of $200-$400 dollars monthly. The repayment varies dependent on the state’s cost of living. In Las Vegas they pay $400 monthly, loaded onto a prepaid credit card sporting the Blood Company’s logo (Citibank Sponsored), whereas in Cleveland they offer $200. “Donors” go twice a week and provide plasma in order to get paid. It’s actually tax deductible and you get a 1099-MISC.

The plasma industry is running off the blood of very poor Americans. Why not Africans? Why not Europeans? Why not Asians? This industry is HUGE. It is estimated to be worth upwards of $50 Billion! There are THREE companies that dominate the BLOOD DERIVED DRUG INDUSTRY. CSL Plasma, Octopharma, and Grifols.

A couple of months ago I had raised the alarm for the actions of the Governor of North Dakota Doug Burgum. Not only has he invested the State of North Dakota’s money in China, listed as “FRIENDLY” by China according to Secretary Pompeo’s report, but he was hosting Chinese style “Testing Parties” – DNA harvesting parties. Not only that, he worked TIRELESSLY with Bill Gates to create the contact tracing app. Full video HERE.

Kiev’s Klobuchar wrote a letter to the FDA, and on July 2, 2020 they proposed to change the Cares Act to add PLASMA to the existing legislation that the Democrats had successfully slipped into the Cares Act.

Klobuchar introduced The Plasma Donation Awareness Act with Sen. Wicker (R-Mississippi) to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a public awareness campaign about the importance of plasma donation during the coronavirus pandemic. 

This raised the alarm for two reasons:

  • Monetary remuneration whole blood/plasma (copyright, bioweapon creation etc.)
  • Why would BLOOD or PLASMA have anything to do with ENERGY?

Testing parties are essentially DNA harvesting parties. If people actually read the fine print they would see just how their DNA, PLASMA information, and content are being used. If you READ the Cares Act you would also sound the alarm. WHY did they incorporate VERBIAGE that interests the House Committee on Energy and Commerce?

Not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions of the Senate and the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives.


The House Committee on Energy and Commerce involvement is another can of worms itself with weird patents owned by the usual suspects. The questions we should be asking is what is driving Kiev Klobuchar and Wimpy Wicker to push such a bill? Two things:

  • Financial Incentive For Them
  • Your Whole Blood

Many Senators and Congresspersons have enhanced their portfolios recently. Almost in tangent with Soros’ $43 Million investment in one of the largest global blood derived pharmaceutical companies, GRIFOLS.

George Soros owns the heavy investment in one of THREE global blood derived pharmaceutical plasma companies in the world: GrifolsBlackstone and Blackrock Capital also do. Today, it was announced that Grifols spent just under $500 MIL to acquire the human plasma business located in North America – in Montreal from South Korea’s Green Cross Pharma.

In the United States, unless you are paid for providing a product one cannot use it as they wish. Plasma is sold and people providing it are paid. Therefore, as the man in the video below says: “I am like a cow.” The thing about genomics and our laws is that your DNA cannot be patented or copyrighted UNLESS it is slightly altered and it was PURCHASED from you. They even have coupons to incentivize.
Amendment of the bill

Our president did say, “Don’t get tested if you aren’t sick,” but everyone attended Coronavirus DNA harvesting parties. Imagine if you have antibodies they need, and you refuse to donate whole blood. People will “cancel culture” you and shame you for not “donating,” but under an EMERGENCY the government can come and get you and harvest what they want. Where does it stop?

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