Part I of the Russia Hoax series started at the end and this Part of the Investigative Series will demonstrate just how General Flynn was the integral component for cover the Obama Administration needed for the messy, childlike boisterous attempt of a coup. I could have planned a better one I had the influence and or control over all agencies foreign and domestic like former President Barack Hussein Obama with his sidekick John Owen Brennan.

General Flynn was the only viable piece in the pedestrian attempt to manufacture a house of cards as a base for the Russia Hoax to take down the Trump Administration. They successfully inflated their allegations to justify their illegal 36 month surveillance of General Flynn along with other American Citizens using the MSM to drive public opinion to favor their illegalities.

Let’s break this down. It’s normal for the NATSEC Advisor to have FBI agents ask questions and hold discussions for matters that may be ongoing or pending investigating media leaks of sensitive communications and or meetings. Remember, McCabe was discussing media leaks about Flynn’s talks wtih Kislyak not the content of those discussions. Ergo, Flynn was under the impression that the conversation was about the leaks of his conversations with the Russian Ambassador and thus maybe the FBI was seeking to parse out possible sources.

The FBI is law enforcement and it’s agents may or may not have a TS/SCI clearance or the need to know on a range of compartmentalized topics, let alone Executive Matters. The FBI really has no business in diplomacy or foreign policies- that’s not their usual scope. They are the prosecutors- the guns- by default. They are supposed to be fancy federal cops- nothing more.

Thus, in a casual setting which has not been explicitly identified as interrogatory, if I were asked about conversations I have had with Ambassadors I wouldn’t tell them because I don’t know if they have the appropriate clearance. Disclosing or discussing information that has any classification with persons that you cannot confirm have a Need to Know (NTK) in itself is a crime. Just because you have TS clearance NTK is never implied and always explicitly stated.

In Flynn’s case it’s not like they walked in handed their credentials and said we are here to ask you questions in regards to an investigation pertaining to the content of your conversations. They never ONCE made it known to General Flynn that their meeting was an official interrogatory setting – IN FACT they intentionally concealed their intentions and allowed him to believe that their meeting was a continuance of media leak concern earlier discussed with McCabe as if it was a mere discussion to mitigate press buzz. McCabe and Baker explicitly instructed the FBI agents to do so.

Why is this important? Disclosing that this was an interrogatory interview and not Public Affairs mitigation or canvassing for clues about leaks like McCabe portrayed it to General Flynn over the phone the General’s responses and conversation would have been different. What is weird is that there are two antagonistic statements on the same matter.

McCabe says General Flynn disclosed he had conversations with the Ambassador and that they had already been documented and or recorded but Peter Strzok says he didn’t or lied about them?

Both statements cannot be true.

Regardless, by law it doesn’t matter whether an interrogation occurs in an airport, someone’s front porch, a jail, a basketball court, in your office or in the White House an interrogatory meeting with questioning is in some effect depriving someone of their right to freedom and in fact are legal considered in custody. Thus, if the intention of the discussion not being disclosed is identical to Police Officers not advising someone of their almost Miranda Rights. Making the obligatory statement that providing false or omitting information when interviewed by the FBI is a criminal offense would have allowed the General to waive concerns of the agents clearance status and answered them in a more forthcoming manner. The decision to not make the obligatory statement should in fact be the sole basis of invalidating any 302 pertaining to the conversation and or evidence derived from those statements.

The 302s that were done months after the interview since they were “misplaced” (I forgot what I had for dinner last week but Strzok remembers a conversation from half a year ago word for word?) should not be admissible for the reasons of non-transparent intentions but also the dubious disappearance of the original ones. Furthermore, any evidence or information or evidence gathered based on the information garnered from the evidence or information obtained during the interview shouldalso by law be inadmissible. Regular beat cops know that – you would think the FBI does.

This is why Axelrod and Baker got into it and this is why Yates and McCord rushed to brief the White House.

They broke the law and knew it – but they didn’t stop there.

This illegal interrogatory interview to inflate conversations General Flynn have every right to have is nothing compared to what they did before they knew about General Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and after.

General Flynn’s Russian Conversations

There were two conversations that were inflamed and portrayed as a CONCERN of NATSEC which are really nothing burgers. For some reason the FBI and Special Counsel thought those conversations would validate their illegal 36 month surveillance prior to those calls? Reaching Much?

The two conversations were intercepted and first presented in a secret meeting of Obama and his Cabinet in January of 2017 where Chief Justice Roberts was queried to provide an opinion coupled with the Executive Order and Comey and McCord’s brief on pending Russian Hacking Investigations that President Trump was still not privy too. This was their last ditch attempt to annul the election results or delay President Trump’s inauguration according to sources.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court advised them of the legal stand points and inability to sustain so the meeting of minds ensued and the plan to install a Special Counsel was born according to source close to the staff coordinating those meetings. A lot of that planning was already revealed by through a FOIA request made Judicial Watch.

Conversation December 22, 2016

According to the plea agreement General Flynn spoke with Kislyak on Dec. 22, 2016, about an upcoming U.N. Security Council resolution. General Flynn says he asked the Russians to delay or defeat a U.N. Security Council resolution, approved Dec. 23, 2016, that would have condemned Israel’s building of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Barack Hussein Obama wanted and had agreed to get the vote going even though Israel contested it.

Let’s quickly think about this. How does this cause ANY harm to our NATSEC by expressing support for Israel? It is Obama’s duty as exiting President to ensure NOT to make any decision that will impact the incoming administration and his actions showed he did everything do do just that. Flynn expressing the administration’s intentions with respect to the UN Security Resolution with Russia or any other country as incoming National Security Advisor during the transition period is customary, normal and does not warrant any “investigation”. I’ll elaborate how bogus the BHO admin team actions were in a bit for now on this matter here is the question that should be asked:

WHY did the UN Security Council expedite the vote?

Imagine being so spiteful you take long-impact decisions 3 weeks before you leave office.

The incoming Trump administration opposed the U.N. resolution, and Flynn was directed by a “very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team” (PTT) to contact foreign governments, including Russia … to influence those governments to delay the vote or defeat the resolution,” according to the plea agreement. The “very senior member” of the transition team was not identified. Was the member on the Obama PTT or the Trump PTT. If from the Obama PTT team that is entrapment for the purpose of conspiring to cause harm to the incoming President. If it’s the Trump PTT team it was in full authority to ensure no long term impacts were made on decisions the exiting President would take. Thus, in the latter case, Flynn acted in the best interest of our National Security under the incoming administration’s policies.

Conversation December 29, 2016

The second conversation in question – keep in mind these conversations happened years after the Obama Administration was actively spying on General Flynn- was on December 29, 2016.

According to General Flynn’s plea agreement the conversation was held on the day Obama decided to further sanction Russia for meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections which has still yet to be established as factual in the context described in his Executive Order. This should all be cleared up soon… McCord slipped up. This tweet from CNN is key – per leaks and content.

During the December 29, 2016 conversation General Flynn “requested that Russia not escalate the situation and only respond to the U.S. Sanctions in a reciprocal manner,” the plea agreement said. Kislyak agreed that Russia would “moderate its response to those sanctions” as a result of his request, according to the U.S. special counsel’s office.

As Obama’s days were numbered the media grew weary and concerned that efforts of the “secret” meeting Obama was to have would not bear fruit and they frantically purported the notion that President Trump was undermining President Obama by defying his LONG TERM impact policy he put forward just a couple weeks before he left the White House. Between December 29,2016 and January 18, 2017 it was non-stop Russia Russia Russia. They probably hoped that Chief Justice Roberts would feel more comfortable if the media congested the message and gave the impression that the public opinion aligned with what they were saying. They failed.

According to Mary McCord’s 302 she knew about the conversations Flynn had with Kislyak before WAPO leaked it as indicated by the newly redacted Flynn Documents.

To understand the source of the leak we should understand that responses to Sanctions placed upon a country are received and discussed by the National Security Council (NSC). According to Obama’s archived White House site that is comprised of :

The NSC is chaired by the President (Obama). Its regular attendees (both statutory and non-statutory) are the Vice President (Biden), the Secretary of State (Kerry), the Secretary of the Treasury(Geithner #U1), the Secretary of Defense(Ash Carter), and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (Rice). The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the statutory military advisor to the Council (Dunford), and the Director of National Intelligence is the intelligence advisor(Clapper). The Chief of Staff to the President (Daley) , Counsel to the President (Eggleson), and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy (Krueger #CBCSuicide) are invited to attend any NSC meeting. The Attorney General (Lynch) and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Burwell) are invited to attend meetings pertaining to their responsibilities. The heads of other executive departments and agencies, as well as other senior officials, are invited to attend meetings of the NSC when appropriate.

All the persons named above were privy to the information about General Flynn and his conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak before the Washington Post leaked it. As you can see Mary McCord is not on the list. Clapper had intercepted the calls since they were already illegally spying on Flynn who then called McCord into the meeting according to sources at the DOJ familiar with the incident. They all had one person in common who was White House staff responsible for media communication in matters of National Security. Obama’s press and spokespersons loved the Washington Post. Believe it or not that one person is working under the Trump administration in another department tasked with global media communications. Isn’t it incredible how they get tucked away hidden in plain sight. No wonder Secretary Pompeo is wading in his house.

Flynn’s calls were not a NATSEC concern so why were they leaked?

Timing is everything. The media fell into a frenzy as the date approached for the “secret” January meeting that Obama orchestrated with members of his cabinet and CJ Roberts. They amplified the Russia narrative 1000 times over since December 29, 2016 when Obama imposed new sanctions on Russia for “election meddling”. This was their insurance policy kicking in with the hopes that annulment of the election results or delaying Trump’s inauguration would occur if the public discourse would convince Chief Justice Roberts to provide a formal opinion. Almost every hour on the hour up until the day after President Trump was sworn in everyone was pushing a new narrative “Russia Collusion” and it was remedially merited on the nothing burger calls Flynn had with Kislyak.

Obviously, the narrative expanded after that where members of Congress and Senate were making and are continuing to make outlandish claims that President Trump is a Russian agent and has committed crimes with no evidence from even up until today.

was and believe it or not still responsible for communication with the media. McCord’s 302s? If it’s based on McCord’s 302s that would be a problem. One thing the Trump Administration and FBI should be doing now is to re-examine a former Crowd Strike contractor that HELPED forensically check the DNC server in 2016 that she prosecuted in 2017 for “hacking” through phishing emails for the insane amount of $104 and some change when he was roughly 17/18 years old! #InsurancePolicies What a YAHOO move she and Comey orchestrated. That young man is one of the Russians who “meddled” in the 2016 elections in 2013 and or 2014 stealing credit card information. (insert HUGE eye-roll emoji here)

Let me explain. Obama put out an Executive Order alleging Russian Hackers meddled with the Elections. Yet some of the hackers he was referring to were hacking Yahoo 4 years before the election for consumer fraud not election fraud. You see what they did right there? Amplified the Russia Hoax with unrelated crimes that were barely even FSB connected – but important to Comey, Clinton and Obama because of ONE individual in that case.

According to sources the teenager who made a whopping $104 for stealing email information intended for consumer fraud as a hacker for hire and according to our sources was a contractor outsourced by Crowd Strike’s forensic analysis of the DNC server.

It gets better. Apparently the customer who asked the 17 year-old at the time via the internet to get all these email was linked to the Russian Military! That isn’t surprising though because EVERY SINGLE RUSSIAN MALE is connected at some point to the Russian military because they have a mandatory twelve month military term to fulfill by law.

During the Presidential Transition there are NO LAWS that say the incoming administration cannot have discussions with other governments. In fact it is something that has been done before and no one batted an eyelash- actually many times throughout history.

Even the FBI had to announce that there was nothing WRONG or ILLEGAL with the calls Flynn had with Kislyak.

Here are examples to demonstrate how discussing with foreign governments policies of the incoming administration are not “collusion” or illegal. In US history to similar toxic relations between outgoing and incoming administration had occurred. The Eisenhower and Nixon administrations where the incoming one dubbed President Elect and even traveled to foreign nations to advise of their plans and to delay any radical developments that may occur in the short transition period until they are sworn in.


In a nutshell during Eisenhower’s campaign he promised Americans he would go to Korea. Within months of his Presidency he had an armistice signed ending the Korean War. How? During the transition period after he was elected he and a selected entourage traveled to Korea and had conversations about ending the war. He started negotiations during his transition period because that is what the people elected him to do.


Nixon during his campaign promised per article in TIME that he would end the war in Vietnam. Nixon wasn’t able to deliver immediately and that was because the animosity the Obama Administration showed to the Trump Administration was strikingly similar to that of the Johnson to Nixon. There was very little communication thus during the transition period after Nixon was elected he send Henry Kissinger his incoming National Security Advisor to meet with the North Vietnamese to resurrect parle on the stymied Paris Peace talks. Johnson was upset claiming these talks undermined him – but did they?

It’s important to understand that the incoming President must be considerate to the fact that the outgoing one is still President for about 90 days. This is a two way street and it’s important to understand that if the outgoing President is unprofessional like Obama was they can make decisions that impact the incoming President’s policies. This is exactly what Obama did. As Obama was exiting the White House he was supposed to deal with pressing situations and ensure that any sanctions or policies implemented are short lived and cause little to NO impact on the incoming administration. His actions were contrary to that raising concerns of abuse of Office and jeopardizing National Security.

Actions taken by the Obama administration throughout the month of December were NOT mindful and certainly not intended to be SHORT-LIVED as courtesy expects. Remember the heat former President Bush(41) received when he sent a “humanitarian” mission to Somalia promising to have them out before former Impeached President Clinton swore in? That decision impacted the Clinton Presidency in many ways throwing a wrench into then incoming President Bill Clinton.

The conversations General Flynn had with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador were not treason, they were not out of scope -if anything he operated withing his rights as Incoming National Security Advisor considering Obama was expediting and creating situations in the latter half of December that would impact the Trump Administrations policies.

In fact Obama’s policies, sanctions and rush for the UN vote were intentional in order to stymie the well publicized policies of the incoming administration. It was evidently spiteful and childish of BHO to do that considering he was also manically working on finding ways to annul and or delay President Trump’s inauguration. Sources say Chief Justice Roberts can shed light on that and the conversations that ensued the week of January 6, 2017 up until January 16, 2017. #SHADOWPRESIDENCY

When General Flynn’s nightmare is over the avalanche will begin. Until then we will wait until the evidence that they planned to entrap him, planned to extort him to plead surface. Only then will the people see the true face TREASON and SEDITION. General Flynn needs NEW LAWYERS the ones he has are SELLING HIM OUT…but that will happen when the time is right.

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