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An activist speaking out about the UN was targeted over the weekend, and told she had no rights at a UN-controlled event in Utah.

Private land ownership contributes to social injustice therefore public land use is indispensable.

United Nations “Habitat I” Conference Report 1976

It was during the 68th Civil Society Conference that a U.S. citizen recorded the UN officer claiming sovereignty.


It’s a known fact that embassies and consulates are sovereign buildings. In fact, being in the Chinese Embassy is the equivalent – per laws and such – as being in China. Does the same apply to the UN?

Apparently it does, and it is dangerous. This is a very liberal way of affording them such rights to sovereignty in ANY place they occupy for a set or indefinite period of time.

The person who posted this video made the following valid observation of concern:

I think the UN taking over Salt Palace Convention Center was a joint test by the liberal Democrats and the UN to see what they can get away with. I predict that we will soon reach a point where liberal agendas and ANTIFA rallies will be held under the pseudo jurisdiction of the UN.

Sam Senev

I believe we need to revisit the liberties of mobile sovereignty afforded to a UN-identified event, conference, or rally. The Chinese do not get to claim sovereignty if they take occupation of a hotel for an event, the Russians, the French, or anyone else for that matter….why does the UN have that right?

New UN Sovereign Building in Utah

As the President of the United States mulls the idea of removing us from the UN, and the UN is complaining about the lack of funding, I believe examining the rights and courtesies they are afforded is mandated. No one organization that is FOREIGN should ever have such authority in the United States of America to OCCUPY any land or building and claim sovereignty at will. This is a breach of our nation’s safety, and even our national security.

Center of Disease Control

Interestingly enough, the CDC is a private corporation OWNED by the UN. Allow that to percolate. They have “sovereignty” in our health and disease outbreak management. What? They are a GOV (government) site. Are they a government though? No. The non-profit company created by Congress called the CDC non-profit is, but THE CDC in itself, is not.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by Gage Skidmore.jpg

In an interview with ECOWATCH that was deleted but now archived, Kennedy said:

Pharma is the largest lobbyist in Washington. It now has more lobbyists on Capitol Hill than there are Congresspeople. The industry spends twice as much on lobbying as oil and gas and almost four times as much as the defense and aerospace industries. Imagine that! Congress was already drowning in Pharma money in 1986 when it gave those companies immunity from lawsuits arising from vaccine injury.

Robert F Kennedy

We did the math and found over 60 granted patents for vaccines by the CDC here.

Looking through their web page, they don’t sound like a public agency that is making “independent” recommendations for vaccines. The fact is, they claim to have “public and private” partnerships, but in the end, the ownership falls to the UNITED NATIONS.

Any entity with sovereignty, in any territory in the USA that they may occupy, have complete control of our health? Our health and rights afforded to us by our Constitution are priceless, but apparently both are owned by the UN?

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Originally posted by Tore on Loomered.com October 28, 2019

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