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Unbeknownst to many, the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division, also called the “THIRD HERD,” had been under high security measures, moving lots of choppers and troops to a specific area of Greece where we had our command center during this operation.

On October 23, 2019, I was advised of an incoming ship to stop at the port of Volos, Greece, and the steady, but rapid uptick of the “Third Herd” and their choppers from the U.S. base in Germany. I was advised not to share the information, which I did not for security reasons.

RYA sailing courses from Volos Greece

Under extreme secrecy and tight security measures, there was a great wave of unloading military equipment along side the USS Gonzalez, positioning in the Aegean, that had just sailed off the port and anchored. The next boat that arrived moved choppers and equipment from the Third Herd and the U.S. Air Force command of Germany. The choppers and equipment were all moved inland to an area near the town of Stefanovikio in an expedited manner, off the new Volos-Velestino highway from the port of Volos.


Back in May, I reported that over 70 choppers were delivered to Greece in the Pagasetic Gulf. I was surprised that no one picked it up, as well as the stellar statements and revealing discussions by Secretary Pompeo in Greece.

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Hence, when the president says this was weeks and months in the making, the writing is clearly on the wall. This is why Idlib, Syria, was always a concern for the Russians, Syrians, and the USA, whilst Turkey and other allies thought not much of it.

When the military equipment was delivered to Greece, the Central Armed Forces Command of Greece said that they believed the units will assist to fulfill their needs for surveillance around Greece’s borders due to the Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) features and allow for high-resolution and thermal imaging, which is something the Greek Military lacks. After further investigation, my first “hunch” that delivery was done in a very expedited way was confirmed, as noted here. I stated:

It’s evident that something is happening in the Mediterranean and the FAKE NEWS are purporting it’s Iran, when it’s evident that it’s their very close ally, Turkey. It will be interesting to see if President Trump visits Erdogan in Turkey in the next coming weeks as planned. A lot can happen between now and then.

BREAKING: US Delivers 70 Military Choppers Pagasetic Gulf- Iran Not Imminent Threat Turkey Is

Now, almost 48 hours after the planned capture that lead to the self-inflicted death of ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi, scaling down of U.S. forces in Greece doesn’t seem to be happening. The U.S., according to their new MFA (Mutual Defense Agreement) with Greece, is expected to expand and modernize the facilities both at Stefanovikio and Volos, at the Georgoulas camp to accommodate both U.S. troops and 32nd Marine Brigade.

The U.S. military is entering its third year with their presence in the area of Volos, and they are expected to stay awhile. The 173rd Airborne Brigade of the U.S. Army is expected to arrive next month by Thanksgiving.

Our sources in Greece tell us that intelligence breaking the ranks of Turkish intelligence – that are possibly harboring ISIS leadership in Ankara – were NOT aware of the planned attack and thus, unable to sabotage. Sources in Greece say that an informal agreement exists between the “nationalist” party in Turkey and ISIS in the region, in regards to the oil in North Eastern Syria.

ISIS depended on the oil sales to fund their operations, and the Turkish government may have willingly or unwillingly assisted in purchasing it. The oil is that of the Kurdish population that resides in Syria, and the U.S. has ensured that they will create the most solid plan to guarantee that only they can access it by helping them build oil refineries and the infrastructure necessary to produce and export oil to finance their community.

Turkey is not happy about the USA entering the area they believe is Turkish territory. We are still waiting to see how the Turkish President will respond to this. ISIS was their “supplier” and was assisting them in gaining that territory. They must be very upset and blindsided.

Athanasios G. New Democracy Spokesperson
Volos Greece

Our sources in Greece tell us the troops are elated and celebrating, but most importantly, they are safe. During the mass interview that took place over Skype, one local said:

We feel safe. For the first time, we feel safe. The Mediterranean is on fire and the world is sleeping. We can feel it entering the Aegean. It’s a good day for everyone. Terrorism has one less leader.

Kyriakos K. Resident of Volos

It’s common knowledge that almost ALL ISIS or Al-Qaeda prisoners that were released by the United States of America in the past go to Ankara Turkey first, and attempt to enter “hot zones” on foot after they recoup there. Is Turkey a “terrorist” safe space? Could it be that Erdogan provided the location of Al-Baghdadi to show commitment to Western nations, or did our concerted efforts with our allies obtain information that the Turkish government was withholding from us? Turkey is a NATO member and ally….right?

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Originally posted by Tore on Loomered.com October 28, 2019

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