Faux impeachment is a last ditch effort by the Democrats that they believe will back the Trump administration up against the wall, forcing them to reveal ongoing criminal investigations and grand jury hearings to justify their transnational corroboration. They have to do better than that. American voters are not that daft and President Trump loathes bullies. #bebest

Over the course of three years, it is evident that the Democrats play by their own rules, make them up as they go, move goal posts mid play, and are held to another standard of law. When #MuellerTime turned out to be a dud and leaks were few and far between, they started getting nervous. When one of many sections of the IG report pertaining to James Comey was publicized, they began to panic. The “whistleblower” complaint they manufactured to ANSWER the IG FISA findings was released almost immediately after McCabe’s legal team failed to strong-arm the Trump administration to reveal any ongoing investigations or information on grand jury trials already underway. The Democrats are the public-facing front of the fourth unelected branch of government, who unapologetically lie, cheat, and almost ALWAYS have backdoor access.

CrowdStrike is the tech company involved with producing a report that claims Russia hacked the DNC server. The thing is, their report is worthless and doesn’t COUNT. The reason? They were NOT a federally approved vendor to conduct cyber-forensic examinations and THUS, as mentioned many times in my previous reporting, would NOT be accepted in court. In fact, IF the 13 random Russians that Robert Mueller indicted suddenly appeared and were arrested, ALL charges would be dropped because the report CANNOT be accepted by the courts for an array of reasons:

  • They were paid by the victim to determine the hack origin.
  • The party that paid them had a vested interest in blaming the identified parties’ country of origin for political reasons.
  • The company never handed over the actual server to the FBI.
  • The company NEVER had an FBI or ANY federal contract to conduct such research and reporting.
  • The company was housing the “mirrored” server in a foreign nation, even though it is the center of multiple federal investigations.
  • And many more.

As someone who is familiar with federal contracting, it is important to note that when responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP) the agency, federal or state, ensure that the company or persons applying are free and clear of pending criminal charges and/or involved in suspicious activity prior to being awarded the contract. It would only make sense that if the nature of the contract to be awarded involves Private Identifying Information (PII), privileged information (judicial proceedings, ongoing criminal investigations etc.), or any classified materials, the scrutiny would be higher.

New York Attorney General

The Attorney General of New York, prior to her election and after her election, like the Democratic Party, follows the Mein Kampf playbook and isn’t afraid to do so.

In an interview on NBC, Letitia assured and promised the audience to investigate the Trump family business, his family members, and “anyone in his circle.”

That sounds like a witch hunt. Let’s be honest, if President Trump had something to hide, disgraced Robert Mueller (who was appointed special counsel), would have found it, so why is she doing this? DATA.


Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media and internet companies, are up in arms with the threat the Trump administration has imposed on their bread and butter voluntary submission of immense amounts of data. They resell this data to third parties and even GOVERNMENTS, which is not permitted under our laws, especially when they purport privacy to users.

Any data collected on anyone, no matter how minuscule, can be damaging, especially when publicized or used out of context. The Attorney General and the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Court have laws they have to abide by. They aren’t allowed to collect data and publicize it due to privacy laws, UNLESS a criminal proceeding (NOT under seal), arises from the data they’ve collected.

The Democrats Given Loophole By Fredo Family and DiBlasio

If a company is in the center of a transnational CRIMINAL investigation, why would you hire them to create CLOUD STORAGE for DATA for the State of New York, where thousands upon thousands of terabytes of data on President Trump, his family, the past and present Trump businesses, and ANYONE in their orbit is being held?

Our exclusive source has told us that the architects of this project and the access under a specific username may be something the Democrats are using indirectly to collate excerpts of findings to create a narrative excluding any exculpatory information.

They used information gathered from this system that the SDNY had on Giuliani, who is the president’s attorney, to spin this Ukraine story. The people in the president’s orbit are under their purview and so all those are transcribed and stored. Hotel receipts, dinners, and server names that they then depose in secret all on the cloud.

IT Professional for State of NY

Could it be that Warren Wilhelm Jr., (the authorized “user”), is the backdoor access? Log ins coming onto the architect platform conveniently accessed during the discussions, meetings, and infant stages of the “whistleblower” complaint? Looks like CrowdStrike was awarded this contract just before the “whistleblower” was coming forward. The question is: Could CrowdStrike’s involvement in this also loop back to Ukraine and at this point, how can anyone trust what is coming out of New York with such a breach in security?

As a New Yorker, I feel uncomfortable to have a company that is in the center of a COUP that is run by a Russian to build cloud space and secure it. Who authorized this, and did they complete any due diligence on the company to award them the contract?

Dmitri Alperovitch: CrowdStrike

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Make no mistake, this “whistleblower” complaint is NO different than McCabe’s legal counsel, with their lame attempt to figure out if there was a grand jury deliberating criminal charges against their client. This “whistleblower” complaint was concocted and crafted (Adam Schiff helped create it) for one sole purpose: To discover all ONGOING criminal investigations under seal. They can’t fight what they don’t know, and the only way to know, is by us telling them.

By making statements such as, “obstruction of justice” or requesting foreign powers to assist in opposition research (exactly what they did), they believe that the Trump administration and the DOJ will yield to pressure and say :

“No, we are not colluding!,” or “No, we are not obstructing justice!” There are 10 cases being deliberated now under seal and we have another 7 cases about “XYZ” in the pipeline. The Trump administration is NOT yielding to pressure and like Adam Schiff so rightly said, “we have a sense of urgency” which is exactly why they manufactured this complaint. Urgency, because the FISA IG report that they have seen will dethrone the majority of the Democratic Party. It will initiate articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama, but it will also validate EVERY SINGLE thing the president has been saying for almost three years.

Imagine that aside from a coup, MURDER was also being discussed in the courts? #ConspiracyTheoryORNOT


In any reality, awarding a Russian founded company in the middle of a transnational, unprecedented criminal investigation further reinforced by President Zelensky and President Trump’s transcript, and at the heart of the first EXPOSED orchestrated COUP by the fourth unelected branch of government against its own people, is absurd. Absurd, but something that has happened.

Democrats without makeup or botched plastic surgery (RE: Nancy)

This is not about President Trump, or Donald J. Trump as an individual, it is about us. Remember, President Trump’s slogan was “I’m with you,” and “I am giving the power back to YOU, the people.” This is about power. This is about their “authoritah! “They flipped the script on us decades ago while we were distracted with world wars, and it seems that elected officials no longer serve us, yet we are supposed to respect and serve them.

Is anyone investigating the alleged “back door” the architects of CrowdStrike created? Who authorized this award?

At this point, since Adam Schiff has taken the lead, I believe arresting Schiff for treason is warranted, especially if he or his appointed person is logging in as Warren Wilhelm Jr.

What if there is no “whistleblower”? What if the “whistleblower” is Adam Schiff?

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Originally posted by Tore on Loomered.com October 2, 2019

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