The plan to remove a duly elected president from office because the people of the United States didn’t OBEY what the mainstream media (MSM) told them has relied on them proving that President Donald J. Trump colluded (whatever that means) with the Russians to bring out all of Hillary Clinton’s dirty laundry so that the world can have an informed vote. It’s like informed consent when you sign off on a procedure at the hospital. It’s not like you sign off on something or cast a vote to something or someone you don’t know right?

Regardless, Russia and President Trump didn’t work together and after over $40 MILLION of our hard earned tax dollars and 2.5 years of a Special Counsel based on an allegation that there was collusion, they had nothing. They proved nothing except for the fact that they are very upset that SHE LOST. They couldn’t fathom that more than half of the votes cast (legal ones, we all know illegals were told to vote) wanted President Trump.

They couldn’t fathom that the Clinton Body count, Uranium One, Enron, Rapist Bill, Money Laundering, Benghazi, Theft, the fact that she is deathly ill with one foot in the grave, etc., wasn’t the reason she lost. It had to be the Russians. It wasn’t the Russians, it was Americans who were tired of the lies, the delays, the empty promises, and the scandals. Americans wanted to put their faith in a man who said he would deliver. Now, just under three years in office, Promises Made Promises Kept. Even though he had a Special Counsel appointed roadblock, everything he tried to do was stymied and delayed by the Democrats, nevertheless, he still got things done.

Russia Collusion: ROUND 1

In March of 2019, Robert Mueller, the “appointed” Special Counsel, closed the investigation into Russia Collusion AND Obstruction of Justice (that arose during the Russia Collusion Investigation) with absolutely NOTHING. For two and a half years the citizens of the United States have been held hostage to the notion that the leader of our nation – that they elected – will be removed, embarrassing us and our president on a global stage. Even the left-leaning citizens who “disliked” President Trump’s comments from 20-30 years ago with a gigolo flair were tired of it.

President Trump was locker room talking while Hillary Clinton made millions selling our Uranium. He had three marriages while Hillary silenced, blackmailed, and allegedly “offed” her rapist husband’s victims. He borrowed a million dollars from his dad to create a business, while she stole our federal tax dollars and donations for Haiti to buy homes and pay for her unpleasant daughter’s wedding. He flew around the world with jets and made and lost money while she and her husband flew around the world in the jet belonging to a pedophile (another notch on the Clinton Body count?). He got an award with Rosa Parks, among others, for his contribution to the minority communities, and she exchanged kisses and praises with the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) leader.

Ellis Island Awardees
Robert Byrd Awardee

Nevertheless, for some reason, the MSM, Barack Hussein Obama, and all the Democrats and their money tried to convince you that a rich jet setting billionaire that loved women (what baller doesn’t? ) was worse for America than someone who had a history of lying, extorting, blackmailing, money laundering, rape cover up, responsible for deaths of heroes, and even murder is better! She lost because she didn’t deserve to be in the White House but the Big House.

After 2.5 years of holding the U.S. hostage and embarrassment on the global stage, Mueller did one thing – he proved them WRONG. He also proved that they were trying to manufacture the Russia Narrative… and in fact Mueller proved President Trump, and the people that voted for him that they were right, demonstrated how FAKE the MSM is, how LOW THEY GO, and how they are just the PR Firm for the DEEP STATE.

Repeat something often enough and you believe it right? #Scientific Fact

Russia Collusion: Round 2

After the failure of the Mueller investigation, the Democrats had a “back up plan”. Even though Mueller came up empty, if they could demonstrate that President Trump “colluded” with a foreign government to bring out dirty laundry of an opponent again in 2020, then they prove that he “got lucky” with the Mueller investigation, but his behavior dictates a pattern.

It’s like the story of John Zakian. He is a guy that works in city government. He worked in four cities in New York and Florida, to name a few. Everywhere he has worked FEMA funds, HUD funds, and/or any federal fund awards have been “mismanaged”, but it was never HIS fault. Missing taxpayer money is the usual theme… but it was always someone else’s fault, never his. Palm Beach tried to kick him out for “misappropriating funds”, double billing, and yet he is still working in cities across the nation doing the same thing.

Example Corrupt Clown Zakian
Example of Corrupt Clown Zakian

He’s currently in Minot, ND cooking books and was already caught by the FBI mismanaging federal awards. A federal complaint was filed and correspondence lead to opening up a federal investigation, UNLESS some Senator (definitely not Senator Cramer) intervened. After all, when HUD OIG finds a city guilty of “misappropriating” funds why would you hire the most corrupt person you can to “fix” the wrongdoings, right? He always got away with things because he would deploy local assets to silence all those that opposed or exposed. Local FAKE NEWS. It exists, just like we see on the global stage, only locally they will hire local drug addicts and thugs to bully, attack, and even eliminate the threat. Though, as mentioned, when a pattern emerges it is evident that repetitive behavior is a valid indicator of crimes of the past and gives merit to current allegations. A federal investigation should be in full swing as per our last update on the case.

The same thing applied for the Democrat “RELAUNCH” of Russia Collusion. If they can prove repetitive behavior and actions by President Trump then it validates their original Russia Collusion claim. That would then mean that Hillary lost because of Russian collusion, so the voters would feel sorry for her because it was HER TURN and it was “stolen” from her. It was a foreign government and President Trump that cost her the election, not her criminal “resume”.

Representative Adam Schiff, who is a graduate of the FARM, sits on the board of LIDDLE KIDZ (which is a foundation that trains creepy adults infant and child massage in countries where pedophilia and child sex trafficking festers like Thailand and the Philippines), is the leader of the Russia Collusion relaunch.

He flat out lied. He is pushing a lie because it’s never necessary to have evidence or the facts, it’s about the allegation he is making. He is purporting (and all the Democrats and the MSM are falling in line with), the manufactured narrative that President Trump is ONCE again trying to manufacture dirt on an opponent. Again, Daniel J. Jones, who purported the Obstruction of Justice investigation and created Democracy Integrity Group to validate the dossier with money raised from George Soros and the Obama For America Foundation, spearheaded this idea. He used the same excuse and narrative throughout his 6,700 page report into CIA torture over six years that Barack Hussein Obama sealed. Jones has some serious clout and the “complaint” he authored and chit-chatted with Atkinson about to “investigate” was the kick off.

What the MSM (including conservative leaning) omit to inform the public of, is Joe Biden didn’t want to run. He knew in 2018 John Durham (who was appointed by Matt Whitaker) had already sent out subpoenas to Ukraine in regards to the Obama administration and Biden’s crimes. In fact, in January 2019, reporting began to surface of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s niece and their crimes. Kurt Volker (now “resigned-ed”), envoy to Ukraine and Joe Biden met with Ukrainian officials in February of 2019 in Munich. Among those present. our sources tell us that discussions alluding to the imminent impeachment of President Trump were purported by now-fired corrupt Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. In addition, assurance of quashing subpoenas, implying plans of purposeful deterrent, and delays for VISA issuance to Ukrainian legal officials attempting to enter the USA, were in place.

Ignore the demands of the Trump administration. We will impeach and/or get rid of him.

Witness recanting Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch statement

Here we have a clear criminal investigation into Obama and Biden’s actions of extortion, quid pro quo, and corrupt money made in Ukraine that AROSE from the investigation into the Russia Collusion origin. The Russia Hoax origin investigation led prosecutors to Ukraine where Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, who was hired and paid for by PQG (Penn Quarterly Group), that is owned by Daniel Jones, under the newly appointed by Obama Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch (appointed in August 2016). How is it that the Trump administration is asking a foreign country for dirt when Biden was already under criminal investigation BEFORE he announced his run and when there is publicly available video evidence, bank transactions, and sworn testimony proving Biden actually committed crimes?

According to Adam Schiff, an explicit quid pro quo is not required to betray your country. Does that mean that Schiff is admitting that Biden and Obama betrayed their country because quid pro quo is explicitly observed and they bragged about it? Why is the MSM not reporting that?

You might say that this isn’t Russian Collusion 2.0 they are pushing, it’s Ukrainian Collusion. Actually, Russia Hoax 2.0 is evident. Nancy Pelosi eluded to Ukraine and Russia (actual enemies) colluding together with President Trump.

In other words, the Democrats are saying that Ukraine and Russia, who have deep seated hostile relations (literally at war), put that aside to help President Trump take down Biden…and in general, the Democrats. Thus, Pelosi is trying to convince American voters that Putin would team up with Trump who is giving anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to take down the party that is giving Ukraine pillows and blankets. If that IS the case, that means the Democrats and the Deep State are so evil that two “enemies” would bury the hatchet to take them down..what does that tell you about the Democrats?


Joe Biden didn’t want to run. He knew they were going to destroy his son, his “legacy”, and reputation because his abuse of office, crimes, and his family’s crimes would come to fruition. This is why he didn’t announce his run until AFTER Ukrainian elections. In fact, he waited till the end of the work week after the elections on April 21, 2019, to announce the run. He was getting assurances and our exclusive source tells us:

Biden was told that if anything came up they would ensure the media and the DNC would purport it’s fabricated as they did with Hillary Clinton. They assured him they still had the State Department and Intelligence Community in their pocket and he shouldn’t worry. Regardless, even if he doesn’t win, it would be enough to impeach him showing repetitive behavior and he would never be prosecuted under a Democratic candidate. Schiff made it clear we have to ensure Barry is not implicated.

Exclusive House Democrat Staffer

Trap Was Already Set

It’s incredible that the Democrats believed that their “plan” would come to fruition because they have the MEGAPHONE MSM. They believed that the Trump administration and all current and former American loving covert intelligence assets, the independent media, and patriotic Americans would allow them to succeed. The Democratic party’s desperation has cost them their party and even though they successfully made foreign governments feel weary to have conversations with the President of the United States of America because they are forcing such private and confidential calls to be publicized, it is a battle they put their effort of war into that will be the spear they die on.

The bitter horse Hillary Clinton was seen riding this week giving speeches and complaining how the Russians took her down – not her perpetual evil and criminal actions – is pitiful. She made statements suggesting she won’t allow President Trump to win because he colludes with foreign governments. That is what the trap was. Not Biden, not his son, not the corrupt antics of the former administration, but the whale. The whale is going to be served to us on a silver platter. #impeach44

I would never tell the enemy what I am doing. I will just do it.

President Donald J. Trump

The biggest threat, the biggest enemy to our democratic republic, and to every freedom loving U.S. citizen is the fourth unelected branch of government known as the swamp or deep state. Their leadership will be battling a hurdle called the OIG report on FISA abuse, which will be the final blow.


Ideally, Barack Hussein Obama will be impeached and Hillary Clinton will be serving his collusion with foreign governments Italy, UK, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, and more on a silver platter with her attempt to run. We’ve all seen that movie before where the bad guys, the nefarious guys, the evil ones, never win fair in battle but ultimately lose the WAR. OIG FISA report will be coming as a Treat to their upcoming Trick, bringing down the house. This last ditch effort in what looks to be a plan to slot Hillary into the presidential race, is nothing less than a final attempt to protect Barack Hussein Obama. That can only happen if Trump is impeached, the Democrats maintain power, and they maintain corrupt GOP candidates flying under the radar (rumors have it that Thune, Hoeven, and Graham are the worst). How do you discern corrupt GOP? Look at their House of Senate financial filings! What have they been buying, selling, OMITTING from their declarations and borrowing money for (i.e. $1 MIL for unnamed mortgage Schiff)?

The swamp manufactured the fake complaint to sow mistrust among our president and foreign leader, but it’s mistrust that will bury them. Their very own long time staffers, housekeepers, and drivers are flapping their lips. Loyalty earned through fear is never unconditional. When someone “betrays” you it’s not because they are angry with YOU, but angry for WHAT you stand for. Humans are innately good so sooner or later they always pick the light as opposed to darkness. That is the foundation of human nature. With light, with transparency, the burden of darkness and shadows dissipates – especially when the good guys are offering them a way out (i.e. resignations).

As they continue their charade in an effort to garner allies, their confidants, their staffers, and their people jump ship in an effort to save themselves. If anything, they should look at Victoria Nuland and her personal assistant who’s resorted to being an ETSY aficionado. She’s been a cooperating witness and is the one who is bringing down the house. Imagine if Secret Service, staffers, security, Chinese spy drivers, assets, etc., all cooperated… who’s to say they aren’t.

Why is Nuland suggesting George Soros intervene?

In the past 9 months the Democrats have unapologetically aligned with nefarious global criminals like George Soros, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, murderous donors like Ed Buck, fake Hoaxes like Jussie Smollett, filthy perverts like Weiner and Weinstein, and they have the cheek to even show their faces. They changed the House rules to accommodate their goals, the intelligence community changed their “whistleblower” rules to accommodate this fake complaint, moving the goalposts every chance they get …and you have to wonder, if there are really any American citizens that still stand by them?

Notably, the MSM is nothing more than a deep state PR firm. Applauding a party that is represented and embodies, lies, rapists, thieves, bullies, blackmailers, money lauders, pedophiles and child traffickers with the largest bullhorn, but the Democrats still have empty coffers. They resulted in hosting a fundraiser in a foreign country for U.S. citizens that reside OUTSIDE of the United States because U.S. citizens within the U.S. won’t vote for them. I am pretty sure the FEC is keeping a close eye on “donations” from NGOs – especially those linked to George Soros.

The Russia Hoax reboot is a flop and it’s not collusion when a foreign country is cooperating in an ongoing criminal investigation that was initiated BEFORE Biden declared his run. They walked right into it. Is Hillary Clinton running? As far as top donors are concerned dropping coin- she is.

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Originally posted by Tore on October 2, 2019

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