Month : September 2019

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Daniel Jones’ Fingerprints All Over “Whistleblower” Complaint, But Why Now?

Tore Says
What leads us to this conclusion? Expenses filed, dinners, calls, and Victoria Nuland’s daft assistant that should have gone through the farm before working the...
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Mueller: BUSH FUNDED THE 9/11 Attack

Tore Says
During the course of our investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s financials we stumbled upon information that revealed to us that Prescott Bush, former President George HW...
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Mueller’s Russia Hoax Investigation Was More Detailed And Desperate For An Outcome Than 9/11

Tore Says
The reason 9/11 is still an open wound for many is because we DON’T have answers even today, 18 years later. Mueller obstructed, destroyed, manufactured...