I stumbled upon an article in the Detroit Metro Times about an event that was selling tickets for double the price to white people. It’s 2019 how is this even happening. I could not believe it.

It’s 2019. The USA has been around for 243 years. As a nation we are an infant on a global platform as we compete with nations that have thousands of years of history. For the past two decades we have seen an increase in division and demands for segregation. This was amplified during the Obama Administration making demands for All Black graduations, societies, clubs etc acceptable. In other words segregation was being promoted! Many Black Americans began claiming that the nation was built on slavery and that all such references must be eradicated. A wave of removing historical statues, references, books etc began.

Firstly, EVERY single nation/civilization ancient or modern with thousands of years of history or not has been built with slaves. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans etc. When our nation announced it’s Independence in 1776 a lot of things were NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE. It was normal then to buy and sell humans. It was also normal to kill people in the town square with hangings or burning them alive while townspeople brought their kids to watch the spectacle with popcorn. It was also normal then to poop in a chamber pot and throw it out the window onto the street. It was also normal for a woman’s family to pay a dowry when she married. It was also normal that gay men and women were committed and or put to death for being “sick”. Ten years ago, I was not the same person I am today and 20 years ago definitely not the same person I am today. Why? CHANGE.

Societies grow and change just like we do as individuals. We evolve as individuals from heartbreak, mistakes and predicaments we encounter throughout our years. Through social interactions we increase our emotional intelligence and as we gain academic education and access rapidly changing technology we in turn evolve faster. We learn to socialize, develop critical thinking skills, with knowledge and experience we become kinder, compassionate and have a more objective understanding of other people. It is through our mistakes both as individuals and a society that we learn. My favorite saying is: “I wear my mistakes as badges of honor because they made me who I am.” The same goes for the USA. We are who we are today by growing and evolving and we should be proud of that.

We should be proud that even though slavery was normal across the planet we – the infant nation was the FIRST nation on the planet to abolish slavery in under 100 years of our existence where others still practice it today. We should be proud because even though it was normal to consider women second rate citizens we gave women voting rights in less that 150 years of our existence changing the world to view on women across the planet. We should be proud that even though it took us almost 200 years we fought and ensured every man, woman and child in the United States of America no matter color or creed had equal rights. Again, we were the first in the world to do so. Remember all the things we changed were NORMAL when our country was founded but our nation, the only one of it’s kind on the planet aimed to change the old world ways and did so in it’s infancy.

In a very subtle way in the early 90’s things began to change with the Joe Biden Super-Predator legislation that Hillary Clinton applauded. But it wasn’t until 2009 that things began to rapidly change. Performers were calling for “Black Power”, “Black Lives Matter” and calls for segregated graduations, clubs and parties. The Obama Administration rewarded such behavior and so did the Main Stream Media. Suddenly, there was growth in violent hate crimes, hate groups and protesters. Colin Kaepernick says he knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality … but did he?

Honestly, if Kaepernick was kneeling for Police Brutality as he claimed he wouldn’t have claimed that the US flag offended him just a few days ago. There was an anti-American rhetoric being born. Everything our nation stood for and fought to achieve in 220 years was being challenged and reversed. All the successes we made to break cycles of thousands of years of tradition in slavery and strides we’ve made on civil rights being undone in the name of … racism? No. It’s Anti-Americanism.

A festival that is called Afrofuture is being held in Rep. Tlaib’s district next month. It is selling tickets based on race. The event is being sponsored by Allied Media Projects which has since it’s inception sponsored, co-sponsored and or put on events for Democracy Now including events where former President Barack Hussein Obama attended.

Their tickets are free and or cheaper for those attending that are People of Color (POC) and NO free tickets but HIGHER prices for those that are Non Persons of Color (NONPOC). Actually double the price!

The news is slowly creeping out into the mainstream and this story is of national interest. Racism and or discrimination is illegal. We have federal laws protect that us from discrimination based on race. We reached out to the sponsor of this event Allied Media Projects but they have not returned our calls or emails.


Who are Allied Media Projects? They fund all well known “Social Justice Groups” like Black Lives Matter Detroit Chapter , Incite and of course Afrofuture Youth which is selling the discriminatory tickets.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama participated in MANY of their events. Here is record of one from 2010.

Allied Media Projects aside from being a Soros backed organization it “dabbles” in politics by pushing Anti-American notions and hateful rhetoric about the current President of the United States of America.

Reading their post a few weeks after President Trump won the 2016 elections was very disheartening. The most astonishing excerpts are below.

The explicit racism, misogyny, authoritarianism, and belligerence of the new administration pose an immediate threat to the safety of our communities and our planet. We must be ready to resist the leveling-up of violent and oppressive forces that are coming. … We offer the AMC as a space for our movements to converge and explore how we can use media-based organizing to dig up the roots of systemic hatred and violence.

Get Ready, Stay Ready

News of such discriminatory practices is also making it’s way into the alternative music industry and it is not being received well.

Singer Songwriter Tiny Jag refused to perform at this Afrofuture event when she found out that racist practices were in place.

It’s non-progressive and it’s not solution-focused in my eyes. It seems almost like it has spite, and unfortunately with spite comes hate, and that’s just not obviously going to be a good direction for us to go if we’re looking for positive change.

Tiny Jag interview with MetroTimes

Not shocking but reinforces the notion of the leftists being irrational and full of hate, there were many that applauded what is blatantly a discriminatory practice calling it “forward thinking”.


Representative Rashida Tlaib believes in reparations are something needed. In essence, she is calling for reparations for “growing pains” of a nation and those reparations should be charged to people that themselves are not responsible for the sins of their forefathers. Considering this event is being held in her district I reached out to her office.

Which brings me to Tlaib’s office response to my question. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is a well-known as an aggressive, uncouth and staunch supporter of far left ideologies and is linked to terrorist linked organizations. Her website claims that she is working for justice for all.

I initiated the conversation by asking her staff if she was invited and or will she be attending the Afrofuture event and they denied to comment. I asked them how Rep. Tlaib feels that tickets are more expensive for people who are white and considered NON-POC (Non Person of Color) and the response I received was incredible.

Congresswoman Tlaib champions for equality for all. Reparations and justice for all are key drivers of her campaign. An event has the right to appropriate pricing as they wish and the pricing itself makes it clear that racism is not tolerated and that minorities should be lifted up in the face of white privilege.

Staff at Rep. Tlaib’s Office MI

I thought I was being punked. I rephrased my question and simplified it secretly hoping for a different response unwilling to believe that staff of a member of Congress would respond like that. “Don’t you find it discriminatory that if I want to buy a ticket I have to pay double the price simply because of the color of my skin? That is in fact the definition of racism.” There was a slight snicker on the other end. “It’s not racist if you aren’t a protected minority group”.

The conversation ended shortly after that response as I was in utter shock hearing someone say something like that to me. Nevertheless, I am not surprised. The fact that Anti-American persons like Rep. Tlaib , Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Omar have been elected to sit in our Congress is a symptom of the Disease of Racism that for the past two decades has been sowing division in our nation by previous administrations. From the infamous super-predator rhetoric by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in the 90s to applauding Black Lives Matter and other Domestic Terror groups like Antifa by Obama finds us in 2019 dealing with unapologetic, violent, blatant racism that has been legitimized by the Main Stream Media, Democrat Senators and Representatives.

The Afrofuture Event attempts to explain their thought process in their racist ticket pricing. They claim that all people of color are poor therefore they should be allowed to have free tickets and or discounted tickets because NON people of color have more money and they get to enjoy events more than people or color. It is the most atrocious attempt of justifying racism I have seen to date. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

I called the Detroit Police Department, specifically the 5th Precinct (313-596-5500) which governs the area in which the event is being held. I was directed to their Neighborhood Policing division where I provided details of the location and the event. We will update you when we have further information.

This event signifies a greater need to halt all discriminatory events that justify their actions by using racist rhetoric like white privilege. In our great nation no one can discriminate based on skin color…especially an organization that RECEIVES tax dollars and or TAX CUTS. Allied Media Projects (AMP) is not exempt from legal remedy for violation of Title IV.

Racism in 2019 is being fostered and perpetuated by the left’s radical ideology it’s time we call them to the carpet.

*Update the Detroit Neighborhood Policing Division contacted the event organizers and the sponsor to advise them of the intent to file criminal charges. (7/6/2019)

***Update Detroit PD liaison called today to advise that the ticketing structure had changed. They contacted us after we left a message on Monday 7/9/2019 for an update.

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