With the breaking news that Italy has purged their Intelligence Agency Community directors, Brexit nearing fruition, Iran demanding that the EU stand in solidarity with them and Turkey flexing their military prowess the EU is reinforcing their demand that Europeans unite and create the EU army.

This is not something new. The European Union had a great one sided relationship with the United States under Obama. Trade was one sided, the US paid their dues for NATO while leading nations of the EU didn’t. They rode on the coat tails of the American Tax Payer.

When I see President Trump announcing that he’s quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim? Europe and its security.

President of France Emmanuel Macron

In 2017, Macron aggressively pushed   for a “United States of Europe” reinforcing pooling all monies in unity for all states and funding and supporting a united single military ARMY. In 2017, the 23 member states singed the European Defense Union’s Permanent Structured Cooperation process (PESCO) which is the first step to a “United States of Europe” coming to fruition.

EU leaders have been condemning all speech by President Donald J. Trump empowering world leaders to put their own citizens’ needs above the global order’s needs. Macron himself throughout all of 2018 leading up to the G7 Summit amplified his detest for independent nations that do not support a global order by canvassing allies to join together and “stand up” against President Trump and his “America First” message.

Barack Hussein Obama passed the torch to Merkel to see that the global order “survives” and that social solidarity in a mechanical aspect is succeeded. Emmanuel Macron who was elected under great scrutiny and scandal considering his wife was his primary school teacher and the unprecedented support from the Royal families of Europe in 2017 and 2018 took the lead to keep the European Bloc united.

In 2018 while on tour at the former Western Front in France to commemorate the centenary of World War One Macron made a VERY unprecedented alarming statement.

We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a true European army.

Emmanuel Macron President of France

The statement was made just a couple of weeks before the G-20 Summit meeting in Argentina where we saw just how desperate and aggressive the European Union is and how far they are willing to go in order to maintain the European Council’s Power and maintain this Global Order by recruiting more nations and denouncing any call for independence of nations above a collective global order.

In addition, while at the United Nations in September 2018, Macron,
made his speech all about defending globalism and condemning and criticizing the pro-sovereignty, strong borders vision that President Trump is perpetuating. America.

It’s been a going theme to submit to a one world government and forfeit our rights to sovereignty and independence for the sake of unity. I don’t feel French anymore and saying I’m French out loud can be deemed “racist”. You have to say you are European or immediately people look at you funny. When I flew into Germany for a business meeting airport security asked me what nationality I was to guide me to the right customs line I said I was French. He scoffed and said “You mean European. France is a state not a nation.” I was shocked.

Maria Z. French citizen

The citizens of former sovereign nations like France, Germany, Greece and Italy all make the same grievances but realize that voicing these opinions on social media or in a public forum could get them in trouble. Speaking to many friends and family members myself in Europe the message is the same – “Speak your mind and you might do time”.

London isn’t what you remember it to be. You can’t say something or complain about something without worrying you will get arrested. At the bank people with hoodies aren’t allowed to enter the premises for security reasons but people in full burka get ups are. There have been a slew of bank robberies of men dressing up in full burka gear and we are not even allowed to talk about it. If anyone reports it they will have the same fate as Tommy Robinson.

Employee at TSB Lloyds Bank London

The global order has implemented the Durkheim method of social integration by force. It’s socialism in mild doses over a span of seventy years but now they have accelerated the implementation of the socialist infrastructure because of the sudden rise of patriotism after the election of President Trump. President Trump is loved, praised and admired by many across the world for standing up to the global order.

We need a President like Trump in Spain. We need someone to speak for us. We are a nation with a very long and proud history that is being erased day by day for the sake of political correctness and a unified government.

L.P. Citizen of Spain

At the G-20 Summit it was clear that the EU was expressing concern to all nations that they are losing the fight. Below is a video of Macron asking the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia MBS of his allegiance. Even though CNN spun it to seem that MBS was compliant body language suggests otherwise. MBS clearly mocked and patronized Macron who was pleading with him to unite against the United States of America and was referring to agreements the two nations had in Economic Trade that MBS was not looking to renew. Yet the FAKE NEWS made it seem like Macron was leading the fight – which he was – but not of freedom as they claim — but that of socialism.

Citizens of former European sovereign nations have been complaining of oppression and social asphyxiation way before President Trump was elected. It was in 2015 that the people of Greece voted to leave the EU and won with a 62% vote but their Prime Minister Tsipras did not honor the Grexit vote and changed the “notion” of the vote. During the time of the referendum all MSM in Greece were claiming that the “YES” vote would win and that Greeks should stand in solidarity for a unified Europe and move past “old customs” of being independent. PM Tsipras was in a closed door meeting for 18 hrs with Merkel, Soible, Junker and IMF’s LaGrade in which he emerged from claiming NO didn’t mean Grexit yet the people Greece voted NO in order to Grexit.

We are observing the same from the United Kingdom. #Brexit vote was clear but the United Kingdom is refusing to honor their citizens’ vote. These actions from “democratic” states demonstrate to all people of the world what an oppressive, socialist and communistic government is. The EU is now so desperate to hold onto their rule of the people that they are now ready to build an Army and categorizing the only true free nation of the world as an enemy.

Just like that this week Chancellor Merkel called for the creation of a TRUE EU Army. The European Commission (EC) has said it is excited and happy that the leaders of France and Germany have backed the creation of a “real” EU army that has now evolved to more than a mere discussion and is in the planning phase of it’s creation. NATO has two great military powers the USA which is the strongest and Turkey which comes in second. Jean-Claude Juncker or the EC applauds this move and finds that using NATO as a reason for the EU not to create it’s own army an convenient alibi which no longer has merit.

While the world thought the USA would withdraw from the NATO pact it seems that the EU is the one jumping ship after being called out for not paying their dues. The destruction of this pact cannot bode well for the EU’s effort to maintain the global order.

January 2019:
Ursula Von der Leyen said an EU army is already taking shape (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

They [China, Russia and the US] are forcing us, time and again, to find common positions. That is often difficult given our different interests.

German chancellor Merkle Guardian Interview

This position of the EU is not something new. It has been brewing since the US Presidential elections where Barack Hussein Obama called for the EU to “stand up” against President Trump on November 18, 2016 when he “passed the torch” to Merkel. Is this why Barack Hussein Obama ‘s administration never provided a defensive briefing to the Trump Administration? Is this why they were investigating Flynn before Kysliak convo was even known? Is this why the Russia Collusion Hoax was born?

American Citizens need to start paying attention. Do their elected members work for them or the global order? Every single attack they are firing at our President seems to be for the purpose of weakening his message, our prosperity and to accommodate this global order that the EU is seeking to protect now attempting to label us as enemies.

In order for the EU to have an instant boost in power for their EU Army they must make Turkey a member state. If Turkey becomes part of the EU the Mediterranean nations Greece and Italy will instantly withdraw from the EU. The EU knows that and maybe this is why the US made a MASS delivery of choppers and weapons to Greece on Thursday and Italy called for the resignation of directors of their intelligence communities too. Looks like the EU is declaring war and Iran is simply a distraction. People need to be paying more attention.

The United States of America was founded to flee socialism, autocratic and global order rule and create a nation of FREE people? The EU Army is a declaration of war and the people of foreign sovereign nations of Europe must decide if they want to be free people or ruled under this global order.

Merkel called for UNITY against sanctions imposed by the Trump Administration on Iran – it was their “battle cry” which did nothing but rally up radical Islamic terrorist cells increasing the need for National Security measures in the USA.

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