No this is not a joke a Black Female Democrat State Representative Janine Boyd said just that as well as made the notion that United States of America still subscribes to slavery. Who elected this person?

On Thursday April 11, 2019 the heartbeat bill passed the state legislature . The bill prohibits abortions in the state of Ohio after a heartbeat is detected which is around six weeks of pregnancy.

Since most women don’t realize they are pregnant until 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy this legislation will be able to protect almost every unborn baby in the state of Ohio once it is passed.

Though last week on April 9, 2019 before the bill was passed Boyd attempted to alter the bill. During the House Health Committee meeting, she proposed Amendment 0291 and Amendment 0294 as exemptions to the bill. Both of which are preposterous.

Both of these Amendments were desperate attempts to create exclusions and loopholes for abortions.


Amendment 0294

I cannot think of ONE religion other than Satanism that would consider abortion a religious right though it is NOT stated in their “bible” ergo not really considered a religious liberty. If this passed a lot of people would be converting to some “new religion” or Satanism.

Boyd was not as passionate about this amendment as she was about Amendment 0291.

Amendment 0291 : Exemption for African-American women

Boyd proposed an amendment to EXCLUDE African-American women from this bill. In other words, women of color would be allowed to abort their child up until 20 weeks pregnant while all other people in Ohio who do not identify as African American would not be able to have an abortion from the moment a heartbeat is detected.

Black slaves were once treated like cattle and put out to stud in order to create generations of more slaves.

Rep. Janine Boyd
Amendment 0291

This is the most RACIST thing in 2019 that I have ever heard. Boyd claimed that if the bill is passed and black women cannot have abortions it’s as if we are trying to ensure we have more slaves! How is saving a child’s life promoting slavery when slavery in the sense Boyd is illustrating it hasn’t existed for a VERY VERY long time in the United States? (Who elected her?)

If that statement wasn’t outlandish enough she continued by insulting the nation and stating that the United States of America is still closely linked to slavery and shouldn’t be legislating as if it isn’t.

The tone of the Chair said it all. I was insulted listening to her imagine every single other legislator there. The Chair of the committee encouraged a ” No Vote” stating :

The law will apply equally to all citizens of our state regardless of race.

Nevertheless, the amendment was only defeated by four votes. There were 11 NO VOTES and 7 YES VOTES. This is a good “clinical” snapshot of the Ohio legislature where 7 people elected to serve the people of Ohio supported an amendment to legislation- creating exclusions based on SKIN COLOR. I am outraged and if I was a black woman I would be even more outraged that they would not seek to offer the same protection to black babies as they would for others. This is the true face of the Democratic Party – RACISM and INFANTICIDE.

You can hear Boyd’s outlandish claims below starting at the 50 min mark where they introduce her to present her HORRIFIC amendment.

Feel free to let Rep. Janine Boyd how you feel about her racist amendment because unless you are paying attention to local politics or watching OHIO TV you won’t hear about this. How is the MSM not up in arms?

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  1. This was a powerful read.
    janine chose to pander rather than help the mums and the dads, disgusting.
    I am finally learning how to see what they are not doing. It is really hard for me to get what is not being done through all of the big words salad.
    Thank you Tore,

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