Massachusetts: Doctor St. Lukes Hospital Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

A doctor who came to the United States from India to study and practice medicine has been arrested. Sujan Kayastha, 37, of Darmouth MA was arrested on Wednesday April 17, 2019 at his home. The investigation began in December when police were advised that a 14 year old boy was sexually assaulted and after a 16 week investigation conducted that included search warrants for cell phones and social media accounts the arrest was made.

The doctor was practicing at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford as a specialist of Internal Medicine has since been removed from Southcoast Health’s web page.

We are disturbed to learn of the allegations and arrest of Dr. Sujan Kayastha. Dr. Kayastha has immediately been relieved of his duties pending review of this matter.

Maureen Boyle, Southcoast Health

According to the indictment, he was arrested on charges of luring a minor through cyber means for sex and for possession of child pornography. He paid a 14 year old boy for sex after lengthy “explicit communications”.

Statements by local police describe how he lured a 14-year-old Attleboro boy for sex at a Seekonk motel and offered the minor alcohol and drugs. Once arrested he was held without bail until his arraignment.

Local police were assisted by a federal agent with Homeland Security Investigations and Dartmouth police. Upon his arrest they also executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home and seized his cellphone, alcohol and suspected narcotics and inhalants, authorities said.

In addition, reports also state that when Kayastha was arrested he made many incriminating statements and admissions.

In cases like this we need to consider that this behavior is repetitive and as a healthcare professional has had access to minors and narcotics. I am hoping that the police and federal agents will investigate whether or not there are other victims in his vicinity and from NY where he completed his residency.

Social Worker Mt. Sinai NY

When a pedophile is arrested their electronic media is usually a “treasure trove” for investigators. The child pornography they have is sometimes theirs and they share it with others. This leads investigators to many other people who have child pornography. Sometimes they download it from other places or receive it from other child sexual predators. This allows investigators to make multiple arrests linking the child pornography to others and it allows them to make many arrests of child sexual predators deriving from one arrest.

Kayastha was arraigned yesterday April 18, 2019, on multiple charges. He was charged with two counts of disseminating obscene materials to a minor, two counts of luring a child for prostitution, possession of child pornography and trafficking of a person for sexual servitude.

Kayastha’s bail was set to $75,000 and if he posts it the court order he abide by curfew, have no contact with the victim, have no use of internet or smartphones, surrender his passport and wear a GPS-monitoring device. He returns for a plea in court on May 14, 2019.

Law enforcement recognizes the commercial sexual exploitation of children as a disturbing, growing trend. Therefore, the identification, interdiction, and apprehension of those that are engaged in this behavior is one of the missions assigned to Detective Daday as the Attleboro Police Department Juvenile Detective. His determination and skill in bringing this particular investigation to a successful conclusion is commendable.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney

Kayastha allegedly offered drugs, money and alcohol to the boy and arranged to meet him at McDonald’s on Pleasant Street and take him to the Shang-ri La Motel in Seekonk for sex. The drugs offered are currently being examined at the crime lab to be identified and the investigation is still pending.

There are aspects of this investigation which are still active and ongoing, and further criminal charges may follow.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney

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