November 18, 2018 Kevin Scott Konen, 52, of Grand Ledge, Michigan, plead guilty to sexual exploitation and attempted sexual exploitation of children, and possession of child pornography.

Konen lead a completely double life according to his defense. His life illustrated the great family guy, surrounded by his children and considered a great member of the community. He would go on mission trips and volunteer which oddly enough would allow him access to more of his victims.

His social media on Facebook and Twitter all paint a picture of an average white picket fence kind of guy but the court documents reveal a sinister child sexual predator who collected thousands upon thousands of child pornography images.

They were our neighbors when his daughter had “shark teeth”. I remember asking him why they didn’t start braces sooner and his response was to keep her from looking attractive. He always had a weird vibe but his wife was weird just the same. He seemed intrusive a bit when I would cross paths always asking about the kids but you know you just think it’s cause he’s a parent.

Former Neighbor of the Konen Family

According to court documents Konen, used various handles on social media to manipulate children to take sexually explicit images of themselves. Konen used the alias “Jenny Mays” on Facebook and other social media and pretended to be a high school girl and befriended girls and boys. Using the “Jenny Mays” alias, he communicated with minors and encouraged them to take sexually explicit images of themselves.

Konen also used the alias of “Alyssa Pietrzak” to contact minors.When Konen used that alias he was more aggressive in demanding minors send him sexual images or he would send their promiscuous or compromising pics to friends and family.

His wife Laura Konen is a school teacher and many people we communicated with over the past 6 months expressed concern that most of the targeted local children were students of hers or that he used information he sourced from his wife and children.

It made me uncomfortable that his wife worked for the Public School System and I strongly believe the kids had to have known something. He was always in their business. I wouldn’t be surprised if he trolled their “school bullies” or friends with his fake personas. He also loathed Trump and was very vocal during the elections.

Mission Trip Member

He had many aliases on social media. One alias was supposedly the “fixer”. Apparently one person named “Denny Ha” who was one of Konen’s aliases would be recommended by him as the go to guy to help victims remove their compromising pictures from internet sites. As “Denny Ha” he would ask for username and passwords to supposedly “clean up” their pictures online but instead would enter his victims’ accounts and collect more compromising photos and information.

Today April 16, 2019 Konen was sentenced for sexual exploitation and attempted sexual exploitation of children, and for possession of child pornography. Konen was sentenced to about 31 years (380 Months) imprisonment to be followed by 10 years of supervised release and was ordered to pay fines and other monetary penalties.

Today at the hearing a victim spoke up and expressed how he made her feel and violated trust. I was just shocked as to how his defense was portraying a man who lead a double life. It’s not possible. His family knew. They all knew.

Parent of a victim

According to the FBI this insane scheme was in operation from 2011 to the year of his arrest and had communications with numerous minors in Eaton County, Michigan, and others outside the state. Persons who believe that they or someone they know may have been a victim of this scheme should call the FBI at (313) 965- 4540.

It is always important to educate your children on social media safety and to feel comfortable in tell you when they feel bullied or pressured to do something they know is wrong. Most child predators don’t look like monsters in fact the most dangerous ones are esteemed members of the community.

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