Ever since President Trump has been sworn in as President and the 2020 Presidential Elections approach Social Media platforms, YouTube, Search Engine Giant Google and many more have actively engaged in censoring constituents that are vocal in support of President Trump.

On February 15, 2019 Twitter successfully censored the President of the United States who tweeted out a hilarious video of Democrats scowling during his State of the Union speech in February. The video created by Carpe Donktum was an immediate internet sensation not only due to the compilation but the music that played in the background.

The song “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., and it fit perfectly with the devastated looks on the faces of the Democrat leaders. R.E.M. along with Disney owned Universal Music complained.


Here is a replicated version of the meme created by Carpe Donktum that was removed by Twitter on February 15, 2019 due to “copyright” issues. It was replicated with the actual audio of the SOTU clips used in the meme and the soundtrack that was the “concern” for Twitter.

Yesterday on April 09, 2019 President Trump posted a video that summarized his achievements and illustrated successfully what it means to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Once again, Twitter censored the President for supposed copyright infringement.

An A/V producer took the original video and tweaked it adding ROYALTY free music as he stated in his TWEET.

The censoring of President Trump and or his constituents who are tired of the constant onerous #FakeNews will always find way to circumvent censorship because they refuse as FREE people to be silenced.


The video showcases what the Democrats must compete with in 2020. They cannot excuse the lies, the collusion, the division they incite and shadow coup attempted. In addition, they cannot challenge a booming economy and job growth with division, witch hunts and extreme taxation in the name of greater good.

Censorship and Voter Fraud is the ONLY way the Democrats have a fighting chance to be competitive as a party. The Trump Administration, honest elected members of the House and Senate, independent, alternative and citizen journalists as well as constituents are tackling both in lieu of Elections 2020.


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