Assange is finally FREE and I will explain why.

I myself am a victim to using Pardon and Commutation interchangeably they are different. A Presidential Pardon means – PURE forgiveness. No felony record, no fine, like it never happened.

A Presidential Commutation is another form of clemency like reducing a sentence to time served or to be released at a certain time or reducing a fine they are supposed to pay or eliminating that fine altogether. The person in a commutation may not be able to vote, hold public office and still have felon status unless otherwise specified.

Why did Obama in his last hours in office commuted the sentence of Manning but there was a 120 day delay. Curiously, one would have to wonder what an abnormally long delay like that is for. Senior officials said to the NY Times that there is standard transition time and to make sure Manning had somewhere to live. #Debriefing?

A commuted sentence can be revoked at anytime but with due process. Manning may be in hot water since she has not cooperated with the Grand Jury in answering questions. Sources closely following the case are trying to determine WHEN Manning actually “remembered” she may have given part of a password to Julian Assange who she claims he tried to use to access and hack into US government systems.

Revisiting the Manning case we have to remember that then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wanted to prosecute Wikileaks but could not. In fact Trevor Timm Executive director of Freedom of the Press had stated:

Charging a publisher of information under the Espionage Act would be completely unprecedented and put every decent national security reporter in America at risk of jail, because they also regularly publish national security information.

Trevor Timm

Even back when Clinton was livid and wanted nothing more that to charge Wikileaks all they had was charging a publisher under the Espionage Act? Was there any hacking discussed before or during the Manning trial? The chat transcripts in the indictment are here but none show hacking of government systems HERE. On April 6, 2019 when I published the article about Assange I reached out to a source that was former government employee (RE:SEC CLINTON) who was privy to information of the public affairs team (containment unit of DOD and State Dept ) allowed access to information relating the trial. They got back to me on Tuesday – here is what they said:

I can’t answer most of your questions but I can tell you that hacking never came up. Yes, discussions between Manning and someone at Wikileaks ensued on how to send over information and ensure Manning’s anonymity but at no time was anything said or referenced of Wiki Leaks attempting to hack was discussed before, during or after the trial.

Former State Department employee (PSAKI OFFICE)

(Do you believe in coincidences?|17)

Obviously, something changed. Aside from the psychological status of Manning who entered Leavenworth a male and began identifying as a female on sentencing, something happened to this Welsh timid boy.

Something interesting happened on or about November 2016 right after the elections. In November, Manning was expecting to hear former President Barack Hussein Obama commute or pardon her. How did she know that? Maybe sign a statement that you remembered something in exchange for a commuted sentence or in exchange for silence if they ask you about it because if you speak commuted sentenced it is revoked? #Questions

Manning’s attorney had oddly (#FreudianSlip) stated that in an interview with CNN:

Nancy Hollander, an attorney for Manning, told CNN the former soldier has been “nervous the last few days” as she waited for word in the closing days of the Obama administration. Hollander said she only learned of the commutation around the time Obama made the announcement.

What Changed?

This would mean that Manning submitted an application for clemency to BHO. When did she submit it? We submitted a FOIA request for that on January 18, 2017 and the response we received was that it was part of Presidential Records. Conveniently the FIRST Executive Order BHO signed moments after he was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

What we do know is that Assange being extradited to the US came up as a topic of discussion among the Democrats almost in a frenzy on the heels of VP Pence’s trip to Ecuador. The letter among many things reinforces how they are still trying to figure out the extent of Russian intervention and reinforcing their preposterous fictional notion that GRU work with Wikileaks and that Wikileaks “continue to undermine the democratic process globally.”

Eight Angry Democrats

Surprisingly unbeknownst to most in March of 2018 exactly 8 years almost to the day after the purported crimes of Manning occurred an indictment for Julian Assange was filed. It’s not because he is an enemy. It’s not because he is publishing information but it’s because he MIGHT have been attempting to hack government systems with the aide of Manning. Something that was NOT discussed before or during her trial but somehow came up down the line?

What’s more curious is that BEFORE this indictment (HERE) was filed under seal claiming that Assange knowingly without authority tried to access a computer / server AND intentionally knowingly without authority tried to access a computer Manning was brought before a Grand Jury.

A Grand Jury subpoena was served to her on January 22, 2019 . She tried to quash the subpoena and failed. She stated to various news outlets that she had no idea what it was about but many government attorneys were present.

I responded to each question with the following statement: ‘I object to the question and refuse to answer on the grounds that the question is in violation of my First, Fourth, and Sixth Amendment, and other statutory rights. All of the substantive questions pertained to my disclosures of information to the public in 2010 — answers I provided in extensive testimony, during my court-martial in 2013.

Chelsea Manning Statement

What that statement tells us is that she doesn’t know who her accusers are, has no idea why she is there, feels due process is not honored and she is not allowed to redress her grievances. Though, what is most important is that she is answering most questions by asking counsel and Grand Jury to revisit her testimony during her pre-trial and trial period. I would translate that into “Tell us what we missed you might have said or spoke to someone about what happened just in case there are more loose ends?” . You mean like did she ever mention Assange helping her hack or her giving a password? No she didn’t. If she didn’t then who slotted in such a statement and when? Maybe we should ask the redacted FOREMAN on Assange’s March 6, 2018 sealed indictment?

Assange indictment is REALLY reaching but it is CLEAR that anyone saying the is being indicted for PUBLISHING is purposely misleading you. The indictment says NOTHING like that. Assange indictment has two paragraphs both saying pretty much the same thing. Simply fancy wordsmithing : knowledge and intent. After all, Comey said if there is no intent there is no crime right? Evidently they have no dates and evidence just time frame. No messages discussing hacking, they don’t have evidence all they have is the words of Bradley Manning who no longer exists who is now Chelsea Manning. Here are the messages they are referring to. No hacking and assuming Assange is “PressAssociation” user. This indictment has nothing is a nothing burger and the timeline of events surrounding it’s manifestation and the timing of Assange extradition are not coincidental.

My favorite Reagan Speechwriter

Let’s remind ourselves of what this amazing Representative did. #RussiaHoax was in full swing. Frustrated with this “special counsel” he decided to go to the source of these “hacked” emails.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., foremer speech writer for President Reagan met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on August 16, 2017 and sat with him for a minimum of 3 hours. Rohrabacher said the Assange claims to have proof Russia was not behind the Democratic National Committee email hacks. To the Orange County Register he also stated that Assange provided him evidence but declined to say what it was.

If this is true then the whole #RUSSIAHOAX was an investigation that the Obama administration INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY initiated. They INTENTIONALLY and KNOWINGLY signed FALSE AFFIDAVITS and they INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY established a special counsel for a hoax and in turn committed a BARRAGE of CRIMES against American citizens.

So why didn’t the Congressman show the evidence to President Trump? Pretty simple. The Obama Administration hold overs had installed a roadblock-Mueller. If he was investigating RUSSIAN COLLUSION and the President was given evidence of no Russian Collusion it may have been seen as obstruction and then they would have had a party attacking him. Thus, when Rep. Rohrabacher whom the media love to paint as crazy, but I absolutely love for his bold approach and Reagan style cadence in speech, approached General Kelly to meet with the President, Kelly said NO.

President Trump was never aware of a deal Rohrabacher was putting forward. His plan was to offer clemency to Assange in exchange for evidence of WHO if not the Russians accessed the DNC server. The Wall Street Journal also confirmed that General Kelly had declined the meeting requested by the Congressman to the President and directed him to the Intelligence Community.

He would get nothing, obviously, if what he gave us was not proof .

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher –WSJ

Assange is on his way to the United States armed with knowledge that potentially can out the majority of the Democratic party and even initiate Impeachment Proceedings on Barack Hussein Obama. He’s already free. There was a deal brokered in 2017 I am sure in 2019 it’s only sweeter to help move this along.

Personally when I saw news of his arrest I thought, it’s about time…Mueller has been shut down for weeks. For all of you out there crying #FreeAssange – He gave you the thumbs up. For a guy that was just raided they allowed him a book for light reading? This has been in the making and most likely derived from the Mueller investigation too.

He will not only help expedite indictments across the Obama Administration for INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY spending our federal tax payer money on a hoax and covering up their crimes but persons in the House and Senate will be effected for INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY purporting false information, partaking and colluding against the citizens they are supposed to be serving too. He will potentially expose how the DNC rigged the nomination of Clinton stealing it from Bernie and finally bring some VERY bad people to justice. #HisNameWasSethRich Imagine how much other stuff he has that he hasn’t published yet. After all he only published about 50% of what Manning gave him. It takes time to verify leaked info. Wasn’t the RNC hacked too?

In the meantime I am watching the radical lefties and insane #NeverTrumpers applaud his extradition who in essence will be the demise of their insane irrational reality.

She’s gonna cry again.

Enjoy the Show!

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