What happened to Flight 302 from Ethiopia to Kenya? One person survived to tell the story of March 10, 2019 being the luckiest day of his life.

Antonis Mavropoulos

Was it really luck? His statement on what transpired from not being allowed to board the aircraft to the airports not being able to find the plane is incredible.

10th March 2019 – My luckiest day! ~ Antonis Mavropoulos

I was running to catch flight ET 302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi that crashed six minutes after take-off. I was very upset that there was no one at the airport to assist me to get to my flight sooner. No one was present to take my luggage, so I ran to the boarding gate to advise I was there and that I couldn’t get anyone to check me in. Apparently I missed the flight for two minutes. I could still see passengers boarding the plane as they turned me away at the gate and I was irate and yelling at them to let me board. They told me it was because I still had my suitcase and that would mean that they would have to delay to flight at least 40 min to load it. There was no agent to check me in how was that my fault? Apparently on my flight into Addis Ababa, I was the first to get off and Connecting Flight Ambassador came to find me but couldn’t.

Basically, since the connecting flight Ambassador DIDN’T find me because I came off my previous flight too fast, hence the reason as to why I couldn’t find anyone to check me in which was the source of my frustration. The airport staff were kind and courteous and they booked me on the next flight apologizing for my delay and the mishap of me missing my flight. They took me to a lovely lounge in the airport and I waited. The next flight out was at 11:20 Local Time. At 10:50 local time, I proceeded to the gate to board. At the gate, two security personnel advised me that for security concerns I would again not be allowed to board the plane. I protested and was very irate demanding an answer but they left me no room to argue. They simply escorted me to the airport’s police station.

It was at that time when I arrived to the police station that I was told to stop cursing, yelling and protesting what was happening but instead I should be thanking the Lord that I am the only one that did not board Flight ET302 which was missing. They explained to me that for that reason, they needed to investigate me and understand how I didn’t board the plane. They needed to fully identify me, who I was, where I came from and understand how I didn’t get on board that plane. I thought they were lying or joking even though their stern faces and tone supported their words.

Antonis Mavropoulos

Before we continue with Mavropoulos statement on events it’s import that we review the flight data and the first reports that came out of Kenya on KTN TV which are now missing and not confirming what was aired.

The internet is a priceless resource. There are many people throughout cyberspace that you can tap into through social media that have their niche on reporting or digging information on specific things. On Twitter, my go to source for anything aircraft related from @MilspecP who is always posting great content for flight trackers. I follow many others for global news, market watchers, boat trackers etc. Thus, when news came out on the flight crashing 6 minutes after take off, the first place I looked was the flight tracking.

The flight departed according to flight data @MilspecP TOP LINE departure.
Also the data shows time of arrival at Nairobi @MilspecP

KTN TV, which is a Kenyan Television station aired a curious segment I caught on a Facebook post (literally a Kenyan streaming their TV) where a man by Muhammed said “The plane landed, I flagged it in. It went past the docking spaces and headed for the hangers. It never took off again but no one can find it. I am wondering if it was another plane that landed and not that, but Air Traffic Control said it was ET302”. This aired within the first hour after the plane was determined missing with no reports coming out of Kenya or Ethiopia on a crash. I found it on Facebook on March 12, 2019 at about 5:30am EST. Muhammed and the live stream of the TV airing on Facebook are nowhere to be found.

Below is an exclusive interview Mavropoulos gave to Alpha TV in Greece in his native language, explaining how he missed the flight and how three hours after the flight departed they still had no idea where the plane was. He went into detail on how he was on his way to a UN Environmental Conference and was held as a suspect to possible terrorist attack since he never boarded that tragic flight. Curiously, he stated that there wasn’t really any questioning by saying I underwent “pseudo-interview” which means it was simply for optics. He stated that at the time, over 3 hours after the plane departed they still hadn’t located the plane.

They put me in a private lounge and told me to wait there until further notice as they conducted their investigation. I feverishly scoured the internet for any information on the flight I missed. Friends in Nairobi told me that 30 minutes after the plane was supposed to land it hadn’t landed yet and there was no information. Suddenly all networks across the whole airport went dark in Nairobi. No internet, no cell service. Nothing.

At that moment I realized I should contact my loved ones and tell them that I am fine and that two lucky mishaps may have contributed to me missing the flight. It was at that moment that I realized how lucky I was.

Antonis Mavropoulos

On his Facebook post he states:

I guess the reason I made this post was to help me work through the shock I am experiencing. I am posting this because I want everyone to know that there are visible and invisible connections that weave the web in which our life exists. There are millions of small threads that we almost never realize or feel – but it take only one small thread to snap and the whole web comes apart. In reality, this is the first time I am extremely happy to put a post on Facebook and grateful to be alive and have so many friends that made me feel the love.

Antonis Mavropoulos

What we know:

  • Flight records show the plane landed.
  • No one could find the plane.
  • Thirty minutes after the plane showed on board in Nairobi it landed and no one was to be found all communications were shut down throughout Nairobi airport.
  • There were reports that the plane landed.
  • There was no evidence of a crash.
  • The alleged crash site in Ethiopia was restricted for 48 hours prior to the crash.
  • The reported crash site was in the backyard of the Ethiopian Air Force base but they hadn’t detected the crash until over 4 hours after the plane departed.

Apparently, the area where the crash occurred was restricted 48 hours before the crash. That wasn’t something alarming because the Ethiopian Air Force base does that all the time for drills and training. The actual crash site is a stone’s throw away from Bishoftu Ethiopian Air Force base and the Harar Meda Airport. A plane crashes in the Air Force’s purview and visibility and Harar Airport but no reports of a crash?

In it’s entirety, this bizarre information and the curious passenger manifest paint a very arcane picture. It’s important to note that almost all passengers were environmentalists heading to Nairobi for the UN Environmentalist Conference. The majority of whom are linked links to the Clinton Foundation and or Initiatives of Africa and other Soros funded global environmental organizations. The initial manifest depicted 149 (as first reported below) passenger with on passenger never boarding whom is Mr. Mavropoulos but now that manifest includes more persons raising that tally to 156-157 depending on the media source. There is much evidence perpetuating a business sabotage kind of scenario too which is notable.

Below you can see the INCREASE in the number of dead conflicting with the initial report by Ethiopian Airlines vs what the NY TIMES report.

All were passengers on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed on Sunday shortly after takeoff, killing the 157 on board and raising questions about the safety of the aircraft model, the Boeing 737 Max 8.

New York Times

With a bit of correlative research it is being determined that ONE individual is being named as deceased that was NOT on the manifest as the max total dead could only be 157 if Mr. Mavropoulos made the flight and if the total includes the seven crew members. Curiously the General Security Services Manager of all Airports in Kenya was on this tragic flight but there is no record of him being in Ethiopia. Airport authorities in Nairobi have declined to comment or confirm any information.

Kenyan AIRPORT SECURITY manager was on the flight?

What we know about Boeing 737-Max 8 planes

Flight ET 302 was one of the new Boeing 737-Max 8 planes. Here are the list of airlines that have these planes in operation.

Chart showing the airlines with Boeing 737 Max-8 fleets

The most distinctive features of the Boeing 737-Max 8 are what makes it special is that it has “smart flight” features such as those we find in “smart cars”. There are remote access features and also preventative sensors to allow AI to react to certain stimuli and has the capability of remote access/control. For example, in recent years vehicles use sensors to alert drivers of proximal objects and some cars stop your car in lieu of a possible obstruction in path to avoid an accident. It’s pretty similar to the new Boeing 737 Max. Sensors at the nose immediately auto-correct if it’s too low or dips.

Graphic: How the MCAS system works

In a tweet two days ago, President Trump made it clear as to what he believes is the issue. Taking things too far trying to replace humans with technology. Human instinct and split second decisions the human mind can make are irreplaceable. Computers only think in binary and this is why self driving cars, automated translations, even robotic surgeries FAIL without the human element.


Was this wiring gone bad or remote flight control? Judging from the chilling information from Lion Air just this past fall it’s highly indicative that the aircraft had a “MIND of its own” and once again the flight recorders indicate completion of flight yet the flight never did? This raises questions as to the technology on board and the “backdoor” access.

Just shortly after taking off, the pilot of the flight JT 610 had requested to return to the Jakarta‘s Soekarno-Hatta airport. Minutes after that, ground control lost the contact with the plane. It is believed that it was the time the plane crashed into the sea.

Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX Crash Update
Map: Boeing 737 Max global flights before and after flight bans were imposed

President Trump made a good call to ground all Boeing 737-Max aircraft and has begun a top brass investigation. Sources tell us, the technology on board the 737-Max has “backdoor” entries. From these tragic events it’s quite odd how Lockheed Martin is capitalizing off of it. Scrutinizing their relationships, foreign partnerships and considering their history of EMPLOYEES it could be perceived as politically motivating. Horrid thought- but judging from the behavior of specific former employees and partners that have been pretty incredible on their activities of usurpation, criminal collusion and lying which have been coming to light lately, so it’s not really a far fetched notion. I wouldn’t put it past them. Some had the audacity to publish books claiming how righteous they are. This is only a theory that is trending online in different aviation groups chats.


Shanahan has faced accusations of being overly warm to his former employer in his Pentagon role, including in a new request filed Wednesday by a government watchdog group asking the Defense Department’s inspector general to investigate whether Shanahan violated government ethics rules.

The complaint cites news reports claiming Shanahan has promoted Boeing’s products over rival Lockheed Martin in his official tenure.

“It is extremely disturbing that acting Secretary Shanahan appears to be using his public office for Boeing’s private gain,” said Noah Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which filed the complaint. “Ethics rules make clear that government employees cannot abuse their offices to promote a private company, much less work on official matters involving their former employer.”


It’s very telling when coupled with the Lockheed Martin boosting and linking Boeing to President Trump and using it as a political weapon by mainstream media. It’s nefarious. What kind of company would use tragic events to promote their brand and why would the media weaponize it as a political tool?

Notably, promotion of Lockheed Martin by the media began just 48 hours before flight ET302 incident occurred.

Why is Lockheed Martin scrambling to hire more young engineers

It’s a going theme that every single MSM (#FAKENEWS) outlet reporting on these tragic events is boosting Lockheed Martin and inferring blame to President Trump! Most articles are behind a paywall but pretty telling. Here are some very telling articles that illustrate a concerted effort.

Boeing’s banner run put at risk by renewed questions about safety of its profit-driving 737 Max 8 jet

Gavin, Waters, Pelosi and more love investing in LOCKHEED

The Boeing 737 Max Is Still Flying. Boeing Has a Trump Connection.

The response to tragedy is always very telling. We’ve seen it before with murderers that hide in plain sight like the victim. A mother giving an interview after finding out her husband’s death. You can see from her words and actions if she is guilty right? Well, if we use the response to tragedy theory in this case I would be VERY careful of Lockheed Martin and ANY defense contracts they hold with us. Personally, I would be pausing all work and suspend all contracts until a thorough investigation is completed into these alleged “backdoor” hacks of the Boeing 737-Max.

This tragedy is surrounded by more questions than answers.

  • Did the plane actually land and go to the hangers as first reported?
  • Was there a crash?
  • How was the crash NOT detected by Ethiopian Air Force since it happened in their backyard?
  • Why were reporters forced to delete footage?
  • Why this sudden wave of Lockheed Martin advertisement?
  • Why is this being used as a tool against the Trump Administration?

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