The featured picture in this article is that of Tatiana Mala-Niña is schedule to read at the one-year anniversary Drag Queen Storytime event Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, at the Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library as reported by the Chron on September 24, 2018.

Drag Queen story time events draw critics, fans at Houston libraries

I’m a fantasy character for these kids, and I love it! It helps me get in touch with my inner child and just have fun with what I do! We’re big ol’ Barbie dolls.

“Tatiana Mala-Niña” said to the Chron

This event sparked a lawsuit filed by members of the community and after heated conversations and protests ensued.

In July, Michael Kubosh, Houston City Councilman said “I just don’t want that projected into our children if it’s not necessary.” In August many protesters showed up for the event at the Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library with signs that said “This library perverts children” and “Drags need prayers, not public platforms.”

Obviously, the local protesters were met with organized protesters from LGBTQ groups such as PFLAG. Trent Lira who organizes these events has their full support not only to maintain the events but expand them throughout Houston this year.

A federal lawsuit was filed . The lawsuit was against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Rhea Lawson – head of the city’s library system – arguing that the events featuring drag queens reading to children are a promotion of secular religion, and violate the freedom of religion clause in the Constitution.

Drag queen with horns

Throughout their history, American public libraries have been on the front lines of promoting inclusivity and dispelling intolerance. The Houston Public Library is committed to celebrating the diverse and culturally rich communities here in Houston through a broad array of programs and resources we offer. All our programs are free, open to the public, and accessible by choice.

Houston Public Library Statement in Court Filing

Judge Rosenthal terminated the case on January 03, 2019.

Chief U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal issued her final ruling in the case Thursday just 10 weeks after it was filed last fall. The judge granted the city’s request to terminate the case, stating that court did not have jurisdiction because the conservative Christian men who filed the lawsuit did not have standing to sue and failed to establish that the freedom of religion clause had been violated by the storytellers.

Reported by Chron
drag queen storytime_1540419829146.JPG.jpg

The national program states its aim is to promote love and acceptance. However, a federal lawsuit filed in Houston Friday claims the story hour is unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause which forbids the government from establishing an official religion and prohibits it from favoring one religion over another. Mass Resistance has been trying to end this program.

It’s evil. It’s disgusting and one has to think just what kind of people think it is OK to parade in front of children in heavy make-up and dresses. Children are impressionable, so while we filed our lawsuit we have been looking into what kind of people think this behavior is OK. We discovered on is actually a pedophile with an actual conviction.

Member of Mass Resistance

Alex Jones’ rant was warranted and speaks to the heart of many people across the nation who are concerned with children who are highly impressionable to be exposed to lewd, crass and confusing exposure. This is why we rate movies and video games right?

Today it was reported by KHOU that a group called Mass Resistance, which has been trying to put an end to the program, contacted KHOU about the child sex offender.

Mass Resistance claims it had been asking the City of Houston for months to disclose information about the drag queens, and when requests went unanswered, they did their own digging and made the shocking link.

Tatiana Mala Nina, who is the featured picture of this article and was the center of the first publications by Chron quoting the city’s support is actually Alberto Garza In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.

Most parents would not allow that individual to sit in this library and be held up as a role model to our children. Shame on you, Mayor (Sylvester) Turner!

Tracy Shannon with Mass Resistance
Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime ...

Houston Public Library made a statement admitting that they did NOT conduct background checks and stated that Garza will not be involved in any future library programs.

In our review of our process and of this participant, we discovered that we failed to complete a background check as required by our own guidelines. We deeply regret this oversight and the concern this may cause our customers. We realize this is a serious matter. Every program sponsored by HPL is supervised by HPL staff, and all children are accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. No participant is ever alone with children, and we have not received any complaints about any inappropriate behavior by participants at storytimes. We are taking the appropriate action to ensure that the status of every participant in every program throughout our system is verified.  We will continue to review our process to ensure that this cannot happen again. Once again, we apologize for our failure to adhere to our own process in this matter and to the hundreds of parents and caregivers who have enjoyed this program with their children.

Houston Public Libraries Statement

When a city uses tax funded facilities to puts on events either that be at a school or public library background checks for sex-offenders is the norm. It’s curious how this sex offender (there may be more), fell through the cracks, was put on a media “pedestal” just a few months back with glowing support from the Mayor and Lisa Shannon. In the name of diversity and inclusion, protecting children, who are the HPL’s primary demographic was not their priority.

If it weren’t for Houston Mass Resistance this child predator would still be welcomed and offered ample opportunities to find their next victim, if that hasn’t already happened. Besides, pedophiles groom their victims and that takes time right?

A new lawsuit may be filed for endangering children by way of exposing them to pedophiles and creating an environment of sexualizing children to facilitate crimes against children.

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