Many people are up in arms with the recent apologetic stance, sanitized commentary and alignment Fox News has with the Mockingbird Media.  Unbeknownst to even the employees and persons at FOX, their communications, their commentary and products are under surveillance and scrutiny.

A team of us have been investigating KEY individuals that have left the OBAMA admin in mid 2016 and slotted themselves in KEY positions in Big Tech and Entertainment. President Donald J. Trump was elected and they have determined how that happened and thus are changing their strategy for 2020 based on:

  • Use of Social Media
  • Key Conservative / Anti-Establishment Public Figures
  • Key Conservative / Anti-Establishment Press

Big Tech is altering use of social media aggressively. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all have taken an aggressive stance on banning, silencing and putting various algorithms in place to minimize the footprint of conservatives and anti-establishment voices.

Some social media platforms have taken it to the level of criminal fraud in their methods of data collection and suppression.

An example of this is the case of Director and prominent social media figure Mike Cernovich, who had accused Facebook of giving him false metrics on his “boosts” and correlating that with the money spent on Facebook last year. In other words, Facebook was taking his money to boost his selected content but at the same time suppressing it. I am not an attorney, but taking my money for a service you have no intention on carrying out is FRAUD.

I believe demonstrating a concerted effort on de-platforming prominent voices like Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Liz Crokin and many others illustrates the methodology of these platforms. As Laura Loomer pointed out, it’s former conservatives like Oliver Darcy that are advocating and promoting such activities. Their goal is silencing the NON- ESTABLISHMENT conservatives and trying to prop up the pseudo-conservative voices like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.

After censoring key voices on social media with the help of former “conservatives” we are now witnessing the hostile takeover of the ONLY truly conservative arms of the MSM, CRTV and FOX.

Glenn Beck is an establishment “conservative”. He is a neocon and does not represent the people that actually voted for President Trump. The blue collar workers, the farmers and those Americans that believe in the liberty our constitution grants us are grassroots conservatives and do not subscribe to neocon ideologies. Glenn Beck stands for pseudo-conservatives like Mitt Romney and John McCain. He successfully took over CRTV and placed “conservatives” in the line up that align with establishment ideologies, that follow orders well or those simply starving for “fame”. This was done through a merger. Brave, morally-grounded, patriotic conservative voices such as Michelle Malkin walked away. Malkin showed the world with her actions that she understood just what was going on.

Fox like CRTV, was a target. The Obama Administration planned this in the spring of 2016. During the infamous “email investigations”, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS, FBI, DOJ and the fractured CIA mapped out a course of action. At that time they began manufacturing the insurance policy.

FOX News was a target. They started to attract conservatives and the President welcomed their non-biased platform. Make no mistake – the insurance policy I am referring to is a blanket one. We must realize just how wide spread the reach this deep unelected fourth shadow branch of government has.

Those who listen to my radio show know that I have been pointing out how our entertainment and media outlets are being slowly monopolized. In November, I wrote an article about the first step to GESTAPO media by way of monopolies.

Socializing TV: Free Speech Under Attack on All Fronts

It is known to many but quite under-reported that DISNEY is taking over FOX. Disney, recently merged with Universal Music and according to insider sources is flirting with idea of merging with AT &T. Most recently Disney failed to purchase Netflix. This makes Netflix a prime target for purchase with the immense debt they have. Disney just announced that they are pulling their content from Netflix and there will come a time where they will have to be bought or go bust.

Disney’s chief executive, Robert A. Iger, has staked his legacy on this deal, and to gain control of Fox, he had to fend off an aggressive play by Comcast. Mr. Iger and Mr. Murdoch originally agreed to a deal in December. After months of maneuvering, Comcast, the Philadelphia-based cable giant, topped Disney’s original bid in June, but Mr. Iger returned almost immediately with a much higher offer that mixed cash and stock. Mr. Murdoch and the Fox board quickly accepted.


Here is where OBAMA’s FBI and CIA come in. In May 2016 many high ranking officials left the CIA and FBI and were hired by Disney, Big Tech and other Entertainment Companies. There are four specific individuals that are helping tidy up the merger between Disney and Fox. This is one of the most covert operations I have ever observed to remove our right to free press orchestrated by the fourth unelected branch of the government.

Sources say communications between prominent voices on FOX that represent the 70 Million Americans that voted for President Trump have been under covert surveillance by way of key stroke recordings, including interns, new production managers and producers under the guise of company policy.

Hiding in plain sight – infiltrating FOX are the very same people who participated in #FISAGATE, #SpyGate and #RussiaGate.

One has to wonder what insurance policy they have on CEO of Disney Robert A. Iger to suddenly put his eyes on FOX. Our sources say it has to do with CHILDREN. It’s hard to follow up on information as there are active channels to seal charges, arrests and news of such high profile arrests and outcomes. #ThesePeopleAreSick

Disney Music Executive Charged with Child Sex Abuse (EXCLUSIVE)

Remember Iger made the decision to FIRE ROSEANNE. Disney owns ABC and CNN reported that the decision was ultimately his.

Iger was supposed to leave Disney but stayed. It’s highly questionable why Disney would war bid with Comcast driving the price to almost comical heights.

ERIC VILLAR-VELEZ was working with Clapper and Brennan on collecting information with foreign governments to support their surveillance activities demonstrated in the FISA warrant applications. He’s a spook hidden in plain sight.

ERIC VILLAR-VELEZ (see how he dropped one of his surnames? Usual tactic taught to many to hide in plain sight). LinkedIN profile is below:

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There has been an uptick in dismissals and public condemnation by FOX, most recently with the clipping Judge Jeanine Pirro’s wings for her comment on Rep. Omar, and a comment Tucker Carlson made over a decade ago which was hung over his head in shame. When is enough, enough? We cannot name the CIA operatives as that would be considered unmasking, but revealing Villar-Velez’s identity is a start.

Eric Velez-Villar Named Executive Assistant Director of Intelligence Branch

Villar-Velez was in San Juan , Puerto Rico after the destruction of the Hurricane. Why would a Disney executive fly to Puerto Rico if they are not working for the government? Getting a hold of Mr. Villar-Velez is hard. It’s like he doesn’t exist and between him covertly monitoring all communications at FOX and putting the final touches on this merger, he’s busy visiting with Brennan.

He was allegedly photographed at the Aspen Security conference where Adam Schiff met with secretly with Glenn Simpson as media outlets reported. These photos are not being circulated to the public which is a huge red flag. Makes you wonder why Disney would be at conferences like that which included people like Rod Rosenstein.

Adam Schiff, Glenn Simpson and their Forrest Gump-like encounter in Aspen

Eric Villar-Velez

The deep state has penetrated every facet of our communications, from TV, PRINT, ONLINE and AIRWAVES. #Censorship

The quickest fix is not declassifying the FISA warrants but striking the first ever Executive Order passed by Barack Hussein Obama: EO 13489

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