Educate and Empower Kids (EEK) is a website filled with a lot of useful information for parents and educators.  Their mission statement of this 501(c)(3)  is as follows:

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)  provides resources to parents and educators to encourage deep connection with their kids through media education, meaningful family communication and intentional parenting. We believe this must be done by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online pornography. wrote an exceptional article in to help parents and even children understand when they are being groomed. 

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

Their article 8 Ways A Predator Might Groom Your Child is the best way to not tell you, but SHOW you just how vile, disgusting and creepy Joe Biden is. Anyone, who claims he is a good man or a great candidate for President is either a pedophile themselves or seriously hindered in the information processing department.  Richard Armande Mills who is an organizer,  writer, content creator, pop culture aficionado.  @TPUSAstaff. With bylines in @DailyCaller@dcexaminer, and many more created the best THREAD on twitter depicting this.  It is a twitter moment with more than 35, 000 Retweets to date. 

ONE: A predator might isolate your child by involving him or her in fun activities that require them to be alone together. 

Part of the manipulation process is lowering the inhibitions of children. A skilled predator who can get children into a situation where they must change clothing or stay overnight will almost always succeed in victimizing them. An adult who invites your child to sleep over at his or her house alone should raise a red-flag warning to you.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 TWO: A predator might pay special attention to a child and make him or her feel special. 

They will get to know the child’s likes and dislikes very well. A predator is likely to try to win over the affection of his or her intended victim by sharing these likes. “I got us a box of your favorite candy to share.” or to an older child: “You like that band? That’s my favorite band. I could get us tickets to their next concert.”

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 THREE: Keep in mind that the first physical contact between a predator and his or her victim is often nonsexual and designed to desensitize the child

It breaks down inhibitions and leads to more overt sexual touching. It may begin as an “accidental” bump or rub, an arm around the shoulder, a brushing of hair. Teach your children that any physical contact between child and adult is something to be wary of and questioned.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 FOUR: A predator might touch your child in your presence so that he or she thinks that you are comfortable with the touching

This act might be as simple as draping an arm over the child’s shoulder or asking for a hug to say goodbye. Be aware of your child’s reactions to other adult’s touches. Does your child stiffen or seem uncomfortable? Also, never force your child to show affection to anyone when they aren’t comfortable doing so. This leaves the impression that forced physical contact is okay.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

Shame on you Sen Mike Enzi. He’s swearing you in, why don’t you reign him in? Unless..

What does Senator Jim Risch know?
Watch Jeff Sessions swat Joe Biden’s hand in this clip. Jeff Sessions KNOWS.

 FIVE: A predator might take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity about sex by telling “dirty” jokes, showing him or her pornography or by playing sexual games.

If your child starts to talk (uncharacteristically) about sex and things related to it, never overlook this kind of development because it might be a sign that he or she is being groomed. Be aware of the physical signs as well. If your toddler is masturbating or trying to touch others inappropriately, this may be a sign that there is a problem. If you need help beginning discussions about pornography and its dangers, check out How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 SIX: A predator might eventually treat the child victim as a co-conspirator in their “relationship”

Saying things like, “Your parents would be angry at both of us if they found out what we did.” In order to abuse the child and minimize the fear of discovery, a sexual predator will often times share secrets with the victim. The victim is made to believe that they are being trusted with something of value, before being asked to share something of value with his or her abuser. This bonds the victim to the predator, setting the tone for more sinister secrets to be shared.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 SEVEN: A predator may offer to play games or buy treats for young children

To lure older children or teenagers, they may offer to buy drugs or alcohol. After awhile, the predator starts to ask something in return. This “something” may be a sexual act or forcing the child to watch pornographic material. Pornography is often part of the grooming process in order to lower a child’s inhibitions. If your child is old enough to have internet access, make sure you are monitoring his or her email and social networking correspondence. A predator will send explicit materials this way as part of the grooming process.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

 EIGHT: A predator might present him or herself as a sympathetic listener when parents, friends and others disappoint a child

Predators often target adolescents who feel isolated from their peers. “Your parents don’t understand you, but I do,” “I can tell you’re lonely. I was the same way at your age,” he or she may say to a child they are trying to lure. Unfortunately, children of single parent homes are frequently preyed upon because they are seen as vulnerable or having a void that needs to be filled. Male predators have been known to seek out single mothers to gain access to their children.

Educate and Empower Kids (EEK)

Here is the FULL THREAD.  

Think Joe Biden is the most qualified for President?  The only thing he is qualified for, in my opinion, is not passing GO and Huber having a chat with him.  Considering the awkward parents and children asking for their fathers one can speculate that maybe some of them allow the children to “go home” with Biden. After all, people sell their kids for drugs, and those that have power over addicts with drugs or politician newbies this is a common theme. In Washington, that “consent” is also known as “insurance” in some circles of DC.  

Joe Biden for President ? NEVER. None of the candidates the mainstream media are purporting so far is the actual candidate. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are simply fattening up the DNC account since it’s in the red… the real candidate is to be announced late spring and he promises Universal Basic Income (UBI), Medicare for All and Free Education. He is young (44), an eloquent speaker, approachable and speaks to hearts of millions of young Americans who have no aspirations and believe that a socialist/communist regime is the way to go.

Contrary to what Hillary Clinton says I am not an agent of a foreign government and this article is riddled with information NOT disinformation.

Special thanks to Richard Armande Mills for a fabulous thread.

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