This morning in a very curious and almost staged arrest of Roger Stone. It’s clear that this indictment is for show not in the Interest of the Public, which is the premise of any indictment or arrest by any law enforcement official. Any other reason indicates abuse of office.

Curiously, CNN was stalking his home. Set up and ready providing commentary while the OVERKILL of armed FBI banging on his door was televised live.

Notably, Roger Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale is located in the infamous Broward County that has close ties to CAIR Intl, Debbie Wasserman Schulz and many other dubious and iffy political players. This would indicate that the “tip off” came from Broward County Sheriff’s office who would have received notice from the FBI that they were to be pursuing an arrest warrant. The same Sheriff’s Office that recently had the corrupt and criminal Sheriff Scott Israel fired from office.

The 7 Count indictment makes MANY allegations of which all have NOTHING to do with Russian Collusion but attempt to imply that Roger Stone knew about the Podesta emails hacked and that he knew they were to be dropped to Wikileaks.

Organization 1: Wikileaks / Person 1 is person who he discussed it with

Instead of focusing on all the other “glitter” added in Mueller’s indictment, I would like to focus on this specific topic and more so the statements in this indictment and how Mueller may have put false information on his indictment. Was this intentional? I will provide you what we know and you decide.


Roger Stone, like thousands of other American citizens and non-US Citizens had access to the WikiLeaks emails before Wikileaks even had them in their possession. Is it a crime, to have access to an encrypted website that has a mass collection of emails belonging to Podesta?

I had access to the Podesta emails on July 7th 2016. I sent links out to fellow “analysts” in order for us to gather evidence in regards to places, people and actions before they knew what we had. When I say they I mean the people who were coming after the people who actually got the jump drive loaded and uploaded it to the site. Seth Rich, was one of those brave people.

Anonymous Former 4 Chan member

How is Roger Stone being held accountable for emails Mueller CLAIMS were hacked by the Russians? How would Roger Stone have knowledge about this occurrence before it happened? According to my sources, Roger Stone was not involved in any planning, because there was no plan.

When someone sees something, they say something. Seth was angry and he knew what was going on was wrong and confiding in one of us he had access to campaign servers to get what he could because of things he saw going on with Podesta. It was unplanned -Seth paid for it with his life and entrusted us with the information. Other hacks were simply our duty.

Anonymous Former 4 Chan Member

Who had access to this mass collection of Podesta emails? Thousands of people who may have shared a direct access link with someone may have known Roger Stone. If your buddy is running for President and you have information of sinister acts against children by his opposition you wouldn’t tell them? Come on – is this for real? Is opposition information now illegal? If so, why isn’t anyone in the Hillary camp being indicted for wiretapping with no warrants? Let me guess #OrangeManBad

Does this mean that all American Citizens who had access to the DNC and Podesta emails are guilty? If so lots of us are going to jail.

Are you guilty if someone sends you a link with all CNN internal emails (word on the street that exists)? No you aren’t.

Are you an accomplice – no you aren’t. Are you mandated to report it ? No you aren’t.

If someone tells you that these emails will be provided to Wikileaks or the ICIJ are you guilty for spreading this fact or rumor and or asking questions? No you aren’t.

If you had a friend who claims to have access to Wikileaks and you want to verify the information you received from an anonymous 4chan board would you not use that? Seriously. This is just how silly and overreach this indictment is.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places and the Rise of the ...

Why isn’t anyone focusing on indicting or researching the alarming information in these emails? Colluding with MSM. Having children in a pool for entertainment not alarming, cause that is something totally normal. Mueller needs to find out what Americans have access and continue to have access and house classified information. He’s probably asked Corsi the question too- Who Is Q? That’s what he really needs.

“WikiLeaks: Clinton campaign chair John Podesta caught throwing HOT TUB PARTIES WITH CHILDREN as ...

Mueller “indicted” Russians for the hack based on a Fusion GPS who was paid by Perkins Coie to “research” and formulate a report, a report later discovered to be manufactured and not authorized as a third party by the FBI to conduct such mitigating work. This “research” was done for the sole purpose of determining WHO in March “stole” Podesta’s emails. Fusion GPS determined with the help of Imran Awan that a campaign staffer was responsible. #HisNameWasSethRich The “indictment” of these Russians was then handed over to a division that has NO AUTHORITY to arrest or chase down any of them. He delegated it to them simply for the “indictment” to be filed as “fact” and die. #Framing101 You’d think Roger Stone was UKRAINIAN or something.

UPDATED: More Damning Podesta Email Leaks Emerge, MSM Ignores | Truth Revolt
Paid Placement- #FakeNews

This indictment is all about Roger Stone not remembering or mispeaking because the bottom line was – that they wanted to find out what he knew, because they knew that if Roger Stone knew, then that means President Trump’s FBI today also knows. It’s all about mitigation, the very reason Mueller was appointed: To mitigate, eliminate, delete, obfuscate any information tying the Clinton campaign and the previous administration to any crimes such as undermining the democratic process of our nation, murder, collusion with enemies of the country, unconstitutional and criminal violations of privacy of US citizens and the President of The United States of America Donald J. Trump.

Now, relying on Corsi’s testimony they wish to indict Roger Stone for misspeaking or forgetting what he said or did. I would hate to have someone ask me who I talked with over a year ago, I never remember especially if I delete all my emails and texts frequently. Having said that, what is curious is that this indictment is simply bling for the Main Stream Media a nothing burger relying on he said she said and exchanging notes. In regards to Corsi.. Everyone has a price, especially when they have a few skeletons.

Rule of thumb. When federal agents ask you to confirm anything DON’T DO IT. This is ENTRAPMENT 101. Let them get secret subpoenas and use whatever they are legally allowed to get. No one can force you to confirm or deny anything. That is the glory of our rights afforded to us by our US Constitution. Especially when the information they are querying is about investigations into their corrupt infrastructure and criminal actions.

Not like Mueller has Personal Interest in Wikileaks

The thorn in Mueller’s side not so much about what is being posted but because they don’t know the information we have. Cyber-soldiers across the globe. Technology is great but humans are better because they always find a way to bypass technology .

This indictment indicates that the Mueller investigation is NOT being done in the interest of the public but in the interest of Mueller and the previous administration(s) and Clinton. Time to end this now. This is simply a political instrument and is a fiscal liability to us, the US Tax Payers, to allow this “Fourth Branch” of government to run rabid on our dime. Their plimps, pimps and ukrainian rubbish don’t add up.

Another way you can help fund Roger’s defense against this deep state hit squad you can buy a #rogerstonedidnothingwrong t-shirt.

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