WHERE IS WHITAKER? This FBI “RAID” is enough to SHUT this DOWN and “HANG” the FBI Executive that gave the GO AHEAD.

Yesterday, a vicious and malicious demonstration of “using a missile to kill a fly” arrest of Roger Stone which was coordinated, courtesy of Broward County, with CNN televising that event  indicated how evident the Mueller investigation is “personal” and not in the Interest of the Public.

We’ve seen this “Movie” before. His time in Boston.  His abuse of NSL letters. His bullying of AG Ashcroft. His intimidation and bullying of Bush 43 staff. The list is endless and you can’t help but wonder: How is he still employed?

According to 5 CFR 2635.702 – Use of public office for private gain

 § 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.

An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations. The specific prohibitions set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section apply this general standard, but are not intended to be exclusive or to limit the application of this section.

The actions of the FBI yesterday were a clear indicator that MISUSE of OFFICE and AUTHORITY is an issue for an enterprise- the deep state.

This incident which could have escalated VERY quickly and had other more dire results is not the main issue arising- but the indictment.

Robert Mueller, has now set PRECEDENT.  The crime of lying to Congress is hard to prove. Multiple testimony, cross referencing and intent must be established to invoke this route of legal remedy.

The curious case of Roger Stone reminded me of the many events of our most recent political history entrenched in underground dealings, nefarious actions, undermining our democracy by the very people that are supposed to protect it. It’s not called the swamp and foggy bottom for nothing.

70% Of Americans Believe In "Deep State" Government ...

“Sharks, waiting for their prey,” is how Jo Haldeman referred to the press outside their home when her husband Haldeman, former WH Chief of Staff for President Nixon who was indicted for lying to Congress.

Regardless, they used the lying to congress card on Haldeman and succeeded with an army of Press Reporters out for blood and driving their narrative. I wasn’t alive then but memoirs, books and old newspaper clippings tell a different story when you seek to parse out the objective truth.

Charles Haldeman Pictures - Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac CEO's Testify At House Hearing - Zimbio

The same goes for the indictment – parsing out the indictment we see Roger Stone telling HIS friend how angry he is and how he is doing it wrong. Just like you would advise your friend not to eat that cupcake and for some reason that is considered OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE? You find out Wikileaks may have damning info and you reach out to a friend of a friend to find out if what is floating around in cyberspace is true and suddenly you are lying ? It had nothing to do with Russia – ergo not lying.

Selective Application of Laws

This INFERIOR OFFICER ,Mueller has set modern precedence. Which means that ALL individuals that have committed perjury KNOWINGLY in the House should be prosecuted.

According to the indictment I am not convinced that Roger Stone committed perjury, obstructed justice or anything else Mueller has referenced as crime which means that the Grand Jury probably did NOT ask the right questions because it is common knowledge that many public individuals have lied to congress EVEN MUELLER himself!

Here are some persons who have been proven to have lied (there are many many more ) to Congress and have never been prosecuted.

Hillary Clinton: Why Hillary Clinton Will Not be Charged for Lying to Congress — Even Though She Did

Bill Clinton: In 1998 provided false testimony under oath in the Paula Jones case.

James Comey: Growing body of evidence’ James Comey lied to Congress and in his most recent testimony in December 2018 substantiated the notion.

James Clapper : Lock Him Up? Lawmakers Renew Calls for James Clapper Perjury Charges

John Brennan: Over a decade of lying to Congress Ex-CIA Chief Brennan’s Security Clearance Should Have Been Revoked Long Ago

Andrew McCabe : Report: Andrew McCabe Lied Under Oath to Congress

Peter Strzok: Louie Gohmert exposes the reason Peter Strzok was able to lie to Congress so easily

“Mrs Ford” : I can’t fly I have a fear. I built a second door out of fear. Lie detector test. (and much more)

Most Importantly Loretta Lynch and James Clapper LIED to Judge Collyer identifying “errors” and “algorithm issues” as to why they were collecting UPSTREAM communications of PRIVATE US CITIZENS without a warrant.

I have faith that Roger Stone will be vindicated as Mueller pulls for whatever he can to feed the piranhas of the deep state who have invested everything into the #WitchHunt of Russia Collusion. Though, I now call upon Acting Attorney General Whitaker who is a SUPERIOR OFFICER to take this precedence and start indicting a few people who have lied to congress and obstructed justice.



The most important precedence set forth with this bogus indictment is being charged FOR NOT COOPERATING , or telling them what they want not lying. Forgetting or pleading the fifth is now a crime? So, telling your friend they are dumb for speaking to investigators who’s sole purpose is to entrap you is obstruction?

IF any law enforcement agent asks you to voluntarily provide information its always a trap – no matter how innocent you are. Rule of THUMB don’t do it… EVER. Their eye is on the prize throwing fault and notching a belt. A lot of innocent people are in jail, just like a lot of people have their kids taken away by CPS for complying voluntarily.

Here is what Mueller has DONE

1. Bullying and Threatening

Intimidation is clearly demonstrated by what they did to Roger Stone. Personally, I perceive it as a threat. They flexed – Imagine if he didn’t wake up – imagine if they busted in his dogs could’ve been shot, he might have woken up startled and they would’ve shot him! That has happened before and by then the damage is done.

I am partially deaf and when I am sleeping bombs can be going off and I won’t hear them. If I wake up to men with guns pointed in my face my instinct would be to reach for a firearm – that would constitute a death sentence for me. Even a slight motion of hand under the pillow waking up would warrant “trigger finger”.

What’s disgusting is that CNN found televising a SWAT attack on a person who is not a threat and not risk of flight valid

Scott Adams

2. Confirmed that others are ABOVE the LAW

3. Set Precedence:OBEY or YOU’LL GO TO JAIL


5. HIS CASE is NOT ABOUT serving the PUBLIC INTEREST and all about it being a POLITICAL TOOL

The method of execution of warrant for the arrest of Roger Stone and the indictment itself shows that the Mueller investigation is out of hand. He is weaponizing our courts and instilling fear to the general public by allowing such an aggressive arrest to not only take place but be globally televised of a person of interest that was not a flight risk or a public threat and. AAG Whitaker should definitely investigate and hold the Mueller team accountable for such actions.

I am so embarrassed of being a law enforcement officer. This was unwarranted force and the fact that the judge granted bail with no bond reinforces that. I want to know who gave the order.

FBI agent (Region VI)

Let’s hope Congress isn’t “learning” way to implement NSA methods because there are many waiting in the shadows to expose the Storch.

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