Last night Michael Avenatti, porn star Stormy Daniels’ attorney tweeted the following :

Almost instantly many reporters texted and emailed Avenatti.  Many reporters, like myself, reached out to Avenatti for a comment with questions like?
“Are you really appealing to the 9th circuit?”  “If it goes to the Supreme Court you have Justice Thomas and Justice Kavanaugh victims of the same- really?”
His response to me this morning was almost generic and received by many.  Specifically, it was  reported by Fox News Contributor and owner of the Daily Tack Mr. Cherry:

Even though a journalist or “cyberstalker” isn’t located in California, Mr. Avenatti is free to file multiple cyberstalking suits against reporters if he chooses too but evidently would fail.  A simple email or text is not enough to convince any judge that you are being harassed.
It’s actually quite incredible that there are actually supposed credible political commentators that suggested that Avenatti would have an actual chance to run for President in 2020.  The Kavanaugh fiasco cost the Democrats any chance in gaining seats during this midterm election because in our country due process and presuming someone is innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of our justice system.
Though, having said that.  The court threw out Daniels’ case and ordered her to pay President Donald J. Trump’s attorney fees. Looks like all the money that was “raised” in her “Go Fund Me” will be going straight back to the President and the “donors” may not be happy about that.  #irony

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