Emergency dispatchers received a call just after 7 p.m. this Monday, October 15, 2018, according to Bolivar Country Sheriff Williams.   The suspect is currently at the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility and the name is not being released. The infant’s name and grandmother’s name who lives at the home are not being released.
The Sheriff also stated that the grandmother is in custody.

The ill-fated infant was a 20 month’s old little girl and the Sheriff stated her remains are being sent to the crime lab for an autopsy.
“The key factor to this case we need the autopsy to determine if the child was deceased before it was placed in the oven or vice versa to determine fault, timeline and actions” was the response we received when we called the Sheriff’s office.

Mississippi baby deceased after being stabbed then baked in the oven

“I don’t understand? Was this a case of cannibalism due to death of the infant or was the death of the infant purposeful in order to satisfy the cannibalistic need” said a resident of Shaw when asked by our local investigator Josh Cornett.
“A relative of the child came home and found the infant baking in the oven and called 911 is all I know,” said the woman answering the phone for the Sheriff’s office.
The story is developing and we will be updating as more information comes in.

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