A 32-year-old Minot man by the name of Timothy Sprenger from Minot ND entered a guilty plea today to charges of gross sexual imposition and continuous sexual abuse of a child.   The sexual abuse of the child (or children) happened in Minot, ND.
Apparently, the Minot Police received a tip from investigators in Georgia.  Investigators in Georgia discovered pages from a journal where Sprenger detailed his sexual encounters with the child when it was just six months old.  He is currently in custody pending his sentencing.
“It’s common for perpetrators to tape, document or take pictures of their victims so that they can reminisce those moments when they don’t have access to children,” said Stephanie of Save the Children.
Sprenger has family in Minot and our insiders in Georgia tell us that this investigation came from relatives in Georgia.  Apparently a few years back his nephew/ niece was visiting with family in North Dakota and that is when he first assaulted the infant.
“I find it hard to believe that the family had no idea,” said our investigator who works with Save Our Children. “They don’t just do it to one child but another.  In this case, due to HIPAA concerns, we are unable to obtain most of the information surrounding the case but in Minot ND we all know that this is unfortunately too frequent an occurrence.”
His confession is an admission of guilt assaulting his own family member but the Minot PD should be working harder to find out about all the non-related victims he has had or still has in Minot? The way pedophiles operate is that they target single mothers with very young children that are not able to speak yet to either get their fix on or groom them to “comply” with such activities.
Looking at the friends he has on social media it seems that they are various but all fit the same speck. My advice to women who have dated and or were dating this man until his arrest is to take your kids to the nearest ER and tell them you think they may have been a victim of sexual abuse.

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