When the government gives out something for free, the COMMODITY is YOU. The documentary SHADOWGATE explained WHAT OBAMA PHONES were. They are data collection devices disguised as free phones. The “benevolent” United Nations keeps reminding us,” poverty as a “vicious circle,” made up of a wide range of factors.” In addition, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and Bill Gates’ BFF, has said coercion is an epidemic among those of economic hardship, natural disasters, and or minorities. This is true because of the emotional vulnerability and social issues and not having the financial support to protect themselves. In fact, those very people were found in an EMAIL on HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP discussing DATA COLLECTION through the “FREE PHONES.”

Sounds very heartfelt, these decades-long public displays of understanding and embracing those in poverty. The United Nations and both co-founders of Microsoft and the Obama – Biden administration, including and not limited to every single insanely rich Democrat that sings the same tune, “help” these people by giving them “FREE” medicine and free phones!

In Africa, where not having power or running water is common, giving away FREE CELL PHONES was a priority for CONTACT TRACING. Many people had never heard of that term until Governor Doug Burgum, who is also a Bill Gates partner in Microsft, miraculously had an app to contact trace. How? His company had created a TRACING app for NDSU Bison Fans. These fans had no idea that it was TRACKING them all year and provided data on how they move, spend, and where they go.

In the email, discussions of using tracking apps PRE-INSTALLED into phones help them collect data to “help” Broadband Networks. No wonder North Dakotans had this app – North Dakota has been “working on Broadband” for years. It makes you wonder a state so fiscally sound, and with such little population, why is getting internet laid out so “hard.” Maybe BROADBAND means something else for politicians. DATA is the NEWEST and most PRECIOUS COMMODITY. With your data, they will know how to trigger you, follow you, find you, sell to you and mold your perspective. #SittingDucks

Did you know that “Obama Phones” weren’t really Obama’s? In fact, taxpayers have been paying for data collection by using “FREE TELECOMS” on US Citizens and Foreign Nations! Those “bleeding heart organizations” like the UN and the Microsoft Cartel have been using the Crime Families of DC to peddle tracking devices outside the USA for experimental reasons since 1985 disguised as a UNIVERSAL SERVICE CHARGE. The first batch of free cell phones went to Arkansas, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Africa, and families WITH CHILDREN were given preference.

Evidently, the BIDEN Crime Family dealt with tech, not just oil, gas, and properties. We are still trying to figure out how contact tracing apps pre-loaded on cell phones help with “improving” broadband networks. DATA-DATA-DATA-is literally gold. Imagine all the data they have on you. They know how you will vote, so a politician needs nothing but to PURCHASE his areas DATA profiles with the MONEY you give him to win to determine WHERE he needs to go to scoop votes and who he doesn’t have to do a song and dance for.

Interestingly enough, the Faux Biden Administration had been giving tracking phones away. They are “SKY NET PHONES” we caught them handing them out in CLEVELAND over a month ago in the areas where the poorest people of Cleveland.

AFRICA has been the PROVING ground FOR MANY CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. In fact, the Biden Crime Family was involved with EPSTEIN’S research. #ArticleComingSoon

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  1. Wow, what an excellent tool for herd management, experimentation, real time observation. Combined with the data from their free digital monies, the uses for this information the sheepherders get allows them track virtually every move, thought and reaction. Of course, we the black sheep, know every click we make is stored, but the naive sheep, not knowing their every movement and thought tracked are the best subjects of study, manipulations, and observations.

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