During deliberations yesterday with a team working on the crimes committed by the Biden Crime Family and the 44th Administration, we stumbled upon EVIDENCE depicting Hunter Biden conspiring with foreign nationals to smuggle someone through the Southern Border of the United States to meet the Vice President and possibly the President of the United States. He didn’t smuggle them on a whim. This was CAREFULLY planned and calculated to EVADE the Department of Homeland Security restrictions on the individual(s) and to access intelligence from four (4) different nations to get it done.

By the end of this brief article, you will see how they planned it for almost a year, used law firms and contacts worldwide to get the job done, and how WAPO coincidently dropped a story yesterday that was completely fake news to create an alibi. I wonder if they are still gaining access to monitored communications of journalists? Yesterday we had a vibrant conversation about all of this in a private home and office. #journogate

In the email below, Ukrainian Businessman Vadym Pozharskyi tells their US law firm that customs told the OWNER of Burisma in the United Kingdom that he is BARRED from entering the United States.

A partner at the law firm BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP, Heather King, asks the Ukrainian to provide her more information about the event that lead the owner of Burisma to believe he is on a US ban list.

A year later, they are still trying to organize a meeting regarding FUNDS TRANSFER with Joe Biden and possibly the big guy Barack Hussein Obama. The owner of Burisma and the Ukrainian Vadym are planning to visit the USA and still trying to figure out if they can get him into the United States.

Devon Archer confirms that Hunter Biden, who was the vice president’s son, was still trying to facilitate the foreign criminal and owner of Burisma entry into the United States through the Southern Border.

Considering Hunter Biden has close connections to the Juarez Cartel due to his years of business dealings with them as I demonstrated in EXCLUSIVE| Hunter Wined and Dined Conducting Business with Cartels in Chihuahua – Tore Says, it is plausible that they were involved with the transport of Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi over the border.

At the end of March, the Ukrainian advises Hunter Biden to be in Washington D.C. for the dinner meeting to meet the 44th Administration. Hunter Biden CONFIRMS that dinner is on the 16th of April 2015 and instructs him to get with Devon Archer for the details and logistics. SOUNDS LIKE FARA.


Did they have DINNER? Yes, they did. The Ukrainian sent Hunter an email THANKING him for setting up the dinner with Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. His email actually makes it sound that the dinner was just the Ukrainian and Joe Biden because he only briefly spoke with Hunter and asked him to catch up with coffee since their contact was so brief! Was the meeting in the White House?

Here is a LESSON on how MEDIA has FAILED the PEOPLE. Nikola, Nikolay, Mykola are all para-spellings of the same name to create obfuscation. This is an old trick the CIA uses. OSAMA vs. USAMA same person, different spelling. While the MEDIA tells you the owner of BURISMA is Mykola, you seem to fail to realize that Nikolay / Nikola, Nikolai is the same person and name- hence the same BURISMA OWNER. The BURISMA OWNER Hunter Biden smuggled into the US from the US Mexican Border with VADYM/VADIM to have dinner with Joe Biden on APRIL 16, 2015!


Full EMAIL THREAD claiming only Nikola/Mykola/Nikolai/Nikolay was the ONLY owner since the WIFE of now-deceased IGOR KOLOMOYSKI had control Burisma. Hunter Biden STEALS things and wives of those that are dead … ergo, this was a Tuesday for him lying to the media with his fellow Burisma peeps to steal the company that was rightfully the dead majority partners’ wife.


Now it makes sense why the CARTELS are having a field day under “President” Biden. Oh, and WAPO, why did you happen to publish that “fake news” about Biden meeting with Priests on the day he met with criminals his son smuggled? WAPO, are you part of the RICO operation? #plausibledeniability doesn’t work when we have RECEIPTS.

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