About a year ago, the NY Times reported that Russia placed bounties on US Troops in Afghanistan. It was a rumor and another HOAX they purported via Brennan’s mouthpieces. Who is the ALLEGED NY Times Reporter, and why are they credible?

Credibility is such a broad term, and it’s like a painting; It’s personal. The word now is garbage. Credible sources for the MSM are their people. Credible sources for the people, TRUTH.

“Russia offered to pay the Taliban to kill US Troops” claimed the NY Times MANY MANY MANY TIMES over and over again. They were pushing their narrative and articles to drive up revenue and campaign for the SELECTED administration.

The news cycles began with the media claiming that President Trump was briefed when he wasn’t because it was INVENTED by the NY Times. I refer to CNN and all the usual propaganda tools as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. They knowingly and willingly reported the story for months, trying to drive up ratings and make good on the payments they received from the now SELECTED administration.

The sElected administration was asked about Russia paying the Taliban to attack U.S. troops this week. Psaki’s response to being questioned about it was onerous and very telling.

In summary, her response is:
We think that was a false statement, but we are sure the Russians are involved. Yes, one minute of waffling, that is the conclusion. They “looked” at it; it was not credible or existent, and so our confidence is low to moderate, but it’s Russia’s fault, and they need to explain themselves on the thing we say is not valid.

It’s so bad that the Daily Beast even called them out.

U.S. intelligence only had ‘low to moderate’ confidence in the story. Translated from the jargon of spyworld, that means the intelligence agencies have found the story is, at best, unproven—and possibly untrue.

Senior administration official to Daily Beast

The Daily Beast reported:

Democrats ran with the election-time story. Then-candidate Biden called it a “horrifying revelation” if true. The senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Robert Menendez (D-NJ), introduced a measure to sanction Russia for the alleged bounties. Congressional Democrats claimed to have been insufficiently briefed on the account, which the Trump White House called a “hoax,” and suggested there was a cover-up underway. When Trump himself denied being briefed on the story, House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) remarked, “Is this an issue where they cannot tell the president things he doesn’t want to hear when it comes to Vladimir Putin and Russia?”

Again, President Trump was right, and the MSM showed that they ran with the story to make themselves look good when we all knew that it was fake news. Much reporting by the NY Times lately is about rumors of war, but they still haven’t “exposed” what Cities and Human Settlements is. Aren’t cities human settlements? 

The NY Times hasn’t reported on the coup or how a “WUHAN” Level 4 Lab will be fully operational by 2023 in the middle of our food supply in Manhattan, KS, which potentially can cause the most significant human-made famine in history. Instead, they report false, manufactured information to keep people terrified. #FEARSELLS  

Are the NY Times scared they will default on their loan?

Sounds familiar | Looks Benign

This was one of many rumors of war that the NY Times decided to run with. WHY is anyone in ANY administration paying attention to reports by the NY Times about anything? Remember, their “journalists” have Obama therapy dolls in their bags to soothe them, and they are paying their staff with a loan they are soon going to be defaulting on. I wonder what the price tag to BUY the NY Times?

Regardless, the lawsuits to take them out have been stacking. Rumors of three massive lawsuits brewing against them are coming. I wonder how that will fair with “investors”? James O’Keefe is one – but there are two more.

To ALL claiming to be journalists – be honest because :


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