While both the MSM and the CONTROLLED opposition (right-wing/alt-right) media are keeping you distracted with recycling Biden’s laptop, border, guns, and giving you more fuel to conspiracy theories, the real war is happening.

Our military is an integral part of our National Security. Our soldiers, airmen, and sailors are working to ensure that we are safe, protected, and ready to meet any threat instantly.

Our rank and file and few remaining brown shoes should know and understand they have the people’s full support. Infiltration is very effective, and those of commanding rank will soon realize they must act with the WILL of the PEOPLE because their rank and file are THE PEOPLE.

In war, the question is always how to strategize an attack and distinguish between good and evil in addition to who you can trust. Apparent vs. Actual, that is how the fog of war ensues. Our military has been infiltrated, and the veterans have to lead us to the source.

Edward Snowden is a great example. He had an apparent mission to execute and an actual one. The apparent one made it seem like he was acting on his own accord, and events happened, but the actual one indicates he was not working on his own contract. In advertising or PR, this is called organic growth vs. paid placement.

In 2016, THEY realized that Hillary Clinton would lose therefore an operation was activated by Barack Hussein Obama’s Fourth Unelected Branch of Government. Those corrupt retired Generals that have lined their pockets with the blood of our men and women for CONTRACTS and will be strung up in public for the “Usama Play” soon.

Our Veterans are supposed to be the SPIRIT OF AMERICA, yet in full cooperation with John Owen Brennan, they activated all their assets, including the LAST person you would EVER think was a military operation – AOC. It’s almost as if they knew that their access would be snipped, literally. Predictive analytics go both ways – it’s about who has the more prominent button.

In the summer of 2016, we noticed movement in the Middle East through this so-called charity Spirit of America Is Death To America In Disguise and a rise in Veterans activated in affinity groups. Pentagon, Treasury, State Department, FBI, CIA … you name the agency someone started to train and create pocket groups. Their names keep changing. Their mission is the same.

This post tagged someone essential (Medea Benjamin), which is why I do not trust nor support journalists who are ASSETS posing as journalists (#receipts). Anyone who is an agency asset can NEVER be held accountable. In my past, I hired many, followed many, and replaced many. I can spot them from miles away, and they are made when it’s no longer practical to provide them cover. I can provide a list (knowing and unknowing), but the list with non-assets is way shorter.

Their plan was well orchestrated and infiltration had begun. They were activated and started their operations. The infiltrators already knew there was a strong possibility that they would lose the 2016 elections and therefore began to implement their counterattack for the 2020 elections if they failed to change the 2016 election outcome.

A popular misconception is that ANTIFA is leaderless when they have FORMER military leaders training them, organizing them, and pulling all the strings. Most that fall in rank are dildo wavers that have zero ambition to do anything in life. Affinity group members such as Antifa, Sunrise, Palm Collective, etc., are recruited in the same way ISIS recruits their walking bombs. It’s irregular warfare.

In a recent video, four (4) years post-activation, you can see that they are the leadership of ANTIFA. They are leadership for Black Lives Matter, leadership for Blue Lives Matter, leadership for the Sunrise Movement, Rise, Shutdown DC, etc., while hiding under the guise of COMMON DEFENSE.

Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter have the same leadership. It’s a polarizing psyop. BLM vs. BLM. They are laughing at all of you. They hijacked our men and women in blue and you. It was genius.

It is important to remember that when someone joins the military, they swear to defend and protect the United States of America’s Constitution. After you have left the military, it’s vital to understand that you are still under the Uniform Code of Military Justice jurisdiction and, if you are charged with a crime, you may be subject to a court-martial instead of a civilian trial.

UCMJ : Article 81—Conspiracy ; Article 104—Aiding the enemy; Article 106/a—Spies / Espionage

Article 107—False official statements ; Article 108—Military property of the United States—sale, loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition

Article 109—Property other than military property of the United States—waste, spoilage, or destruction

The Supreme Court decided this in 2020, and the key consideration here is context. General Petraeus did not undergo Court Martial, but technically, he still can be tried under Court Martial. What is the difference? CONTEXT.

If a veteran goes out and burns buildings, defaces property and causes civil unrest, they will more than likely be tried by civilian courts, BUT if a Veteran in their CAPACITY as a VETERAN organizes, conspires, and promotes civil unrest, destruction, and a barrage of crimes they get court-martialed.

UCMJ Article 116—Riot or breach of peace; Article 117—Provoking speeches or gestures

It’s common knowledge that BLM is a domestic terrorist organization funded by our nation’s foreign and domestic enemies. They pretend to care about Black Lives but use the pain of those hurt to drive the wedge between Americans to GARNER full and unfettered power over every single citizen of this nation. PRAETORIANS. The praetorians are dangerous because they serve as personal bodyguards and intelligence for emperors. They guard and act for their emperor, not the people. Their oath is not to the people but their leadership. THEY ARE DANGEROUS.

Domestic Terrorists’ Leadership



ACCESS to the AMERICAN CONSUMER (U.S. Market) is ESSENTIAL for every major country in the world. AMERICA WAS SYSTEMATICALLY BEING WEAKENED. OUR MILITARY WAS SYSTEMATICALLY BEING WEAKENED. Meanwhile, organic causes of the left regarding justified claims of inequality hijacked for the destruction of our nation by the enemy within our military and federal government. The media on the right has access to all this information. WHY HAVEN’T they reported it? Occams Razor – They are in this too. Those you are taught to trust, those you are being told are fighting for you, are also guilty of sin.

President Trump reinforced our military because he knew. He revamped our industries and military because the brink of destruction was there. Those that are serving now should remember the OATH they took under our duly elected President Donald J. Trump, not the SELECTED one to defend the constitution and the people.

“Whoever created AOC is a genius; she is the most incredible psyop ever,” said Patrick Bergy. “We have made many AOCs overseas for war, but this one takes the cake,” I responded. The reporter in the conversation looked at us both and said, “You are joking, right?”. We explained how she was a military product. Can you see her as a military product? Look Again.

MIDDLE SEAT CONSULTING is one of many Military-Industrial Complex arms for lobbying AOC-Backing PAC Paid $300K to Company Founded by PAC’s Founder (freebeacon.com). Interesting how no one EVER discovered that they are in bed with retired generals, active pentagon contractors, Biden, the Agency, and the FBI.

Your MEDIA, those on pedestals as proponents to promote American values and justice for all, have either been lying to you (assets) or were unable to see all of this unfolding (ignorant). It’s about power. It’s about money. It’s about who’s the HERO.

In the end, the HEROES are the righteous men and women in uniform and YOU the people. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we are on our own and that there are NOT good men and women in places we need them to be.

Right now, there is an insane National Guard presence in Washington DC. You have to ask yourself: What does Christopher Wray know, and WHEN will it be released to the PUBLIC? Does such extremism justify the National Guard if the only people jailed are non-violent conservatives without bail?

Operation Snow White was a criminal conspiracy. A fascinating tool of infiltration but “Mirror Mirror” began in the 90s… allegedly.

All of these “VETERANS” and “Active Duty” will be tried UNDER the UCMJ- Nuremberg Style.

Those within our Military ranks and leadership :


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  1. What makes you so certain that Wray will, or even could if he wanted to, do the right thing? One man inside of a thoroughly corrupted system?
    I’ll never forget his smarmy video to the entire FBI that showed his complete and total disdain for our President. He should have been fired immediately afterwards.

  2. My thoughts are that the military is just the last branch of Government power to be exposed as corrupt to Us. The whole damn thing is diseased. The constitution wasn’t perfect. It’s mind blowing to think our “great” country does not have a fail safe for an insurgency. Especially an obvious one millions see clearly each and every day turning this country into a Banana republic. Intelligence works for DS, media DS, Congressmen DS, SCOTUS DS, what’s so hard to imagine the military is as well. I would be laughing at them if I didn’t live in this 💩country

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