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For the past couple of years, across the nation Democrats in State Senate seats have been pushing bills to require all state residents to become organ donors upon death, lowering registration to minors, and “incentives for living donors”. What’s crazier, as this story was being written over the past few days, a mayor has now claimed that a white van is snatching minor females for trafficking and human parts!


These types of bills are just what nightmares are made of. One man in Texas experienced this nightmare in 2015. George Pickering II’s 27 year-old son suffered a stroke. Doctors told the father that his son was brain dead.

In early January 2015, George Pickering III suffered a stroke. The doctors delivered a terminal diagnosis of the young man to his family claiming that he was “brain dead” and the doctors put in orders to slowly remove life support progressively. This slowly kills the patient rather than immediate death.

The young man’s brother and mother agreed to his diagnosis and approved of the progressive removal off life support. Upon hearing this the father was more dumbfounded to see how quickly the hospital staff notified their organ donation organization. They were claiming that his organs would be available immediately and they were pushing to harvest them.

The young man’s father George Pickering II, had a bad feeling of just how swift the diagnosis was, but also just how “excited” and rushed the process of organ harvesting was going.

They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors. I knew if I had three or four hours that night that I would know whether George was brain dead.

George Pickering II statement to KPRC.

With the feeling that his son’s life was at risk and fear that the medical staff at the hospital were not being forthcoming with his diagnosis, he decided to defend his child in the only way he knew how. He went home, got his gun and barricaded himself in the hospital room with his son. After three hours George II was disarmed.

The Tomball Regional Medical Center staff had contacted police because they were concerned about the questions and the father’s “behavior”. They claimed he was intoxicated and nonsensical. The father would not accept the diagnosis and the staff claimed George II was incapacitated, thus giving rights to decision to the mother and brother.

He was an organ donor. Some parents can’t handle it and they need time, but when it comes to organs being harvested we don’t have time.

Organ Donation Coordinator at Tomball Regional Medical Center

George II was disarmed by his son. Nevertheless, he remained barricaded in the room to buy his son some time.

They were telling me he was a vegetable. They were going to kill him slowly.

George Pickering II

THREE HOURS – During those three hours of being barricaded and the SWAT team arriving, George III showed signs that he WAS NOT brain dead. His lawyer, Phoebe Smith defended George II and told reporters that George II was not surprised because he knew his son was not brain dead.

In a statement to RT his lawyer said:

The SWAT team had their own doctors and when they entered into the critical care room, they saw that my client’s son was not brain dead because he was making eye contact (and) was following their commands.

Phoebe Smith George Pickering II’s attorney

George Pickering III, pictured below, is now alive and well. He made a FULL recovery while his father was IN JAIL for defending his son. The father asked for time and the doctors called him crazy. He was desperate, and reacted by doing something that is considered illegal. As a parent I don’t see how defending the life of your child is illegal? The man nevertheless served time in prison. Almost a year in prison for saving his son’s life.

This father resulted in bringing a weapon, being charged with a crime, and going to jail to save the life of his son. The Life and Hope Network’s own Bobby Schindler said:

Almost every day we see our rights to make medical decisions for our loved ones eroding.

Bobby Schindler of the Life and Hope Network

LifeSiteNews reported that Bobby Schindler is in fact Terri Schiavo’s brother. Terri Schiavo was killed because her life support was removed in 2005, even though she SHOWED signs of life! The judge who ordered the termination of her life admitted that she was in a minimally conscious state but still removed water and food that she needed to stay alive, not machines.

What’s the motivating factor? MONEY


Roe v Wade is why we have states across our nation putting a price tag on your limbs, organs, and unborn. Roe v Wade allowed Planned Parenthood to become a legitimate business and SELL BABY PARTS. Moral corrosion driven by money.

“Finders Fee”

For example, if your spouse had an accident and was a registered donor but convinced you to donate their organs or body parts because they were “brain dead,” how confident would you be knowing that the hospital would get a finders fee, on top of them rushing you? It’s not spelled out as that but it’s put in the form of harvesting costs they “bill” for and administrative costs. It’s horrific. Imagine if we were all registered as mandatory donors.

That is exactly what the Democrats are pushing for, mandatory registration with every license issued, allowing you to LATER “opt out”. The catch?

In a very morbid manner they propose to amend the law on human transplantation, including by authorizing (in certain circumstances) the posthumous removal of organs and tissue from an adult who had not given express consent, which is identical to that of a bill passed in the United Kingdom.


The arguments in this presentation are compelling and the numbers staggering. In regards to arguments FOR MANDATORY ORGAN DONATION:

  • One organ donor can save up to eight lives. For the recipient, this means a second chance at life, and a healthier life as well.
  • The families of those who donate are often comforted in knowing that something good can come from tragedy, and part of their loved one still lives on.
  • Mandatory Organ Donation would eliminate much of the hectic nature of organ donation, in that there would be no need for donor registries, no need to train requestors, no need for stringent government regulation, and no need to consider paying for organs.
  • Supporters of Mandatory Organ Donation argue that the process would not be unconstitutional, due to the fact that after a person dies, he/she’s corpse is no longer their own.

The ethics of this is astounding. As in the case of Pickering, it would be interesting to know if the doctors “billed” for organ donations more frequently than others. In addition, it would interesting to see what tests were used and if those tests have been challenged in a malpractice setting. If they decided on progressive removal off life support, why were they in a rush to harvest the organs?

Is The Government Qualified To Decide Who Lives And Who Dies?

We often see cases in regards to life support end up at a judge’s bench, who then make the decision when the hospital ADVOCATES to terminate their life as in the case of Terri Schiavo. Who is really qualified to decide who lives and who dies?

In the case of baby Alfred, the costs to sustain his life and perform surgery were burdensome on the Crown’s NHS (Nation Health System) and they decided to terminate the infant’s life by not providing medical care due to costs. Once again, a price on life.

What is the value of one’s life? That is in the eye of the beholder. Imagine your loved one was in a car accident and at the hospital they tell you they are “brain dead” and begin the process (in a pushy way) to get you to sign for organ donation. What will be going through your mind?

My concerns (sans my actual academic knowledge in medical sciences) would mainly be about who might want my loved one’s organs. What if a man like Bloomberg or Soros needed a heart and your loved one was a perfect match?

People like Bloomberg believe they know best. Here is Bloomberg claiming that poor people need to be taxed even more so they can’t have luxuries that will allow them to live longer.

In other words, do you think the doctors would save your life or the life of the rich? Be honest with yourself. Bloomberg has the potential to donate billions for 10 new wings of a hospital that can potentially save countless of lives for the sake of yours! Soros would buy them 100 MRI machines for your heart. When there is high capital incentive how would you really know that your loved one is brain dead and not a paycheck for the hospital or physician?

This nonsensical urgency by Democrats across the nation to push bills like this is terrifying considering that the statistics don’t support their sense of urgency. In the United States of America there are an estimated 30,000,000 disease related deaths a year, BUT less than 2,250 people die waiting for an organ transplant.

Illinois – Barack Hussein Obama State- Leading The Way

Barack Hussein Obama’s state is leading the way. In the state of Illinois they passed a bill that allows 16- and 17-year-olds to register for the state’s First Person Consent Organ/Tissue Donor Registry when they receive their driver’s license or identification card.

Aside from the automatic registration as a donor in the state of Illinois and allowing MINORS to be allowed to provide First Person Consent, they also passed a bill this year to provide FINANCIAL INCENTIVES for living organ donors.

The new bill passed in Illinois provides a financial incentive and increase protections under the law. Organ Donation Tax Credit, provides private employers to take a credit against withholding taxes if the employer offers the ability of employees to take a paid leave of absence of at least 30 days to donate an organ or bone marrow. Basically, your employer gets a tax credit if they provide incentives to their employees to be living donors!

The Democrats have been getting creepier and creepier. They “proudly” support terminating the life of newborns if the mother chooses so. They proudly support starving mentally ill patients to death. Now, they are proudly advocating to have governance over your dead body. DEATH isn’t your heart stopping, it’s brain death too. Keep in mind the nightmare the Pickerings went through. You have to TRUST that your doctor doesn’t have a rich donor that needs your matched organ!

Many people seem to believe that human and child trafficking is all about having sex slaves, but it’s not. Organ harvesting is very lucrative. Here is a 2017 report by BBC showcasing organ trading.

Remember the case of Kendrick Johnson?

The case of Ryan Singleton?

China is harvesting organs from “prisoners” too.

The mainstream media (MSM) minimizes and mocks any claim of organ harvesting and child trafficking constantly. On social media residents of Baltimore have been reporting and claiming that a white van is snatching up young girls for human trafficking and body parts. The mayor of Baltimore spoke up, but has suddenly begun to backpedal. Sounds terrifying. Sounds like they quickly silence ANYONE discussing this while they are pushing for legislation to make organ donor registration MANDATORY.


They passed a law in Pennsylvania that targets MINORS in public high schools that are obtaining driver’s licenses to register as DONORS.


In Connecticut Senate Bill 750 pushes to register EVERY citizen of Connecticut as an organ donor. Unless an individual has joined a registry to opt out, they will be assumed an organ donor. Do the people of Connecticut know this? Does this mean your child, that is an infant, is automatically a donor by the state that you have to submit to be excluded from? Once you die or a doctor declares “brain death”, the state takes hold of your body because it’s no longer yours, it’s theirs!

These are just a few examples. Have you checked the laws in your state? Are you and your loved ones registered donors without your knowledge This insane push to register minors to make organ donor registration mandatory is terrifying and should concern everyone. The question you should ask yourself: Do you know that Rockefeller, at the age of 99, had his sixth heart transplant? He died at the age of 101. He bought himself 2 years.

Let that sink in. We are the News. Let’s get talking.


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Thank you!


  1. Good morning Tore.
    I was very impressed with your show yesterday, especially when you hit upon the subject of mind control and programming. I said to myself, wow you really get it, and to be sure to congratulate and to commiserate with you. It is somewhat of a terrible and lonely awakening. When one awakens to the fact that most everything which we accepted as normal is in truth abnormal, this knowledge really rocks our sanity. It’s hard to live with, as you begin to question every aspect of life as we knew it. Do we even speak about it to others? Knowing how mentally draining and life changing this realization is. A fish being pulled out of the water comes to mind.
    I dare not speak of it directly to those physically around me, they aren’t ready. I have alluded to this over at aim4truth org, where I live much of my virtual life, They aren’t quite where we are yet. However their website may be of use to you as they have hard evidence of the deception and criminality documented all the way back to the early 1900’s. They like you have a keen interest in Odin and Frig and the history surrounding our past.
    I think perhaps you may have knowledge of them, at least that’s what my Spidey senses tells me.
    The subject of this article is extremely disturbing to me, maybe you to. When one comes to the subject surrounding abortion and having belief in reincarnations, how the rights of the incarnating spirit have not been recognized, how their spiritual journey has been interrupted. How this practice of terminating an incarnation is normal and accepted is now unfathomable and repulsive on so many levels. As well as the purposeful extermination done to the elderly and intentionally weakened with their alchemical cocktails. No words can really describe this evil perpetrated on humanity. There’s so much more but I’ll end now by thanking you and your sidekick for your efforts to open eyes, hearts and minds.

  2. Do you know what is crazy? These people used the diminished mental capacity (“brain-dead”) as a foundational argument to withhold nourishment from the mentally ill people. It is like a bully who teases a person to see how far they can push a person; sometimes the crescendo ends tragically. If I had a nickel for every time I heard “…two things I don’t talk about, politics and religion” and it is usually the most disenfranchised people uttering this deranged mantra. After so long, this idea that certain topics are off-limit sinks into the mind and becomes a form of auto censorship. And where has the most atrocious crimes against children occurred?…politics and religion.

    Thanks again for your continued service.
    R. Reddington

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