A criminal investigation between 2015 -2016 lead investigators to a Madera County woman named Ashley Maddox. Maddox had exchanged various communications with a man convicted of possessing and creating child pornography. Maddox had exchanged various messages on KIK discussing their mutual sexual interest in minors and encouraging him to create content.


On May 24, 2019, Maddox plead guilty to aiding and abetting the production of child pornography. In her plea it was determined that the exchanges of communications between her and the Florida man were explicit. Maddox would request him to send her images and video recordings of him sexually abusing a prepubescent (under the age of 12) minor. She had received over 20 images and videos of minor victims engaged in sexual acts.

Consequently, Maddox sent the Florida man videos and images demonstrating a prepubescent minor victim to sexual abuse. Also, Maddox would encourage the Florida man tasking him to create content for her viewing pleasure.

Maddox was sentenced to on November 4, 2019 to 200 months in prison, followed by 180 months of supervised release, for aiding and abetting the production of child pornography.

Incredibly, Maddox did not get sentenced or was found guilty of child sexual abuse. Furthermore, Maddox didn’t see charges such as creating and possessing child pornography stick. This tells us that she provided law enforcement very important, key players in the child trafficking and child exploitation rings in California. Her sentencing is telling. For that reason, we expect to see more arrests and or sentences to be announced by the Justice Department.

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