Human trafficking and child trafficking is a huge problem for the state of North Dakota. The media in North Dakota don’t like to admit it and really hate when national statistics and reports show just how big these nefarious industries are. When cases of human exploitation or trafficking comes up they ensure to provide as few details as possible and focus on things that aren’t that important to distract from the real concern of any citizen in the USA.

Across the world perverts create websites to cater to other perverts. One of those websites is “RubMaps”. Rubmaps is found with various domains such as .ca, or .ch etc. It is an interactive map around the world that assists in finding “Erotic Massage”.

For context any journalist or citizen who speaks up or points out this horrific large industry festering in North Dakota is immediately the enemy of the state- literally. A team of investigative journalists have sent the information in this article months ago to local police in Bismarck and Minot. They were provided information on which places in their respective cities are “hot spots” over two months ago and nothing has been done yet. Yesterday, sources tell us when we provided the information to federal authorities Minot PD decided to take the reports more seriously. We will be watching the news to see what comes of this. They were literally handed a roadmap.

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The majority of the people that use dark sites like Rubmaps are of the refugees and migrants and your basic perverts. Exclusively on we are reporting to you that reports were filed anonymously to local PD and BCI advising of a certain City of Minot elected person soliciting sex at a local massage parlor.

If this information and reviews are readily available for “law enforcement” why are they not acting on it? This is the YELP for pervs.

This is like Yelp only RubMaps is a service that wants users to report and describe their experiences for off-record sex that you would usually find in brothels in Nevada. This is a far more x-rated sort of review site where paying members give insight to others.

When we reached out to local police in Bismarck and Minot they obviously didn’t take it seriously so we decided to contact the FBI to ensure that some accountability was had. It seems that they didn’t want to ensure human trafficking and human exploitation doesn’t occur. The most oddest thing about this whole investigation was the businesses themselves NOT contacting RUBMAPS and other sites that push the same information.

The site itself changes it’s domain every now and then and is expanding rapidly. It is literally publishing ILLEGAL services about local companies and either North Dakota Police Officers don’t know how to do their job and need to step into 2019 or they just don’t care.

To make this investigation more bizarre, Tore of contacted one of these massage parlors in Minot in March of 2019 and asked them why they don’t demand RubMaps to take down the reviews and information. Their response “You are crazy”.

Let’s be clear, RubMaps is the idiots guide to arrest people engaging in prostitution. Not matter how technologically inept North Dakota PD may be if you can use Facebook you can use RubMaps as your walk-thru on targeting under the table cash only fellatio and sex but also makes it easy for desperate pervs to find where they can go.

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