Oddly enough as I have been delving into researching The Clinton Foundation and a US based research organization called Crimes Against Children along with the counterpart, a UK based foundation called Crimes Against Children I stumbled unto a weird and totally chance post infiltrating a secret private group on Facebook group – for a brief minute. I was expelled and banned within minutes of approval. They must have accidentally let me join.

In infiltrated the group briefly for and upon acceptance began to scroll and at some point my feed stopped and said I didn’t have access. Though one post got me curious. It was a post saying that there was only one Statue left to purchase online. The statue was the one below.

Looking through Walmart I noticed they sell many Satanic Statues and figures. Below are a few.

I quickly ran a search through other big box retailers and only found that Target sold Satanic “bibles” and other books that seemed to be “How to be a Satanist 101”. Looks like Walmart is the only big box retailer (Amazon is just online) that is cornering the Satanic market.

I just thought it was interesting and odd. Especially when a post with multiple comments and hearts in a group of people who work or have worked for the Clinton Foundation were commenting on it . It was creepy to see excited emojis, “We got one at the meeting”, “One more!” and bizarre gifs showing children running with fear. So bizarre for a group.

Planned Parenthood, Clinton Foundations (found 3), Crimes Against Children (US &UK) and tons of Planned Parenthood groups all linked with FOUR individuals. I will name one right now as the story is developing.


A woman by the name of Rain Henderson Runs the group with all the previous and current CF employees also linked to the Crimes Against Children group.

The site fiverthirtyeight.com is curious and branded with an ABC logo. That site is also interestingly linked to the infamous site that has targeted 200 US Citizens as “Russian Bots” driving conversations about #VoterFraud that was written by Politico, which Hillary Clinton recently tweeted. Her tweet was a battle cry to silence all those reporting, stating, tweeting or commenting on the 2020 DNC candidates.

This story is developing and very interesting and weird. Curiously the “Research” group at UNH that sponsored and promoted Hillary Clinton along with Michelle Obama seems to be very interesting especially the people connected to it.

The story is developing.

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