An undercover sheriff’s detective with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) posed as a 15-year-old girl on a dating app and baited a computer engineer and contract worker with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in California, resulting in his arrest.[the_ad_placement id=”in-feed”]

35-year-old Majid Didehban, who worked as a system administrator for ICE allegedly tried to lure the Florida minor to California to engage in “daddy/daughter” role play and other fetish activities, according to a criminal complaint and indictment recently unsealed. Allegedly, the ICE contractor allegedly demanded phone sex, photos, and to meet the 15-year-old in person.

Didehban’s interaction with the undercover agent began on December 12th, 2018, with him using the handle “HD” on the “MEETME” dating app.

“The messages said, ‘Hi! l’m looking for a girl to roleplay daddy/daughter . .. if u like?’ with a smiley face emoji. “MD’s” profile indicated that he was a 35-year o1d male from San Diego, California,” the complaint notes. “After accepting the message request, the undercover detective identified herself as a 15-year old female.”

The complaint continues:

Didehban [then] requested to move the conversation to text messaging and asked the [undercover officer] if she wanted to be his “real daughter.” When the [undercover officer] inquired as to how this would occur, Didehban. stated, “see u in person [sic]”, “We can pretent. But like in person.” The [undercover officer] provided her undercover phone number. Didehban then texted “Hi!” an “How r u baby ?” Within 3 minutes, Didehban provided his name Majid; the [undercover officer] identified with an undercover name.

“Thousands” of texts and phone calls were allegedly exchanged between the ICE contractor and the undercover agent posing as a 15-year-old girl wherein he “expressed his desire to have a sexual relationship” with her, according to the complaint.

Not only did Didehban ask the undercover agent to roll play the dad/daughter fetish, but he also asked her to be his girlfriend, and later asked her to be his wife. Photos of the 15-year-old were also requested by Didehban.

It’s clear that he thought he was speaking to a 15-year-old, and the undercover agent made sure to stress that she was only 15 to Didehban.

“You’re old enough to understand these needs. Especially coming from the man that is willing to do so much for you,” one of his texts read – according to the San Diego Union Tribune. “The balance is greater on my side. You couldn’t even weigh in to please me just a little after how much I was doing for you. And prepared to do for u.”

“[A]re u role playin like is this fantasy for you or you really want me,” the undercover agent asked. To which Didehban allegedly replied, “I REALLY WANT YOU…And we can have a baby together,” The agent responded, “l don’t want you talking to any other guy tho. Ok? You’re just for me. ls that ok?”

At one point in the messages being exchanged, the undercover agent asked if Didehban had plans to tell anyone about her, to which he allegedly replied, “Well ya, Once you’re 18′.. How old r u really baby? l don’t mind.” The undercover agent replied, “ok. I’m fifteen … is that really ok with u? l understand if it’s not.” To which Didehban then allegedly said, “It really is baby…I love it” After the undercover agent responded, “Why u love it?” Didehban allegedly texted, “cause l love young baby…Hence the daddy daughter role-play.”

Didehban then began to plot how he could move the 15-year-old out to live with him, since he allegedly told her he wouldn’t be able to come live with her in Florida due to his job in California.

“You know we will have to pretend we are daddy daughter right?? Like when I come get you. In the airport. We have to be daddy daughter,” one text to the undercover agent from Didehban allegedly reads.

Over time, the text messages between the undercover agent and Didehban became more and more sexual in nature.

Didehban allegedly bought a plane ticket in her name to come see him on December 27th, but he was arrested shortly after the purchase was made.

No further details are available on Didehban’s employment with ICE, with the agency’s public affairs office not taking media inquiries during the government shutdown.

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