Right Wing Watch author Jared Holt published a story on Tuesday claiming investigative journalist Laura Loomer was “duped by internet pranksters into believing that her suspension occured due to alleged lobbying by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights group in America.”

In the article, Holt claims Loomer contacted a journalist at The Wall Street Journal in order to push what Holt refers to as “the false narrative that CAIR was the power behind Loomer’s ouster from the Twittersphere.”

According to Loomer, it was the other way around. Loomer states in a post on her Instagram account that she was contacted by WSJ for comment before the article was published.

Nathan Bernard: Courtesy rollingstone.com

Holt and Right Wing Watch stated on Tuesday that Nathan Bernard and his associates created media operation “Bernard Media,” which aims solely to “rile up and expose right-wing figures.” Holt explains the group planned to pose as an employee with Twitter named “Brad” who would reach out to Loomer and convince her that he had the power to reinstate her account on Twitter. Twitter employee “Brad” was actually Bernard’s buddy Chris Gillen, (@steak_ham on Twitter), who first contacted Loomer via text from his personal cell phone.

Right Wing Watch Soundcloud of phone call between Loomer and Gillen
Screenshot from Holt’s article for Right Wing Watch 1.15.19

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Holt writes:
“She didn’t verify who I am once. Never did she make an attempt,” Gillen said. “Everything I gave her as ‘info,’ she took as gospel. She hasn’t batted an eye or questioned anything that I said, ever.”

Loomer was suspended from Twitter conveniently near the midterm election after violating Twitter’s community guidelines against hate speech, at least that’s the only explanation she ever received from the social media giant for the suspension.

Read “Why I Was Banned” on Laura’s official site here: https://www.lauraloomer.us/blog/why-i-was-banned

Holt goes on to explain how Bernard and his group of troll buddies “devised a plan to see how hard it would be to play off her anti-Muslim attitudes and convince her that Muslim groups were directly responsible for her suspension,” adding that since December, hundreds of text messages were exchanged – including a 30-minute long conversation over the phone with Loomer where the band of trolls discussed different conspiracy theories with the journalist, implying each had a part in her suspension from Twitter.

What’s more, Holt says the Bernard troll group – Oops, I mean Bernard Media – sent Loomer a fabricated appointment calendar of what they said was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s schedule, where they’d noted a meeting with CAIR only a few days prior to Loomer’s suspension.

Photo appeared in Holt’s article for RWW along with the following caption: “Nathan Bernard created and photographed this fake Google Calendar, which Chris Gillen sent to Laura Loomer and claimed displayed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s schedule.”

Bernard told Right Wing Watch that the goal of their stunt was to see if Loomer would go on-air at Alex Jones’ Infowars and repeat what they had told her, after which they planned to reveal the details of their joke in order to make a point about what they said were Loomer’s and Infowars’ non-existent journalistic standards and confirmation bias.

Right Wing Watch

Instead of Infowars, The Wall Street Journal published an article January 8th wherein it was reported that Loomer had learned that “outside groups and individuals had privately lobbied Twitter executives” to have her suspended from the platform entirely.

Holt claims Loomer sent the WSJ article to Bernard Media, thanking them for the CAIR “tip.”

Screenshot from Holt’s article for Right Wing Watch 1.15.19

After publication of the WSJ article, Holt says the story was “repackaged” by several online conservative news outlets and prominent right-wing Twitter users, some of whom cited the WSJ article directly.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

“Conservative Jewish activist Laura Loomer says she didn’t know until recently that outside groups and individuals had privately lobbied Twitter executives to remove her from the site in late November.

In an email to Ms. Loomer, Twitter said she had violated its hateful conduct policy for a tweet calling Ilhan Omar, the Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota, anti-Jewish and supportive of Shariah law. In an interview, Ms. Loomer says she was referring to a 2012 tweet from Ms. Omar in which the congresswoman wrote, “may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Among the groups that had complained to Twitter was the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy organization.

The council doesn’t often step in to advocate against other [Twitter] users, says Executive Director Zahra Billoo, but did so in the case of Ms. Loomer based on her previous comments about Muslims. In 2017, Ms. Loomer tweeted after a terror attack in New York City, “Leave it to Muslims to ruin everything. People can’t even enjoy #Halloween without those savages f**king everything up for everyone.”

Other organizations, including the civil-rights organization Muslim Advocates, voiced similar complaints.”

CAIR Executive Director, Billoo, spoke with Right Wing Watch where she states that some CAIR leaders and staff members DID report Loomer’s tweets via their personal accounts, but denied any lobbying of CAIR to orchestrate any “national action campaigns” to mass report Loomer’s’ tweets.

“In most cases online, there’s just too much hate to report all the content,” Billoo told Right Wing Watch. “However, in Laura Loomer’s case, because her hate is so astute, we stepped in and did, indeed, report her content.”

Although Right Wing Watch states that Billoo told them she’d tried to stress what a minute roll any CAIR representatives played in Loomer’s suspension to The Wall Street Journal, that apparently it was taken out of context and not conveyed as such.

No, to me it sounds like an admission of guilt -like they’re doing their best to minimize and downplay what involvement they truly had in the reporting, and eventual suspension of Loomer’s Twitter account.

Holt and Right Wing Watch claim that this was all a stunt put on by Bernard Media, simply to see how far conservative news outlets would take it, without properly investigating their sources. Trolling the right, since the left clearly have nothing better to do–somehow I’m not surprised.

When I reached out to Laura for comment, she stated, “They are trying to cover up for CAIR. It’s not a fake story,” and referred me to her official Instagram account for her response:

” FAKE NEWS ALERT! The sociopathic liars at Right Wing Watch have decided to post a completely fabricated fake news story about me which is actually hilarious since it just shows how ignorant they are. They claim I gave a “tip” to the Wall Street journal after a man claiming to be a twitter employee told me twitter met with CAIR. Jared Holt is claiming the man pulled a joke on me, but the joke is on them because it turns out Jared never read the Wall Street journal article. I was never a source for Wall Street journal! 😂 The self admitted jihadist who works for CAIR admitted to Wall Street Journal that she met with Twitter and lobbied to have me banned! CAIR ADMITTED IT AND WSJ KNEW ABOUT IT BEFORE THEY EVER REACHED OUT TO ME FOR COMMENT! If CAIR admitted they lobbied to have me banned, then how is this a prank? It’s a real news story and this is how people like Jared and his pedophile friends (who have posted about wanting to rape and kill @cernovich’s baby daughter and have sexually harassed me online) work for left wing rags get sued. This is a perfect example of how the Left literally posts fake news. They are accusing the Wall Street Journal of running a “fake news tip” when in reality, there’s nothing fake about it since I never told WSJ CAIR got me banned. CAIR TOLD WSJ THEY GOT ME BANNED! Then WSJ reached out to me for comment. Swipe and see highlighted sections of the WSJ article yourself. Damn, Jared Holt really wins self own of the year for this epic failure! 😂😂 What an absolute DUMMIE and I wouldn’t be surprised if the terrorists at CAIR have enlisted the help of right wing watch after their reckless Jihadi Director who lives in San Francisco admitted she lobbied to have me banned. I’m going to use his “exclusive” as toilet paper tonight when I go take a dump on some Rich Democrat’s lawn with my amigos before I leave San Francisco. Ps, I stand by everything I have ever tweeted about these evil terrorists. I will never apologize for any of my tweets. I will NEVER apologize to terrorists and their sympathizers. Get #LOOMERED, freaks. #IReallyDontCair”

Post from Laura Loomer’s Official Instagram account @loomered in response to the Right Wing Watch article by Holt.

Loomer highlighted sections of the WSJ article and included them in the Instagram post seen above:

Highlighted portions of WSJ posted on Loomer’s Instagram post

Highlighted portions of WSJ posted on Loomer’s Instagram post

In 2019, we all know how the #FakeNews liberal media has vamped up their activity on social media, print and online news outlets, but it’s getting out of control. You have liberals posing as conservatives to gain the trust of true conservatives, paid for opposition and #FakeMAGA running rampid on social media platforms. Some of the more prominent “conservative” accounts on Twitter with thousands of followers are paid opposition -there to sow seeds of doubt and introduce false narratives with the end goal of widening the divide in the conservative base. #TrustNoOne #WatchWhoYouFollow #Paytriots

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