The mainstream media is losing their minds over the newly revealed Christmas decorations at the White House this season – just like they did last year. The theme for the 2018 Christmas season is “American Treasures,” intended to recognize America’s “unique heritage,” and was designed by the First Lady herself.

According to the release, the American Treasures theme “honors the unique heritage of America. Designed by First Lady Melania Trump, the White House shines with the spirit of patriotism. This home, held in trust for all Americans, displays the many splendors found across our great Nation.”

“This is a joyous time of year when we decorate the White House for the Christmas Season,” President Trump said in a statement. “Our theme honors the heart and spirit of the American people. Thank you to the many volunteers and staff who worked hard to decorate the halls of the People’s House in Christmas cheer. On behalf of my family, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Some of the decorations used last year at the White House have returned such as the Gold Star Family tree in the East Wing that recognizes American troops and their families. State dinner pieces from different eras can be found in the China Room. The East Room highlights New York City, San Francisco, and other major city skylines, while the Green Room showcases the country’s harvest.

In 2017, the First Lady went with a more neutral theme using mainly white, silver and gold to decorate the White House, but this year Melania had a new vision.

This year, Melania has incorporated royal blue and red into the decor. The crimson red theme can be seen all over the Cross Hall and Grand Foyer halls, with over 14,000 red ornaments on 29 separate trees. The red is representative of the stripes on the presidential seal that signify valor and bravery, according to the White House.

Melania also tied in her “Be Best” anti-cyberbullying slogan to hand-made wreaths and ornaments throughout the White House.

Source: Leah Millis/Reuters
Source: Leah Millis/Reuters

The Official White House Christmas Tree is located in the Blue Room and measures 18 feet tall, with over 500 feet of blue velvet ribbon embroidered in gold with each state. Several Christmas trees flank the entrance to the Blue Room, as seen below.

Entrance to Blue Room
Source: REX/Shutterstock

Source: REX/Shutterstock
Source: REX/Shutterstock

But, of course, the liberal media wasted no time and immediately began to degrade and make fun of the 2018 Christmas decor in our nation’s capital.

Some Twitter users referred to the all-red Christmas trees in one of the hallways as representing the Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which is based on a novel by Margaret Atwood. Derek Leitch (@derekleitch40) tweeted, “.@FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump Welcome to Gilead #handmaidstale”:

Dana Goldberg celebrated the photoshopping of bonnets onto the 40 berry red topiary trees that line the East Wing hallway toward the East Garden Room.

MSNBC called the decorations this year as “Murdery,” and referred to the hallway with the all-red trees as “Murder Forest.” Believe it or not, they even took the time to set the 56-second clip of Melania revealing the 2018 Christmas decor to music from “The Shining.”

Twitter user Janet Newberg (@JANETNEWBERG) tweeted a photo of the “Be Best” ornaments found on trees throughout the White House with the caption, “These trees look like they have blood coming out of their…wherever. #redtrees”:

The leftist-mainstream media has chimed in with their “professional” critique of the First Lady’s decision to add the color red to the White House Christmas decor, and as you probably already guessed, they want to ensure the public sees nothing but violence rather than joy, excitement and holiday cheer. 

MSNBC Tweeted on Monday: “I respect the aesthetic boldness of the choice…it’s just that not everybody’s holiday videos work so perfectly over the music from ‘The Shining.'”@chrislhayes takes a look at the internet’s reaction to Melania Trump‘s White House Christmas decorations 

Red is one of the main traditional colors used in decorations during the Christmas season to represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross – but when has blaspheming our Lord and Savior ever stopped the left? It hasn’t, and it won’t. They have no moral compass, so why do we continue to hold them to a standard they have no interest in trying to reach?

We love the Christmas decor at the White House this year, which is just as nice as it was last year, and maybe even a little more couture. That’s what happens when you have a classy, stylish First Lady–you get style, and class – both of which the left lacks.

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