The news of people in elected office, appointed in offices and positions of trust being involved in child pornography, child trafficking, human trafficking and drug rings has climbed at alarming rates.  These individuals have been operating with no reprecussions for a very long time and it makes us wonder – Why is it taking so long?

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An investigation that began almost 3 years ago in Massachusetts of Roland Jahn who was found to have over 155 child pornographic images according to the The Argus Leader.  They reported that state and federal investigators were initially led to Sideras through an April 2016 investigation of Roland Jahn, a Massachusetts man who was found to allegedly possess over 155 pornographic images of minors across five separate devices according to Jahn’s indictment.

Why did it take so long for indictments?  This is a question T.O.R.E. (The Only Reliable Evidence) had.  We reached out to the FBI and Sioux Falls police.

We didn’t receive this information until 2017.  Many of us are sure it had to do with a change in the Administration because lately the FBI has been cracking down on this sort of stuff. 

Police Officer Sioux Falls PD

Sideras was charged in May of 2017 and his jury selection happened about a week ago.  He is pleading guilty to one count which carries a maximum of 10 years in prison. 

I think everyone in our city is up in arms.  Too many people of power and in positions of trust are involved with sinister and unspeakable acts against children.

Susan P. Resident of Sioux Falls
Photo Credit FBI.GOV

Since the inauguration of President Trump we have seen  exponential growth in the numbers of arrests of persons involved in Sex Crimes against Children and Human Trafficking. The FBI published their own news article on their page THE SCOURGE OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

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