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Last week the FISA documents pertaining to surveillance authorized on Carter Page were released and riddled with redactions. The redactions are key in order to understand just how incredible the plan to eliminate “Candidate #1” really was.

The judge who signed the first FISA warrant allowing Barack Obama’s intelligence agencies to surveil Carter Page stated her strong concerns with the FISA request that Loretta Lynch and James Clapper submitted, which was supported by affidavits by the Directors of NCTC, CIA , NSA and FBI. In her memo here, which is 99 pages long, she identifies the rushed effort that coincided with the surveillance she herself authorized. This Judge explicitly states multiple violations and abuse by the FBI and admits that raw intercepted communications were outsourced to IC elements that are “contractors” (pgs.83-95 ).

Here are just a few of the concerns raised by Judge Rosemary Collyer: (HERE’S THE DOCUMENT)

Conclusion Section D
“The following violations of the FBIs minimization procedures merit discussion

Improper Disclosures of Raw Information On March 9, 2016 DOJ oversight personnel conducting a minimization review at the FBI’s __________ learned that the FBI had disclosed raw FISA information, including but not limited to Section 702-acquired information, to a ____________ _______________
________________ Compliance Report at 92.

______ is part of the ________________ __________ and” is largely staffed by private contractors.”
____________________________________ and certain FBI contractors had access  to raw FISA information on FBI storage systems __________.
The apparent puporse for the FBI’s granting such access was receive analytical assistance from _________ _______________
Nonetheless, the “FBI ” contractors had access to raw FISA information that went well beyond what was necessary to respond to FBI requests _________________________________________________________.
The FBI discontinued the above-described access to raw FISA information as of April 18. 2016 (page 84).

Judge Rosemary Collyer references an oral hearing to that occurred on September 26, 2016 and October 4, 2016. Shortly after the hearing, between the 7th and 26th of October, the FISA warrant was submitted for Carter Page and signed by the aforementioned Judge, even though she indicates in her Memorandum of Opinion and Order that she had concerns in respects to FISA warrant minimization procedures and requests for access (pgs 1- 83 ). Notably, the first renewal is 14 pages longer than the initial warrant application. Now we know from these documents that the renewal occurred after the Obama administration’s January 3, 2017 changes to Executive Order 12333 but before January 21, 2017 when President Donald J. Trump took office.

With just days left in office, Barack Hussein Obama simplified the nation’s intelligence agencies (all 16 excluding the 17th which is the Executive Office / POTUS) to share unfiltered information about innocent people. It was very well timed, as the Carter Page (and other FISA warrants that are not public yet) were due to expire and President Trump was to take the Oath of Office soon. It was a race against the clock and a failed attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidential win. This attempt failed in the eyes of the court as information presented was not legally sound.

The newly amended Executive Order 12333, signed and dated January 3, 2017, basically allows the NSA to share collected information without boundaries. Basically, this raw data can be accessed and shared, directly with agencies like the FBI, DHS, ICE, DEA and any other state or federal agency that has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place. (DOCUMENT HERE)

I had previously reported on 14 states that quietly made such agreements with the Obama administration to share personal identifying information on state residents with the FBI.

Moreover, private companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media and private entities have an agreement in place. Very underreported was the contract between Amazon and the IC selling customer information reported by the Atlantic. Today, we were advised banks circumventing liability to privacy about customers by using intermediary and private sector intelligence asset Facebook in the WSJ article. In other words, ‘if analysts stumble across evidence that an American has committed any crime, they will send it to the Justice Department,” the Times wrote. Information collected without a warrant, without a court involved, with no issues of foreign intelligence purposes can be accessed raw and unfiltered by domestic law enforcement agencies to prosecute ANY American even if they pose no threat to national security.

‘It’s important to understand the distinction between Executive Order 12333 and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: One very oversimplified way to think about it is that FISA is a statute that governs collection that takes place within the United States, but that is aimed at a foreign target; 12333 collection is aimed at a foreign target, and takes place outside the United States’ said former attorney for the NSA Susan Hennessey. Focusing on the timing of the EO rewrite by the Obama administration, this extraordinary expansion of intelligence power over US citizens clearly does not benefit the citizens and conveniently accommodates the Mueller Investigation.

This is evident from the application and warrant from October 2016 to the FISC court regarding Carter Page and the renewal in January after the EO was signed into effect. It literally had 14 additional pages, redacted but obviously discussing information that demonstrates “collusion” with Russia right before their conclusion.

Executive Order 12333 is the barebones of what protective procedures are in place to ensure that procedures adhere to privacy. EO 12333 signed by the Obama administration is preposterous, especially because privacy and civil rights have been pretty much tossed out the window. It illustrates the relationship between US citizens and the intelligence community and in general portrays citizens of the USA as subordinates to the intelligence community and that is VERY concerning.

Clapper had written all these changes and rewrites based on submissions to FISC and had completed it by DEC 15, 2016 and deployed them at the heels of the Carter Page FISA warrant (and others) expiring in order to broaden the extension request’s rights and justify the information they added into those 14 additional pages as something legal and valid when it is not. This move by Obama’s administration and Barack Hussein Obama himself is evident from the Memorandum of Opinion and Order by Judge Collyer in her conclusion which reinforced that the amendments made in 2017 justified all actions of 2016 (pg 95). Did she complete this order and mandate reports due to her negligence on signing the first warrant?

Concluding, the FISA applications and warrant requests we see on Carter Page are only a glimpse of how rogue the Intelligence Community is and how huge #Spygate really is. In respects to the case of illegal surveillance, abuse of power, racketeering and the Special Counsel appointed because of these illegal actions by the intelligence community unfolds, if I may be so bold and obdurately say that Barack Hussein Obama committed impeachable offenses against the citizens of the United States of America that should be enforced by President Trump, after he purges the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence Community that colluded with foreign governments to ensure “Candidate #1” was NOT elected. “ London, is in the center of this and the unredacted version of subsequent FISA warrants & applications will expose many more that were and that are in office now, working with President Trump whom played integral parts to this complete disregard for our Constitution and covert coup of our nation” said BLP’s exclusive former IC element.

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