Originally Published on June 11, 2018 on Big League Politics.

Today it was announced that President Donald J. Trump will be leaving Singapore earlier than expected. The leader of North Korea and President Trump have communicated that this change is based on being able to find common ground based on preliminary talks that already happened. While all eyes on Singapore and the MSM pushing madness, our sources told us that Rod Rosenstein is currently in Canada talking to elites about inter-governmental intelligence sharing.

This special address he gave was at a conference post G7 Summit “A NEW GLOBALISATION: MANAGING UNCERTAINTY.”

Rosenstein was a key player in accessing, coordinating and tying up loose ends on how this infamous manufactured dossier was created. His presence representing our Attorney General’s office is unheard of if you notice that speakers at the event are mainly Channelers hired by the FBI. Channelers are private companies that are contracted with the FBI to collect PII from non-Criminals like fingerprints and other data as put forward in an RFP dated 2006.

As previously reported one of the people involved in #spygate weaponizing FBI FACE SERVICES and Citizen Log is Rod Rosenstein. Today, he went to Canada to reinforce the importance of governments, especially neighboring governments working together to share information and intelligence. The oddest statement throughout his lengthy speech was the following:

“President Donald Trump spent most of his life as a private businessman. He understands the importance of promoting entrepreneurialism and avoiding unnecessary governmental interference in law-abiding enterprises. Under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, our Department of Justice helps to promote an environment where businesses that play by the rules can thrive.”

From a source at the meeting, the whole room broke out in laughter, chatter and dismissive faces that mimicked that which Rod Rosenstein made when making that statement. Though the most telling statement of all, that my source found alarming as you will too is:

“Law enforcement is mostly reactive — prosecuting criminal wrongdoing only after it happens. Usually, victims have already lost considerable sums of money, valuable trade secrets, or other confidential information. Criminal prosecutions are an important deterrent, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A company with a robust compliance program can prevent crime, or detect it before too much harm is done.”

Rod Rosenstein had multiple closed door high level chats with attendees and speakers of this summit. Specifically, with Lynn Forester de Rothschild, after her speaking event right after Rod Rosenstein along with Managing Director of Google Canada Ms. Lamothe.

Why would Rod Rosenstein be considered a speaker in relevance to their discussions and guests? He was the ONLY US representative in a room full of Canadians, EU and UN representatives.

This Summit has NEVER had a US representative present.

None other than Christine Lagarde of the IMF is one of the governors of this organization.

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